Sunday, April 19, 2015

The March Of The Goyim In Yaldabaoth's Machine

We have entered the final phase of the dissolution of the present order of things.  We can understand this by simple observations that reveal a metaphysical reversal has already taken place.  Doctors do not heal us, they make us sicker.  Religious institutions do not bestow wisdom, they offer enslavement. Food doesn't nourish us, but instead poisons the body.  Art doesn't produce unique expressions, it copies other existent expressions. Evil is presented as progress, while all that is good languishes in the hatred and gross misunderstanding of the ignoble, robotic masses. Finally, the scientific cosmology given to us by NASA is dying the death revealing that the world isn't what it appears to be.

In a recent comment I explained that the world has entered the phase of terminal repetition. This is a sign that the light, which brings all renewal into the physical domain, has largely been rescinded leaving only a small remnant of angelic incarnations left upon the earth. Terminal repetition means a thing is beginning to copy itself because nothing new is entering into the stream thereby making the waters of "creation" stagnant. This phase precedes self-consumption, which is death.  This is followed by the metaphysical conflagration of the entire world. This terminal repetition can be seen in every facet of modern culture, in music, cinema and art. The creative well has dried up so completely that many are doing anything they can to disengage from the mundane.  

In a weak attempt to stop people from disengaging, the social engineers of Yaldabaoth have been using slick and edgy advertising. Television and the Internet are showing people living "full" lives climbing mountains, travelling, skateboarding, gambling, surfing, sky diving, and canoeing. Let's face the facts, according to the bullshit on television today, even people with herpes taking heavy doses of Valtrex are having more fun than you are. Even better geriatric babes and blue hairs across the world are having way more sex than you are, too. Do you know why that is?  

The propaganda is being put out because the powers and principalities that hold the reins have a growing mutiny on their hands. They are losing control of their "creation" and admittedly, at least to me, it is hilarious to watch. For several years now they have done everything in their power to make people feel that they are small, and that their lives have been wasted while beautiful people, young and old, are jumping out of planes, laughing it up and having a great time with friends in bars while being obnoxiously happy. They must convince people that everyone is happy but them. 

So subtle is this trickery that very few ever spot it. By continually showing these images, it makes people feel as though they aren't participating in the world parade enough. It makes them feel deficient. What they don't tell you, however, is that the world parade has a tragic ending and they wholeheartedly desire your participation in that ending. But they can only have you if you let them. The key here is that you must not let your mind be ensnared in their propaganda. You must break out of the world parade or else burn along with it.  It is good to travel and to keep oneself occupied here.  It is important to have meaningful relationships and do fun and interesting things.  Entertainment can rightly keep us out of the grips of despair.  I have always told people this.  However, what we are seeing today is superfluous and has nefarious purposes.

A couple years ago I was funneling information to a researcher who was interested in satanic ritual abuse and similar topics. Satanic ritual abuse is nothing but a cover for jewish ritual murder. 95% of what you will find online is disinformation (Cathy O Brian, etc.) designed to point you in the direction of the usual suspects. He was curious about a series of ritually sacrificed German Shepherds that kept emerging in his research. He had uncovered that these same sacrifices were happening up to the present day and didn't know what to make of them. I was aware of these sacrifices years earlier and explained how the rite worked and the sadistic symbolism behind it.  

When I explained that these were kabalistic-Talmudic rites being carried out by members of the QHL (or Kehilla) who have a seething hatred for Ehreans, he all but lost his mind. Even though I had supplied him with names, organizations, and technical notes of extreme value detailing rites of sympathetic magic, I had offended his "chosen ones" mythology because he was a christian dispensationalist and could not live with what I had offered. Checking the facts wasn't necessary once I used a few words and phrases that he had been trained to fear. The facts were simple. If he published anything I had told him, his book sales would have tanked. The truth can not and will not sell. This blog is a testament to that reality and the reason why so many fellow bloggers over the years have underhandedly told their readers that I was to be avoided like the plague the moment I began to write about these matters. 

The moral of this story is very simple. People will only go so far before hopping back on the bandwagon. Most are either unable or unwilling to put everything they think they know on the altar. They are content to follow Internet personalities that tell them how to think or dazzle them with pop culture synchro-mystic nonsense and comic book spirituality. All is vanity.

