Monday, February 8, 2016

Bodies Of Light, Bodies Of Death

The moment you enter into the physical domain, you are being broken down.  As a child, you were put through an education system that was created to stomp out everything that was unique about you, a system that extinguishes ones natural talents and abilities and replaces them with an "education".  The goal of this breaking process is to indoctrinate one into the control system, and to keep them there forever.  By keeping them in the system, they can feed off the vital energy without any resistance whatsoever.

While living in the synthetic world, the Aryan is rendered docile and is fed upon until the body dies.  If the mind is not thoroughly cleansed (the mind becomes the body at death) it will degenerate as the ideas and images it carries within itself darken it and drag it back down to earth.  As it degenerates, it once again falls under the influence of the demiurge who will replant it in the earth to produce more vital energy.

Primitive Aryan society was often broken down into three vocations: the priest, the warrior, and the artisan.  While it was never a truly cut and dry system (a person could be a mixture of all three talents) each being served a particular function that was natural to their dignity. Beneath these vocations were the racial and spiritual riff-raff, the outcasts who are now ruling the physical domain by way of deception.  It was the error of compassionate altruism among our holy and astral race that has lead to our unfortunate present condition.  While even the caste system was somewhat flawed, it still allowed for ones distinct talents to freely manifest in ancient society.  The conduit between the Aryan and the starry heavens closed more completely as imagination was replaced with intellection, when a more sacred state of being was replaced with dull, crass secularism.

The Aryan is an angelic being of light encased in flesh.  I believe that this was well-known in the ancient world among the hyperborean "refugees".  Further, I very strongly suspect this may have been the ultimate mystery of Valentinus and his followers.  Let me be very clear about this. Valentinus' cosmology is very ancient.  Unfortunately, he gets lumped in with "Gnostics" by modern scholars who continue to uphold a narrative that serves their own interests.  Among the Valentinians, the idea of being joined to the Angel allowed one to receive salvation--not salvation as it is understood in the modern church, but salvation as an exit back to the Pleroma, the unseen world where each Aryan originally came from before they were split into 2 distinct beings, a male and a female.  Only be being reunited with ones "other" can an Aryan be made whole.  However, it is not as simple as it sounds.  The division is quite permanent.  As Miguel Serrano points out, the he (+) and she (-) are united forever in separation destroying the evil of oneness and making their love absolutely real.

The writings of Miguel Serrano are essentially the correction of Valentinus (and Swedenborg) who appeared to be somewhat confused as to the particulars of the sexual polarity of Angels, and exactly how a being was made "whole" by "divine marriage". Valentinus in my opinion represents a very early form of Christianity, a much more noble expression that retained certain initiatory mysteries, albeit in a somewhat corrupt form.  That these teachings were a part of the New Testament canon is quite obvious.

Matthew 18:10 - See that you do not depose one of these little ones.  For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my father in heaven.


Acts 12:15 - "You're out of your mind," they told her.  When she kept insisting that it was so (that Peter was still alive and standing outside the door)' they said, "It must be his angel."

In the later verse, some of the early Christians believed that Peter had been killed after being thrown in prison.  When Rhoda saw him at the door, she couldn't believe her eyes.  Being convinced he was dead, they told her that "It was his angel."  This verse is essentially pointing out that some early Christians believed that when the body is dead, the Angel emerges in the form of the man whose body it once inhabited.  This of course changes over time as the light takes on its primordial form. At the resurrection of Christ we see that his disciples were unable to recognize him because a certain amount of time had elapsed, and the light crystallized taking on a much more pure form.

This teaching of ones personal Angel is entirely missing from modern Judeo-Masonic-Christianity for a reason.  There is also a reason why Valentinus was labeled a heretic and categorized as a gnostic.  Judeo-Masonic-Christianity is a purely secular/moral religion in which every supernatural element is stripped clean. Modren religion is purely reductionist in nature, especially christianity.  It presents an easy message and an easy salvation.  All you have to do is tithe to your local 501.c3 state sanctioned church and show up on Sunday.  The church is an extension of good citizenship.  Its ethos are purely secular and oriented toward the satanic state.  Thus, Christianity is really a part of the degenerative process of "education", there is nothing remotely transcendent about it.