Herein lies the real problem. Many are content to drop MOST of the facade, but they depend on what is left to get by. This would be similar to an alcoholic who claims to be clean and sober, but sneaks a shot in every night before going to bed. Ultimately, one is still living a lie. People today lose their minds when they are accused of some mortal sin against the machine. It brings them great terror to be called a racist, anti-Semite, or sexist or some other pointless label. These labels don't work as well as they used to anymore, another sign that the powers and principalities are losing their grip over their goyim herds. The future doesn't belong to them. It belongs to us.

Be Warned! As an owner of numerous animals that I consider members of my own family, I found this video difficult to watch. The video is of a "kosher" slaughterhouse.  What I found most interesting was that the video is symbolic of the human journey in this world, or the "march of the goyim in Yaldabaoth's machine".  One is born and fed in the machine where they will eventually be killed, dismembered, and harvested for their vital energy.  Agri-processors was  a notorious meat packaging plant in Postville, Iowa that was owned by Aaron Rubashkin.  You will notice that the claim of "compassionate" slaughter among the kosher crowd is clearly missing.  What you are seeing in this video is cruel and sadistic in every imaginable way.

The present reality is being upheld by dark and sinister rites. I have said it many times before that the machine of consensus reality is fed by two things, the blood and vital energy of Ehreans. And to be very clear, Ehreans are not necessarily a genetic race. One can be an Ehrean in soul rather than in body--for we now live in a world that is genetically mixed and mongrelized beyond recognition. The noble soul still abides even when surrounded by darkness and evil of a world culture gone mad. Make no mistake, modern white people are just as worthless as everyone else marching in the world parade. One is not made holy by their flesh or eye color alone. Ehreans are incarnated by angelic spirits, and those spirits power the world machine via the manipulation and guile of a dark cabal of infernal intelligences that live inside of human/robotic proxies, and in those hidden places phased just slightly outside of consensus reality.

Storieslike this get the boot because the world can never find out the depravity of Yaldabaoth's offspring. The world parade gives nothing but praise to these inbred sons of whores because they control world finance, entertainment, and the news. They are the sacred cows of modern Christendom, the darlings of modern comedy, and the germ of pure darkness. Without host cultures to feed upon, they become the ultimate copycats and cannibals  The human body has the same function when it is being starved, it feeds upon itself until it dies.  This is the pattern inherent in Yaldabaoth's creation. As human genetics become more and more mongrelized, the ability of Yaldabaoth's children to conceal themselves becomes strained. They begin to starve as the supernal light becomes less present.  The world hatred toward them grows more intense and starts to pick up momentum.

Yaldabaoth is the ultimate machine stretching from the physical world into the lower strata of the subtle domain. When a weak-minded and ignoble soul dies, it is dismembered in the subtle aethers and recirculated back into this world. The physical domain is nothing but a farm and a slaughter house. Because this supernal light is condensed in the blood of Ehreans, the human sacrifice of such people, especially children, has been greatly desired from the beginning of time. The ancient blood sacrifices were always the work of Yaldabaoths own offspring. These blood sacrifices continue to this day and are the source of a great deal of children that go missing every year.

The remaining Ehrean cadre are here as the overseers of world conflagration.  We stand as the shepherds pulling our own out of the machine.  When the day of conflagration comes, and it will come, it will be our brethren in the supernal that start the fire and we below that tend to it as it burns. Many years ago a very wise man told me that this war between light and darkness would not be over until we were standing upon the ashes of our enemies.  His words now take on a much more profound meaning as we lurch ever closer to that blessed day of Holy Wrath when the machine of Yaldabaoth is cast into the aionic fire along with its uncompassionate, ignoble, and demonic minions.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Overcoming The World

Many years ago while driving through Appalachia on a Sunday morning I got a flat tire. After nearly 45 minutes of struggling to free the front wheel from the hub, a man in a pickup truck pulled over to offer me a hand.  I hadn't heard the truck pull up.  I simply looked behind me and saw it there.  It is all in hindsight now, but there was something about him, and about the presence he brought that day that leads me to believe this blue-eyed, long-bearded man was more than just a man.  His mannerisms, the way he spoke, and the way he carried himself revealed a great intensity and nobility despite his simple appearance. As he got closer he very humbly and meekly asked if he could help. I thankfully accepted.

We exchanged brief small talk before our conversation moved to a religious slant after asking me if I had missed church that morning.  He posed the question in a somewhat humorous way knowing that at that time, the last place in the world I would be on a Sunday morning would be a mainstream church.  He began talking about the meaning of cleansing the temple.  Seemingly out of nowhere he explained to me that Kristos chasing the money changers out of the temple (John 2) had a double meaning.  First, it was a manifest event in history revealing the evil and selfishness of the jews, and secondly he explained the temple as a symbol of the soul and the money changers as those impure things that exist inside of us that must be gotten rid of.  So thoughtful and kind were his words, that I found myself having an immediate and profound respect for him. When our conversation was over, he said he wanted to show me something. He walked to the rear of the car and grabbed the spare. Very quickly and explosively this little man threw the spare at the lower edge of the tire breaking it free from the hub. I was somewhat stunned as this man didn't appear to have such power in him. On numerous occasions since then I have used the spare tire to free seized wheels from vehicles. For the last 17 years it has worked every time.

Over the years I have had numerous events with interesting people who conveyed to me that perhaps there was something more than human about them. Years ago while violently ill with a stomach flu, I met a man at a 24 hour pharmacy that also conveyed this same wisdom. This man had the same eyes as the Man from Appalachia. The eyes were the same. There was no mistaking it. I must conclude, by intuition alone that these encounters, as brief as they may be, communicate something much more than ordinary human events. In hindsight, I am convinced the man in Appalachia, the man from the pharmacy and others are none other than the archetypal man of wisdom Himself, Wotan, The Green Man, Harlequin, among many other names. He arrives at some important transition point to convey things of the utmost importance without being shameless about it.  It is the truly noble way of expressing the inexpressible.  This wisdom is always presented as the subtext beneath seemingly mundane words and ordinary events. One simply needs to pay close attention to see that something much greater has just happened.

I find that as I grow older, the ordinary things I once found myself so caught up in have become trivial. This quality I have found is part and parcel of those powerful men of light, Ehreans (or Aryans) of the world beyond (and of this world as well) that may often come to us as angels unawares. There have been moments of extreme profundity when in the presence of something very powerful and initiatory, I failed an important test by expressing human concerns. It was conveyed to me immediately that my concerns were the simple concerns of mortal and ignoble men. During these events I always received the same response, "you are not ready yet, little one". Some phase of suffering or loss always seemed to follow to remove those mortal things that stood in the way. This is how initiation works. In order to find the immortal wisdom of the Ehreans, one must undergo a profound metamorphoses.

Last winter I had sustained communication with something that was not of this world. These communications were blatant and very unique. I had first encountered them in Montauk, NY near the Plaza by Montauk Tower several years earlier. In reality I had encountered them very early in my childhood, but simply couldn't express it. I saw their world bleed into this one, and I did not run from them as many do. My only offense was not publicly admitting that they identified themselves as Ehreans (or Aryans), who were very ancient and not exactly of this world. Luminosity, at least in some limited extent, was to be their soundboard. Upon explaining the very limited audience I had, the same message always rang out, "it will reach those it must reach". The dialectic and mystique were pushed to the very edge until certain things hidden were made manifest. So much more has come to light over the last five years.

A longtime reader recently explained to me that many of my absences followed phases of the moon. She gave me numerous instances that I found very compelling at a time when I now finally understand how the celestial bodies are determining the courses of human lives caught in the Yaldabaoth's machine. I understand how the deck is stacked in the favor of the enemy, and how the subtle mechanisms of this machine operate. It is clear that those beings of the Supernal realm, the timeless Ehreans, are not subject to these laws of life and death, of suffering and loss. They exist outside of space and time and will often drop in their golden thread to fish out those that have risen above the floor of those dark and tragic waters of "creation".

There is a double-edged sword, however. To rise up from the bottom means one must become lighter. They must cut away a great deal of the gross materiality that symbiotically clings to them by their participation in the baser things of this world. Make no mistake, it is a Herculean effort to transcend the all too human. People will view you as arrogant and speak all manner of nonsense and evil things about you. For the darkness will always wage war against the uncreated light. As a man or woman awaken to the supernal, they soon find that everything they have been told is a lie. Every villain of history is nothing more than the arch enemy of Yaldabaoth, an enemy of the soul-crushing machine they valiantly sought to destroy. The victors who have the deck stacked in their favor, are the blood thirsty, the warmongers, and the plutocrats. As long as this pseudo-reality has existed, they have been the secret rulers behind the curtain.These enforcers of the ordinary will do everything they can to stop the light from illuminating the darkness, even waging world wars and genocides in the name of their philosophy of degeneration called "democracy". There is deception in every dark corner of this world, and it takes nothing less than overcoming the all too human to conquer it.