The light within the Aryan must be freed from its fetters before physical death.  This is the only way to salvation.  It is therefore of the utmost importance that we follow the old Aryan admonition of good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.  In a word, we must retain our dignity and our honor even unto death.  Only this mode of living and being will grant us the glory of heaven (xvarnah).

Sunday, February 7, 2016

555 And The Great Rift

Over the last two weeks I have spent a good deal of time going over previous posts after having an inner nagging that I was being far too repetitious.  I take the things that I write very seriously, and do not wish to constantly repeat myself.

It is amateur in the extreme to continually stress intuition when the message may not be as clear as it ought to be.  With 3/22 approaching, which is historically a very important 24 hour period on this blog, it has been made clear to me that things are going to change.

2016 has been a strange year already.  On New Year's Day I received a call from my brother who told me that early that morning he had been driving on a very quiet stretch of road (Highway ES) in Wisconsin at about 1AM when his car became irradiated with a bright light from above that he described as being an intense green.   For almost a minute he continued driving with this light shining down onto his car.  There were no other cars in sight.

When everything returned to darkness, he says that he felt "loose in his body". He had not been drinking and was coming home from a friends house.  He felt the need to call me later that day to tell me that he had the distinct feeling that whatever "it" was shining down in his car, that it had the wrong brother.   I have driven that quiet stretch of road for many years, and have witnessed many strange things there.  During my heyday of writing about high-strangeness, this highway had a very important place in my ongoing understanding of things.  There is a point on highway ES (National ave) where I had witnessed odd aerial phenomenon, some that were clearly intelligent and almost theatrically playing out before my eyes on numerous occasions.  It had become a kind of observatory for me.  This was near the spot where my brother was hit by the intense green light.

I am learning that names and numbers are very important, far more than we realize.  My brother's experience with this light began on 1/1/16 at 1AM in the town of New Berlin.  According to my phone record, I received his call describing this event at 5:50.  5, 55, and 555 is consistently emerging in my everyday life in the lead up to 3/22.  New Year Eve (and day) also seems to be a harbinger of strangeness.  Such are the patterns that have emerged over the years.  I left this report  with a UFO reporting site on New Years Eve, 2009.

Mike Clelland
The drawing above was done my Mike Clelland of the blog Hidden Experience.  He drew this picture in 2010-2011 after I wrote about a dreamlike event where my son had been lying on the driveway of our old house with a large object in the air above him. The drawing comes from a picture I sent Mike of the street I was living on. This object was an enormous tube that had superfluous, almost nonsensical wings attached to it.  The portholes in the window were illumined by an emerald green light.  In one of the portholes I distinctly remember someone staring down at me as I scooped up my son and ran him into the house.  I awoke hours later very fuzzy-headed not understanding if the event was real or something that was "in-between".  Such events are intense and so traumatic that they have a feeling of not being real--and for all intents and purposes they may not be real as common people understand reality. To this day they continue to mystify me and are ongoing.

Jason Thompkins "555"
Fast forward to my last post "Astral Origins Of The Aryan Race".  When I write articles, I never schedule them to publish at a specific time or date, yet many of my posts seem to get published in a palindrome sequence (or very close to them).  There is no planning involved in this.  I often lose track of the time when I write.  That post published at 5:55AM on the same day Jason Thompkins wrote this post on his blog.  This is more than just chance.   That this blog focuses on the physical and metaphysical aspects of Rta is quite obvious.

I have made a great deal of headway in the last few weeks in relation to the journey of the dead to the Milky Way, and particularly through The Great Rift, which is the exit gate.  What follows may not be easy to wrap ones head around because we have grown so accustomed to the belief that death is merely death, and the physical domain is merely the physical domain.  The further I go, however, it becomes clear that ancient man seemed to understand quite well that the death of the body started a process of astral ascent, where the soul either journeyed home, or got trapped by the machine and recycled.  There is a point where death and life meet, where both are negated in a spaceless space of non-existence that is very much alive.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Astral Origins Of The Aryan Race

Richard Moult
Before I begin this post, I need to explain that my writing is initiatory in nature.  I am far more concerned with pushing people to take various ideas and concepts to their logical intuitive conclusions than I am with them having an overly intellectual knowledge about a particular topic.  This is the only way the archetypal self, the archangelic core of an Aryan, can be awakened.  Dreams, visions, revelations, and creative imagination all represent the awakening of the fiery core of a noble being.  These things are not intellectual in nature and in fact transcend the intellect entirely. The real initiate is therefore more of a poet and an artist than a scholar.  His work is more about imagination than it is about intellection.

There was once a time when there was no partition between imagination and the natural perception of ones self and the environment.  The physical domain was a very strange and beautiful place before the currents of oneness-death, equality, and uniformity were introduced into the equation by a parasitic race that existed among the stars.  To reduce imagination to mere fantasy or something unreal is the greatest sin imaginable.  It causes a partition between the human persona and the archetypal self of that persona.

Translating non-temporal realities into human language will always lead to a loss of information.  This lost information is usually the most important part of the story.  In essence, the sacred cannot transform into the profane and then perfectly express itself its divinity. Something is always lost in the process.

We have essentially lost our real history because the astral (or archetypal) element of the noble being is incoherent to the processes of the modern controlled mind. Since the human mind cannot process these elements, confusion is bound to arise and spread like a wild fire.  Human language and identity are nothing more than symbolic representations of a more pristine reality.  Symbols do not define symbols, only archetypes can define symbols.  Thus, without connection to the archetypal self of a being, symbols can only interpret symbols. This self-consuming process is what breeds mundane linear history and locks people in to the narrative of false reality.

It is impossible to uncover a lost or forgotten history when ones astral dimension is either missing or lying dormant.  I cannot stress this fact enough.  There are many writers out there promoting various revised histories of the world (Graham Hancock, Erich Von Daniken, Robert K. Temple, et al) and if they aren't a part of the controlled opposition, most of them are missing the most important part; the astral origins of history.  These revised histories are implanted into various sub-cultures and given play by major book publishers who are closely connected to various foundations whose main focus is suppressing the truth of history..  The Ford Foundation, Esalen, SRI, and the Guggenheim are all funded by world Jewry, which is responsible for the total exploitation and enslavement of all people. They accomplish this worldwide enslavement by causing the atrophy of intuition and the imagination.  The entire edifice of modern art and entertainment (products of imagination) is "jewish" mind control and nothing more.

Look around you.  Have you noticed the death of art, music, and cinema?  Have you noticed that movies are all remakes, and music all sounds the same?  Have you noticed that people all seem to look alike and act the same?  Have you noticed the incessant attempts of the media to shock you with stunning new stories, which are un-moving and really nothing more than "the same old?"  These are symptoms of a world that is no longer receiving currents of renewal, which only come from the imagination (which does not originate on earth).  Aside from the few sparks of genius that emerge from time to time, it should be quite clear that the creative well has all but dried up.  This can only occur when the astral currents that once brought renewal to the earth have been blocked from entering.

When I began to uncover these things and write about them publicly, there was an effort to defame me almost immediately.  If you look me up online, you will find that every nice thing written is always followed by several mean-spirited remarks by nameless people who strongly disliked what I had to say.  I was called a racist, a conspiracy theorist, bi-polar, schizophrenic, and a cashless loser by people who I never met yet pretended to know practically everything about me.  It was strange to say the least.  Not once could they refute the message.  They could only attack the messenger.

I freely admit that I am racist (I do not believe in the equality of modern races or individuals).  I admit to also being a conspiracy theorist, whatever that means these days. However, I have never been a cashless loser nor have I suffered from a diseased mind. Where such strange labels originated is beyond me.  The point is that over the years I was rejected and marginalized when I had something new to offer the scene.  Some of these people had cited my writing in their books and articles only to later stab me in the back. Their scene is essentially dying now.  It is too weak and needy to go on. Esoteric Hiterlism, Ariosophy, new cosmologies, flat earth and the realization that archonic world jewry is the source of all human enslavement will eventually become ascendant--they are ascending as we speak.

That this blog is seeing the increase in traffic it has in the last month reveals that the interest is very much present.  That there is a  very real interest in Adolf Hitler and NS Germany is also quite telling, particularly because the old narratives of world jewry are beginning to fall apart.  Even the most mundane people are beginning to realize that everything they see on the nightly news is a lie.  More and more understand that neither Sandy Hook or the Boston marathon bombing never happened. The narrative is nothing more than an ongoing deception, a fear-mongering illusion designed to push people into the arms of the satanic state to protect them.  All this nonsense about alien races, indigo children, hybrids, ancient aliens, Planet X, abductee lore, and mysterious lights on far-away planets will be exposed as pure fantasy and pseudo science.  The stage has already been set.