To be sure there is far more than intellectual overcoming the degenerative schools of thought that are prominent in our modern times.  The unseen shepherds of this world do not think intellectually, they think like Gods.  Man's overwhelming problem is that he has forgotten to think like a God and therefore thinks like a man.  He accepts the intellect as the pinnacle of the human faculty, and in the process fails to realize that this is his enslavement.  The overcoming I am referring to is nothing less than the overcoming of the entire world.  Those beyond space and time have no intellectual filters.  Thought and action are one.  This is what true nature and reality actually are; spontaneity that is free and unhindered.  Find it and you will conquer the world even in the midst of great sorrow and loss.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Imaginal Dynamics

Inner topography corresponds with outer or visible topography.  To put that another way, the collective inner nature of people is reflected or projected into the landscape of the physical domain, making it more real in some places and complete illusions in other places. By and large, modern cities represent an illusion rather than the supernal reality of a Hyperborea or Pleroma, which are really two names for the real world that is for now unseen.

I would like to go much deeper in this post in order to understand what is referred to as "outer space". For the record, I do not believe it is what it appears to be. Instead it represents the visible manifestation of the lower heavenly realm. In microcosmic terms, outer space represents the human psyche. Since the macrocosmic rules over the microcosmic in subtle ways, I must now add that the sun, moon and stars rule over the human psyche and in many cases will determine what happens to the human persona.

The sun, moon, and stars have always been given the names of Gods and Godesses. This is because it was long believed that these divine beings ruled over the earth. The ancients were not fools. They had a strongly intuitive understanding of existence and of the earth. Even on our best day, the human understanding of the earth and it's subtle mechanisms (even among those that refer to themselves as nature worshipers) is strained and contrived. Remember. The world is not what it appears to be.

Comets and other celestial events always represent something on earth. This is true especially in the historic documents of the Romans who often perceived comets and other celestial events as omens of some kind.  I would like to now breech the microcosmic dimension and how outer space relates to the human mind.

When the body sleeps, the mind dreams. These dreams are not the mere firing of organic structures in the brain, but literally the spirit of a person entering into the lower heavenly realm also known as the "Imaginal Domain". Within the imaginal domain are the spirits of the dead, in states of both glory and decay(depending on the inner nature of the being on earth). There are vast etheric cities there that the waking mind couldn't begin to imagine. I had devoted an entire blog, Transmissions From The Imaginalafter I had discovered this. At the time, I explained that this was the greatest discovery I had ever made.

During the lifetime of that project, I had explained the mechanics of the Imaginal. I explained that it mimicked the physical domain, but did not have the same rules that this world has. Upon death, one finds that they have stepped into a world that not even the old mythologies could describe. In my own personal experiences, I had witnessed cities of haunting beauty and strangeness populated by the spirits of people that once walked the earth. The world was every bit physical, but not gross and overtly material as this one is.  Some are on long journeys to their true homelands, while others are living out a dreary nightmare in worlds that exist in various shades of the color gray. 

Those living in the Imaginal domain congregate under the rule of "kind after kind". Your inner state at death (or entering while you are still alive) determines the landscape and folk you are drawn to. Emanuel Swedenborg was very much correct in his understanding of Imaginal dynamics. To be clear, the Imaginal domain is still not the supernal, but it is higher and more sacred than the physical earth. The overwhelming state of consciousness in the Imaginal world for those that have hewn off a great deal of karmic debt, is sacredness and the sense that one is standing on holy ground beyond the grasp of death. It is vast and the wind touching the mind-body is highly ecstatic.  Since death does not enter into the equation very strongly there, there is a sense of timelessness, but it is not a perfect sense of timelessness. 

The communication between people in the imaginal would best be described as telepathic. Emotions and personal perceptions are shared at will between two or more people. Those who are your friends know everything about you. Since the mind becomes the body in the Imaginal, you wear everything that you are and were. Things can still be hidden, but it is more difficult to do so. One can learn to veil certain thoughts and experiences from others, but this is a somewhat ignoble act. The friendships formed in higher realities increase in meaning the higher one goes. This is why it is ignoble to hide things from those whom are your own kind.