The truth of history and the origin of the Aryan astral race does not belong to the masses.  They have never understood it because they are the blind "democratic" mob.  They have sacrificed intuition and imagination for their own peace of mind.  For me personally the last four years have been a constant barrage of initiatory force.  They have proven one thing, that there is a very real and unseen presence on earth that is making itself known, and beckoning us to overcome the world.  This will never be a mass-movement.  The physical domain is not the ultimate prize, and this is a painful reality many are going to have to understand.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Intuitive Universes, Hermits, And The Process Of Integration

In 2010 Luminosity was a fairly popular blog, but I ran afoul with the Internet fringe police when I began to strike down their sacred cow of oneness, new ageism, and other ideas that were making the rounds in those days.  I wasn't writing about ley lines, co-creation, channeling, the double slit experiment hoax, loving kindness, and similar nonsense so I didn't fit in too well after long. I didn't read comic books, submerge myself in pop-culture, or believe Philip K. Dick was anything more than a blathering idiot who was too damaged by modern culture and ideas to understand his own illumination.

If I wrote for the sake of acquiring more readers, I never would have ventured into the areas I write about today.  It was never about gaining more readers, it was about acquiring readers who would understand things on a more intuitive level.  I wanted to initiate people, not entertain them.  When I uncovered the reality of the intuitive universe in 2011, it became all too clear that very few would grasp this new dimension.  Modern ideas and culture were designed to keep people in a particular wavelength. It is almost impossible today to sojourn outside the bounds of the ideation where new modes of thinking reign supreme. Breaking out of the intellect, and awakening the organ of intuitive perception causes every inner-demon to come forth and present itself so that they may reinforce old haunts.

Once idea-formation is understood for what it is, a very low level of perception and understanding, the real structure of reality presents itself.  When I was writing on my now defunct blog, "Transmissions From The Imaginal" some of the strangest things began to happen to me.  Throughout the day a dual perception began to take over.  While I was perceiving mundane reality, suddenly out of the blue I would experience an emotion or feeling that would cause me to literally sense a completely different world all around me.  As strange as it may sound, this intuitive universe seemed to exist in a particular emotion, and every time this emotion came, I was able to "see" this eternal, intuitive world which was pure, holy and always "there".

If the sun caught my eye a certain way, or if I heard a certain melody, my perception would be instantly thrust into a new world.  These were not abstract experiences.  I was able to "see" this world without actually "seeing" it with my physical eyes.  Life during that time became strange and amazing. Attempting to make sense of it was nearly impossible.  It was not easy for me to have normal conversations with people or to even relate to the things they were telling me.  Things were often strained and difficult. I had to be introspective in order to understand what was happening to me.  I had essentially become an initiatic Hermit.  Those years of silence were a true blessing in many ways.  I was finally able to process things that were happening.

Emotions and intuition are the key to all of this--not emotions in the common sense of the word, but emotions as the dimensionless "beingness" or spirit of the mind itself.  Ideas and thoughts swimming around in the intellect are merely the residue of emotions and intuition.  Emotions and intuition are the wavelength of the stars and spiritual worlds that Aryans descend from. This incessant push to "educate" children in public institutions is nothing more than a way to steal innocence and lock them in to the control system. "Education" enforces a set of rules on a young mind that is still capable of percieving things that are present  but not seen.  The control system is really about exploiting all innocence, particularly the innocence of children.

The Aryan is a highly complex being.  This is revealed outwardly in the complexity of their art, music, literature and even in their religion, which is a combination of everything.  As beautiful and complex as these expressions are, they are only symbols of a much more vast state of being.

As the initiatic process goes on, and the intuitive faculty is recovered, a kind of contact process begins to take place.  There are beings not of this world, who live solely in the intuitive universe.  These beings are eternal and seem to know everything about you.  You find that you have entered into a kind of communion with them.  They have no messages to give to you, but the holy silence, the encouragement of their presence.  You also know they are waiting for you.  On occasion they will enter into physical existence perhaps in the form of the old man Wodan or the Aryan Krsna, who came to me in dreams at a very young age before I had ever seen a picture of him in a book or read the Bhagavad Gita.  Such things happen, but not when the mind is dominated by ideation, reason, and rationalization.

Unfortunately, reductionist philosophies have become the spirit of our age.  The whole purpose of the control system is to cut the remaining Aryans off from the starry heavens by keeping them trapped in the mundane modes of thinking.  Remember that every attempt to house the divine fire (by putting it into frameworks of logic) is doomed.  Reason and logic have their value, but they must never be mistaken for the pinnacle of of all things as modern science does to its own damnation.

The world is ending.  The only way to overcome it is by overcoming ideation and regaining the spirit of thought.  The physical domain is itself an idea.  Very few people understand that the physical domain in its present form is a prison of belief.  Overcoming the world is not a matter of physical struggle alone.  It is about sloughing off the layers of mundanity, even the human persona that has been mistaken as the sole dimension of ones being.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On The Rage And Fury That Saves

Just a brief post tonight.  I am going to bring things back to earth a bit.  I don't often like writing posts like these, but I felt it was necessary.

When I was younger, I had spent a great deal of time with white nationalists, Christian Identists, Pagans, and an entire host of sleazy assholes you wouldn't allow to set foot in your house. This was before everything was done on the internet, when you still had to meet people face to face. Back then there were very few people who understood that there was far more to "blood" and "nation" than a mere biological reality. After a few years of trafficking in those circles, I realized it was thoroughly saturated with liars, informants, agents, perverts, and individuals who were using the camaraderie as a means to cover up profoundly shattered lives.  After having a falling out with a somewhat well-known personality in those days, I decided it was best to simply walk away.  Nationalism has always been doomed.  This reality goes far back into the history of "nationalism" in America, which has always been a chock-full of GUBU fucking crazy.

When I listen to various nationalists and alt-right personalities speak with hope and optimism, I dismiss it at the error of neophytes.  As much as they pretend to understand what is happening, they really don't understand.  Nationalism was dead on arrival from the beginning, and we should be thankful for that. Most nationalists do not understand that there is much more to the problem of our present condition than an exploding third-world presence in Europe and America, and not having enough white babies.  By today's standards I have a large brood of children, most of them girls.  I thoroughly understand the problems they are likely to face in the future, not because there aren't enough white babies, but because the quality of whites in general has plummeted.  Make no mistake, there is a very big difference between whites and Aryans.  The Aryan is noble in spirit by nature, usually from birth and showing a strong sense of self-awareness at an early age. They are rarely proselytes as we see today among the new generation of nationalists that testify to once being liberals or mongrelizers and through some revelation "saw the light".  Admittedly, I don't buy it.  I am no longer a neophyte when it comes to understanding how the enemy operates.

There are very big problems when someone like Jack Donovan, who prides himself on sodomizing sissies, is teaching nationalists how to be "men".  Birds of a feather flock together.  When you begin to put together the who's who, a disturbing portrait begins to present itself.  Those who profess to be Aryan, rarely conduct themselves or their business as such.  Modern nationalism pretends to be the great and noble resistance.  However, it is part and parcel of the spirit of desolation that has ingratiated itself in the lives of most people today.

I spoke to a good friend the other night who told me that the only thing he believes can preserve the noble way of life is fury.  I tend to agree.  It will not be some cackle of Internet douche-bags made up of addicts, mongrels and mongrelizers, former liberals, faggots, woman haters, or Evolian Traditionalist prudes that will inspire people.  It will be the angry and hate-filled observer of the last three generations who has had his way of life stolen from him.  It will be the fathers of murdered white children, the husbands of raped wives and daughters, and the victims of barbarity who have never had Justice.  It will be those who have been lied to from the time they were children about the nature of truth. This is not something that will develop over time.  It won't be a "grass roots" movement.  It will only be brought about by a catalyst that enrages enough people with nothing left to lose. It will come about with lightning speed, or it will not come about at all.