It is best to consider the Imaginal as the middle-point between this world and Pleromic reality. The Imaginal is home to all sorts of things, both living beings and aetheric objects. That which man taps into when he is creating or writing comes strictly from Imaginal realities. Anything that can be thought of in the human domain exists in some form in the Imaginal. The human psyche itself finds its ground there. It is the beginning point of the human persona, the point where the angelic spirit leaves the Pleroma and enters into an increasing materialism, which reaches its terminus in the human body. Thus, many arch angelic intelligences will use the Imaginal as a means to commune with their brethren in the physical because it is a very malleable medium.


As the angelic body begins to mature within the human chrysalis, numerous changes begin to take place within the noble being.  There is an inward urging to be holy and to refrain from participation in the cacophony of modernity. Every thought, word and deed are taken into careful consideration until virtue becomes spontaneous. The manner in which one carries the self is a reflection of their inner life. It should only make sense in our present time that the more outward a person is, the more they have sacrificed the inner life, which is the life of the Angelic spirit bound to matter.

We don't always realize it, but the greatest hurdle in all of this is self-deception. Human beings are natural liars, confabulators, and exaggerators. If they have a chance to exaggerate a personal experience to edify their human ego, they will do it. Particularly if it makes them appear better than they are in the eyes of others. When a being is out of touch with their own spirit, they will over-compensate the human ego. Since the human ego is naturally deficient, it must be maintained, often in the most ignoble ways imaginable. In other words, lying heaps debt upon the being, and obscures the path to the Nostalgic homeland and the revelation of the archangel to the self. It is therefore best for a noble being to be honest to his or her self in regard to who they really are, their shortcomings, fears, and failures. Now let's translate this into macrocosmic terms.

We live in a world that is built upon many lies. When a person is out of touch with Supernal reality, they will naturally view the pseudo-reality of time and space as something that is concrete. They will devise schema in an attempt to understand the world they are living in. Thus, their perception of things often becomes reductionist and grounded to the purely terrestrial. This reductionist view of the physical domain is the dominant view today. However, it is patently false. Scientists and scholars, those high priests and priestesses of deception, have devised many cosmologies and cosmogonies to fool people into accepting their imprisonment. These scientific structures are not honest and ultimately represent a misunderstanding at best and a purposeful deception at worst.

Thus, the microcosmic world will always mirror the macrocosmic world. When the microcosmic world is rectified, the macrocosmic world will inevitably follow. The key is not to save the fallen world, but to painstakingly observe what is closest to the being, his or her human persona and overcome it. The point of view of the chrysalis is the point of view of that thing which becomes crusty and dissolves into dust. The metamorphosis of this physical reality, it's very individuation, comes only after the chrysalis is discarded.

I need to be clear about where this is going. Politics, metaphysical schemata, and paradigm shifts are for little ones. There is nothing new under the sun that can be offered under strictly human terms that haven't been done or attempted a million times before. The objective I am pointing to is not a renewed golden age or even a new way to understand God. It is not a religion, nor a religious practice aimed at bringing us closer to some ambiguous God or Goddess that answered the religious consciousness of the past. Those are the old ways, the ways that failed those that came before us or simply fell out of favor for another expression that filled a new present time. The old ways now only serve as artifacts of the misunderstanding of the supernal. Wisdom can never be objective without first corrupting itself. A man that cannot laugh in the face of the Gods or of his own cleverly crafted schema is a man that is enslaved by them. Do not be a slave.

Initiation takes all of this nonsense and it burns it upon the altar until nothing remains of what was. Let the chrysalis be discarded. The highest God the human intellect can ever understand is the Deus Absconditus, the hidden God of the eternal present, who is not a God as man understand the term. He is the headless one that instills terror. Fools call Him nature, impersonal, divine or any other objective name. He is the gaping maw of nothingness, the dazzling darkness that is alive in the deepest part of noble beings. To see him is to see your own death. Those that do not grant Him the final mystique are not worthy to be initiated into the mysteries that first bring death and then life more abundantly. From the perspective of the human intellect, the Deus Absconditus is always veiled in thick darkness. An outward appearing inner life is the first sign of a soul sickness. Inner silence and nobility are the marks of a more refined inner life.