Such days will only come about when the Einherjar (those who truly understand what is happening) arrive for the consummation of the world. In the end it won't matter if we live on or not as physical beings.  Heroism is never truly heroic without the tragic ending.  It is important to understand that the Aryan is not of this world to begin with, and the earthly life is not the centerpiece of this ancient war.  No matter how many "racially aware" whites pretend that the physical domain (or white babes) is the only purpose of this war-they are painfully wrong.  However the story ends, the Aryan wins.  Should we pass from the face of the earth at the final battle, those wild, mongrelized beasts that remain will spend the rest of their miserable lives in dark Carcosa, and that is the just end of this great Aryan tragedy, and the beginning of our rebirth among the stars.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Intuition: The Final Key

Before the process of initiation began for me, I was a rather oblivious Christian youth.  By the age of 15, I was writing articles for a nationwide Christian newsletter that had been created by a member of my extended family.  Most of the articles I wrote were critiques of culture, and bemoaning the godless reality I was living in.  I was always naturally opposed to this present order of things.  Things always seemed off-center to me.

I vehemently clung to Christianity for decades, I didn't want to believe it was an illusion, an end-times messianic cult that expected the return of the savior in the first-century (Matthew 24:34, Mark 13:26-30, Luke 21:26-32, Hebrews 1:1-2, 1Corinthians 10:11, 1John 2:18, 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17). I was deadly serious about Christianity and joined various ultra-right Christian groups in my late teens and early twenties.

Many years ago, I began to look into Aryan Persia and Zoroastrianism.  There was always something about it that bothered me. Mazdayasna was clearly old, and it seemed to be the mold from which the Old Testament religion came.  It eventually became clear to me that the prophet Ezra created the Old Testament religion of YHWH based almost completely on the religion of ancient Persia.  Zarathustra's teachings would inevitably bleed over into the Old Testament religion and particularly in Christianity--the saoshyant, resurrection, Angels, marrying within the faith, perfected earth, and the end of the world figured prominently in Zoroastrianism and were clearly discussed in various jewish apocrypha. These teachings did not come from Egypt or Sumer as idiots like David Icke and Acharaya S teach, they come from Aryan Persia where they existed in a far more pure and noble state.
The Aryan Zoroaster-Zarathustra
Christianity became little more than a tool of control.  When the first and second century came and went without the promised return of the Christ, Rome saw a different kind of opportunity.  Theologically, one sees the rise of Amillenialism at this point whereas the earliest Christians believed in a real, physical coming of their messiah. Thus, the writings of Augustine were heavily promoted and the writings of Ante-Nicene Christian fathers practically abandoned.  The sinister powers behind Rome always had a clever angle, long before television and mass communication, they were well-versed in social engineering.

Rome was once the greatest pusher of universalism (oneness) on the face of the earth.  There was no place for distinct nations challenging their hegemony.  There was no place for distinct or sovereign tribes and nations of any kind.  The unseen powers behind the Roman Empire, and all world empires, has been the same sinister power of universalism and control from the beginning.  Charlemagne's slaughter of over 4000 Saxons at Verden was only one example of the necessity of this sinister power to destroy everything that was noble and distinct.  Nothing is allowed outside the control of this desolating spirit; politically, financially or religiously.  This is how it has always been. Make no mistake, there is absolutely no difference between world empires.  There has only been one universalist empire bent on total control and its name is not published in the history books.  History is an absolute fabrication, and the names and timelines essentially do not matter anymore.

Sovereignty is divinity. There are no distinctly sovereign nations or tribes in existence today because everything noble must inevitably be smashed in this corrupt and decaying world.  That is very important to understand as this article plays out.   Christianity, being universal in nature, would eventually consolidate the world spiritually.  It was all just one big scam, and it worked out very well for those who are now in power.  During the so-called "dark ages" the people of Europe still retained a natural nobility.  This was the only thing that made Christianity appear noble and beautiful to so many.  Over the centuries the true spirit behind Christianity would chip away at this nobility until the final resultant, "Judeo-Masonic-Christianity", would be revealed.  The Crypto-Jew John Crowder is really the face of Christianity as it was meant to be.  Behold, the new liturgy if you can accept it:

Christianity would be the seed out of which every ignoble expression among Aryandom would sprout, all while appearing to be meek and gentle.  The social justice cult, racial oneness, miscegenation, equality, faggotry, and emasculation would not have been tolerated in a healthy world. They are foreign to the sensibilities of noble human beings.  But they were nurtured and accepted under the banner of "Judge not lest ye be judged" and "out of every nation we have become one" (Galatians 3:28).  This has always been the sinister formulae of world Jewry (QhL).  This belief was the death of sovereignty among Aryan individuals and nations. Noble men will always see through these religious and spiritual deceptions in due time.  All things, all memories and all meaning are erased in the demonic spirit of universalism.

I have to come the following revelations by way of intuition. There isn't a causal line of reasoning or area of study that can provide you with this understanding.  You must find this rare gem for yourself.  What you presently believe in may not agree with what I am about to tell you, and that is fine. You would be a fool to believe any of what I am about to write at face value.  If it does not resonate with you, it may simply not be your time.  I will begin by saying that the world is not what it appears to be.  This is something I have attempted to burn into the minds of my readers for a very long time.

The physical domain is a cosmic farm, and human beings are the crops being harvested.  We are farmed for vital energy that is given off when we are angry, terrified, happy, or excited.  Each emotion gives a different "flavor" that is consumed by cosmic scavengers.  These cosmic scavengers are essentially in control of the physical world at this point in time. The physical representation of these archonic scavengers is world Jewry, which controls the physical domain via central banking, which in the ancient world was "debt and sacrifice" to the gods.  We are farmed in our physical bodies for money, and in our spiritual emanations for vital force, which is akin to the mythical "Vril".

Their control is indeed complete, but the crop has become thin. The type of beings that produce this "Vril" (The Arya) are rarely being born today. Most have already exited the system and returned home.  The majority of the world's inhabitants are no longer human, they are bio-robots (probably 95% or greater) without self-awareness in service to the archonic system.  It is impossible for them to unplug from it.  Living and dying are the same thing to them.  Their very presence is what has made life feel so meaningless these days.

This lack of vital energy is why the world has spiraled out of control.  There simply isn't enough energy to support the system.  Since the control system can no longer be maintained the masses of bio-robotic trash (who cannot work or produce wealth or Vril) are invading Europe, Austrailia, and America where the last vestiges of Vril (divine light housed in certain beings) remains.  Make no mistake. This is the end of the world and you are living in it.  In order to maintain what is left, world jewry has created an ephemeral monetary system which is nothing more than blips and numbers on a computer screen.  Money is only as valuable as people's faith in it.

I don't believe it was meant to be this way.  The physical world is a broken system that was once a healthy system with a distinct purpose.  Those in control of it can no longer create religious systems or sick thrills to preoccupy people in order to repair the damage. There is no longer a place in the hearts of the remnant for dead gods, dead symbols, dead personalities, or dead ideas.  It is finished.

In my previous posts, I explained that each real human being (not bio-robots) is a projection from a star.  These lights essentially animate the human corpse.  I stand by this entirely, and will now expand on it.  Each star is a projection not only of a single being, but of the very spiritual world (non-local, non-causal) that a particular being comes from.  Each real human being on earth, in my understanding, comes from a distinct star (a spiritual world).  No two people on earth come from the same spiritual world.  This may be an error in my understanding, but I don't think so.  Thus far, I understand the system pretty clearly.

In primordial times the physical body was understood to simply be the vehicle through which a cosmic intelligence communicated to others from different worlds. Again, these are not planets in outer space, but literal spiritual worlds.  That is important to understand.  The physical domain was once a kind of meeting place, an"All-Thing" or "Forum" created for reasons we cannot entirely understand for beings who were more intense and intelligent than we could ever understand with purely human faculties.  The physical world is a flat disc set beneath (or in the center of) these worlds which long ago, before recorded history, was a place of congregation, a cosmic community where ambassadors met for reasons we don't have the background to understand.

Any resemblance of national sovereignty or distinct people in the physical world is therefore no longer allowed. Divine patterns such as this would inevitably spark a memory or reveal a much greater reality at work.  We are now forced to accept ideas of equality, tolerance, and brotherhood of man-- ideas which have always been freemasonic and judaic in character.  The physical domain seeks to create race-less, root-less, and soul-less beings who will willingly surrender themselves to God, Gods, or the religion of modern entertainment.   History is a fabrication created to cover-up this knowledge of our primordial history.  Distinct nations, tribes, and even distinct people are not allowed to exist in this world because they are an image of our sacred past.

In a manner of speaking, the physical world was a kind of well-intentioned experiment that somehow went wrong.  There were dark things at work in the stars, beings who sought control and through temptation caused a fixed number of incarnated cosmic beings to mate with lower forms of created life.   This locked them into a prison they could not soon escape.  These cosmic, archetypal or archangelic spiritual beings became trapped in physical bodies for an excessively long duration of time.