The noble initiatory way demands an overcoming of mortality. The angelic spirit, the infinitesimal shining one, must first crack open its egg before it is transformed. Those that fail in this task are not only still born, but may be cast down again into most ignoble circumstances. Unfortunately, this is the process of the archangel trapped in the machine and in the circle within the square. The only way out, to be sure, is staring ones death and pain in the face. Those that call this path a path of escape, do not understand the verities of inner war.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Noble Science And Initiation

In order to enforce the deception, it was necessary to establish an iron-fisted scientific fundamentalism over the periodic emergence of genius. Men of true brilliance like Kurt Godel, Walter Russell, and Nikola Tesla were cast aside so that the illusion of the ordinary could be enforced by the ideas of Darwin, Freud, and Einstein. You cannot keep the gaping maw of metaphysical freedom and infinity in check unless you first cover up its existence altogether. Men of genius will always be the bearers of an honorable science whereas Yaldabaoth's robots, those children of the hive mind, will structure both their science and religion on an orthodoxy that loathes honest inquiry.

There is no difference between a true and noble science and initiation. The division today between religion and science is purely arbitrary and is a distraction that sells books for men like Richard Dawkins and Ken Ham. Make no mistake, the times we live in are deficient in both areas. The world that stands before us has neither a noble science nor a faint glimmer of initiation. They call this catastrophe progress and do it with a straight face.

The children of Yaldabaoth have a growing problem, however. Some are beginning to catch on to the ruse. Some are seeing only the outer manifestations of it, while others are gaining a deeper understanding of it. The physical manifestations of the ruse, like central banking, debt, and social engineering are just the outer husk of the issue, gross symbols of something much more subtle and nefarious. It is no mystery that the physical domain is run by banks owned by a global jewish cabal that make up the elite of Yaldabaoth's automatons. It is no mystery that wars are not fought for ideals these days, but for resources, control and profit. What takes place in the physical domain is only a symbolic representation of events taking place in a higher order of existence.

Let me begin by saying that there are only 2 types of physical beings, the noble man of light and the biological robots who look human that are controlled by Yaldabaoth. In between these two types are an entire host of traitors, men of ignorance, and degenerates who are deeply submerged in their physical bodies and presently outside of communion with supernal reality. Robotic human beings cannot be farmed because they do not have any light to farm. The machine cannot canibalize itself, but may do so in appearance only to maintain its continuity.

The Cosmic Machine Of Jehova-Yaldabaoth

Most human beings are biological extensions of Yaldabaoth, who is the Grand Articifer of the physical domain.  Better yet, they are Golem.  They have the appearance of self-awareness, but aren't actually self-aware. Physical reality in its present state is built around a race of angelic light beings that are enslaved but do not understand they are enslaved. Without their light, the machine cannot be maintained.  That light is the vital energy of a being, the divine fluidity and spontaneity that makes it divine.  While there are various forms of physical enslavement of the man of light, his light body can only be enslaved by ideas. For this reason  modern humanity is being bombarded daily with information designed to occupy and enslave the mind. These ideas broadcast in pop-culture, and over the internet are worthless and ancillary. By doing this, the machine provides a massive data dump that counteracts what the Greeks would have called Epistrophe, or the looking in on oneself to uncover the angelic personality, which in its purest form, unmongrelized by human flesh, is not bound by physical laws.

Initiatic ordeals begin the moment the shard of light within begins to vibrate in the heart. This normally begins early in childhood upon the realization that one is not of this world and is not truly born of earthly parents. Such children are highly self-aware and intuitive. Theirs is not a learned knowledge, but one that is natural to their being, un-mongrelized by the "wisdom" of the world which is foolishness to the man of light.

The light of this angelic race is far greater than the bounds of the physical body. The true and noble science is not only the defining and revelation of things hidden, but the self-revelation of the angel to the human persona (myself to myself). For the earth does indeed wait in eager expectation of the revelation of the sons of God. It is through this great mystery that the machine will forever be destroyed and the traitors and children of Yaldabaoth consumed by the fires of heaven.  Woe to the earth indeed when those days come to pass.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Breakdown Of Symbols, The Black Sun, And The Eschaton

As many readers are aware, I have spent a great number of years researching near-death experiences.  My interest followed an NDE that I experienced when I was 14 years old after nearly drowning.  My interest in this area was further secured when at 23, while reading I found that the physical universe was unfolding within my mind. I saw that my own life was a seeming mirage that was being viewed by a part of me that was much more vast.  My life in that moment felt as though it was a very small piece of a much more intense being that existed posterior to my own humanity.

This experience left me utterly shattered for the better part of  four years.  It went against the grain of everything I thought myself and the physical universe to be.  There was one aspect of that experience that I was unable to account for. Toward the middle of this event, I found that I was floating in space at the point I was completely disconnected from my physical body.  All around me were pinpoints of light that were very much alive.  These were undoubtedly stars.  For many years I had attempted to make sense of this particular part of the event.  I never quite knew what to make of it.  At one point in this six hour long ordeal, not brought on by drugs or alcohol, I reached a boundary where I was told that going further meant I would have to surrender my human life.  At that point I began to experience fear and then slowly came back to my senses and back to my persona, which again was only one very tiny part of what I really was.

NDE literature is rife with accounts of floating through a void or through space.  It is also full of accounts of people floating above the earth. We have decades of accounts detailing these things.  However, if we take what the scientific establishment tells us is the structure of the universe, dead souls floating around in space simply makes no sense.  However, if we understand outer space to be what it actually is, the lower heavenly realm our ancestors understood it to be, we understand that the stars are nothing more than a higher symbolic form of the Pleroma that exists slightly above the broad plane of the earth.  Allow me to explain this further.

The quintessential wisdom of this world, the opening to the great mystery, is that the earth, man, the stars and everything manifested is a symbolic representation of something much greater, archetypal realities.  The sun, moon, and stars are also symbols of a more powerful and vast reality that remains unseen because we cannot comprehend it with human faculties.  In the same vein, the body is only a representation of a much more profound and immortal archetype. Ritual in the ancient world was of extreme importance for just this reason.  Ritual represented the union or communion of symbol with archetype.  To close the loop with NDEs, death is a ritual in its own right.  It is only natural that the experiences of the dying are rich in symbolism.

A good question to now as is what exactly do the Sun, Moon, and Stars represent?  Let me begin by saying that unlike most human robots meandering through their existence, I do not believe the sun is visible as a thing in itself.  It only reveals its light to us when it hits the atmosphere above the earth.  If one were to escape the vertical bounds of the earth, they would find a much greater mystery, that of the black sun, which is to say the archetype upon which the terrestrial sun is an image of.  I will add more on this later.

In previous posts, I have explained that the moon is now broadcasting strange and inexplicable anomalies that cannot be accounted for.  Many others seem to be taking notice of this as well.  As early as 2010 I was explaining that the moon had a great deal of influence over the mind, especially the dreaming mind. A great deal of people have commented over the years that the moon has influenced their dreams.  It goes without saying that during the full moon phases the collective mind is affected.  There is more crime, accidents, and etc. It is a time of "luna-tics".  We must now enter into strange waters.

Richard Moult

The moon has always represented the sub-lunar energies of death and decay.  This is true even in our modern pop-culture.  A mind that is trapped in causality is therefore bound to these energies in the worst possible way.  When the body dies, the soul is still firmly under the influence of the moon, which keeps it held in the terrestrial world in a state unseen.  Because ones sense of nostalgia wasn't enough to breakthrough the grasp of these chthonic energies, these souls are recycled once again into the cosmic/archontic machine where they will once again be placed in human bodies, but not before a potentially long stay in the imaginal/subtle domain, which is still very much a part of the physical. The light of the moon is the light of many postmortem souls reflecting back to the earth.  The dreaming mind is influenced the greatest during the time of the full moon because these chthonic energies are at their peak and have a great influence when minds at at their most vulnerable

Keep in mind I am not necessarily referring to the structures themselves, but also to the archetypes these structures represent.  Without entering into a deep culture critique against an age in turmoil, I will simply add that all evidence is beginning to point to a systematic breakdown of control mechanisms and the inevitable collapse of the world system.  Make no mistake, the dissolution of the present order of things is a blessing.  We ought to welcome it.  A great evil is enthroned in this world that steals the vital energy of innocents.  The prince of this world, its economy, its culture, and its role-models are vampiric in every aspect of their existence.  Their heads must be removed.

Over time symbols can lose their meaning. Pay attention because that is a great mystery of its own.  We can envision this breakdown of symbols much in the way we see language breaking down.  When the language dies, it can no longer convey or express meaning.  The sincerely held beliefs of organizations like NASA and the scientific community in general are dying, and so too are their symbols.  When all hope is lost in the cosmic machine, the law of the Pleroma, which is freedom and infinity become manifest.  For some that is a great blessing and for others the greatest terror known.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Causality, Narratives, And The Cosmic Recycling Machine

Yaldabaoth "Creating" The World As Painted By One Of His Proxies William Blake.
The following post will be another prelude to a series of posts of a more technical nature. My upcoming posts will relate to the moon, stars, sun, eschatology, and the reality that we are in fact living within a cosmic machine that is recycling us over and over for the benefit of something both nefarious and unseen. A great deal of information has been arising lately independent of what I am writing here that seems to cover certain aspects of this. Moving on.

I have a recurring dream that has been with me since childhood. In the dream I am engaged in some mundane activity when all of a sudden I remember that I can fly. The next thing I know, I begin to lift up off the ground. All around me are others that also remembered how to fly. The atmosphere is filled with silent amazement. Beneath us many watch on in a state of disbelief. The symbolism of such dreams does not escape me. Learning or remembering1 how to fly is the great mystery that has been lost to us.

We forgot how to fly the moment we fell in to causality. All that is historic, mortal, cyclic and linear are causal. Everything that partakes in a process of any type is causal. Once this is grasped, it doesn't take long to understand that the physical domain is a cleverly crafted deception made by the great architect who I will refer to here as Yaldabaoth.  It is an imperfect representation of another world. Since it is only a representation, it is inherently deficient. It is a symbol in the same way a facial expression represents a feeling or emotion we are experiencing. The facial expression is NOT the emotion, only its manifestation in time and space.

We have been given a false narrative of history and even a false understanding of what we are. Even though many parrot the saying that the victors write the history, most are still willing to accept large parts of the narrative as fact. Everyone accepts as true those things that are conducive to their human persona. The human persona is a construct, the ground layer of the false narrative. When you see that the human persona does not really exist, you have only begun to breech a much greater mystery. As long as this persona (which is really an alter ego) exists one is irremediably bound to the false narrative and to causality whose end result is always death.

Unfortunately, one cannot function on this earth or be considered normal unless they accept what the victors tell them. Make no mistake, the philosophy of the ruling elite is might is right. Those that refuse the narrative will be marginalized. Those that make war against it will be killed.

Tatian rightly proclaimed that the gods of old were demons. The gods of today are demons as well, particularly those that menace us an demand allegiances to doctrines or political parties. Over the years I have also seen a push to return to a nature spirituality. To be sure, I find these currents somewhat humorous when considering that the end result of every natural process is death. As a rebuttal one might then claim that nature is cyclic and therefore we always return to earth in some new form. This may indeed true. However, we are still returning to the machine that has imprisoned us in the first place. Thus, we appear to be locked into a cosmic recycling program that is ruled by godlike intelligences that exercise extreme power over all aspects of human life. We may be born into great blessings or great sufferings, but the end result is always the same.

The narrative enforces the enslavement. As I mentioned in a previous post, we live in a prison of ideas. When we accept those ideas, the human personality becomes trapped and bound to earth by them. When we die, we are merely recycled, our personalities are then put into new human vessels, but not before being stripped of all previous memories. Even our mis-understanding of death is a part of the narrative and helps those capricious dark Angels, the gods of yesteryear, keep their rule over this domain ensured.

Until the soul disengages from causality and returns to the uncreated light, there will always be loss, suffering and pain. This is always the outcome of human life as the golden light of the angelic personality rescinds from the human body. In order to return to the uncreated light, nothing unclean can remain bound to the soul. Every idea and iota of causality must be rejected. Only then is the angelus errant allowed to return to his nostalgic homeland, to be gathered once again to his people. It is only by way of poverty that the prodigal child returns home. This poverty is nothing less than the rejection of everything arising from space and time.

1. Learning and remembering are one and the same. Learning is causal. Memory is not. When Christ tells Nicodemus that one must be born from above (John 3), the language is intentionally ambiguous. Modern Christians believe Christ is telling them they must be saved in space and time in order to inherit eternal life. The primitive Christians understood this to mean only those who came from above in the first place can return. This is made valid when Christ says plainly that "what is born of flesh is flesh, what is born of spirit is spirit". He then says "The wind blows wherever it wishes(freedom, the fundamental law of the Pleroma and of Angels) and you hear the sound of it, but you don't know where it comes from or where it goes."