By identifying itself as the physical body or human persona, it could not return home.  In desperation, these divine beings began to "call upon the name of God" and further fell into the trap of "debt and sacrifice".  With time the idea of spiritual debt and sacrifice crystallized into the establishment of world secular religion, economies and world monetary systems.  People began to believe in Gods, when in fact "God" never answered any of the most profound questions of why they were oblivious to who they were.  As hard as they tried, their memories were utterly ripped away from them. We are now at the zenith of this downward spiraling process.  The systems can no longer be upheld.  We have now reached the point where nothing will improve because there simply isn't enough vital energy to power the system.

Sirius, The Cornerstone Of Freemasonry (Crytpo-Jewry)
Racial miscegenation was the original sin.  It locked non-causal, cosmic beings into causality and physicality.  The cosmic scavengers, who likely came from Sirius, control all human ideation. They control the processes of the human body entirely.  These beings literally control idea-formation and the human intellect as long as one is "in the body".  This is why intuition is so important.  It is the final key.  Nothing I write or teach to people can be grasped purely by the intellect. There is a far more profound subtext I am transmitting to those who can receive it. World Jewry, the physical proxy of Sirius, controls television, Internet, world finance, pornography, sports, drugs, politics, medicine, law, fashion, social norms, entertainment and etc. These are the media people use to form their opinions and human identities.  Do you understand how this works?  The Jews are not individuals.  They are a collective, and function by way of a cosmic hive mind that could only get its claws into us in the physical domain where causality is the ultimate rule.  Their world and their nature is purely parasitic.

Without intuition, there is no possible way for one to communicate with the world from which they came.  Without intuition it is impossible to understand initiation.   The initiatic system, the path of the hero, is not about the individuation of the human personality at all.  It is the opposite in fact.  The archangelic or archetypal identity must individuate over the human persona in order for an "exit" to be possible.   In other words, the human individual must be made eternal by identifying not with the superficial categories of human individuality, but with the eternal, natural being who has always existed.  Ideas such as God, Genesis, Religion, and the "meaning of life" are only relevant here in this world where causality and ideation (debt & sacrifice) rule over the mind.  There is no such reality as God.  It has always been a farce.  Infinity is made up of a countless number of beings and worlds, a distinct collective whose vastness remains unknown and incomprehensible to the human intellect and very likely, even to the highest orders of existence in all of the spiritual universes.  I will cover this in my next post.

Since 2011 my intuitive faculty has grown exponentially.  Far more than I have written about on Luminosity.  The last couple weeks have been monumental in a way.  I believe I now have the final key. I have a series of posts that will go further and from there I do not know what will happen. With that being said, it has become clear to me that even the Aryan Shepherds I have written about were none other than my own countrymen and spiritual kin emanating, but not incarnating on earth for the purpose of instruction.  Their intensity and kindness has at times been almost too much to handle.  Such profound contact can only happen when ones intuition and memory are being restored.  While there are people I love and profoundly care for in this world, there are few that I have ever had a real sense of kinship with.

As I go forward, I find my memory of things slowly returning.  It feels in a way that I am returning to a kingdom that was mine so long ago.  I remember someone there who throughout the years had hid herself in the women who I loved and were imbalanced enough to love me over the years.  She has been waiting for me to return for a very long time. We are due to meet one day on the diaphanous Chinvat bridge.

The strangest part of all is that I find I have become someone else, and that I had always been someone else without knowing it.  Such things are not easy to express to those who do not understand what it means to emerge from the shell.  These thoughts are Aryan and Noble in character, and thus ridiculed and disregarded in these times.  They are not of earthly origin, they come from the stars and can only be recognized by those who also come from the stars.

This initiation began with the Hale-Bopp comet on March 22 1997.  I remember because that was when that sense of nostalgia hit me with such overwhelming violence.  Hale-Bopp also heralded the terminal phase of this process, the end of the world in its present form.  It was then that I could see that the world was not exactly what I thought it was.

Odysseus And Athena

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Eighth Door

Richard Moult

In my last article I painted a picture of the universe where everything that exists has its place and exists for some particular end.  In this universe there is no such thing as an artifact that has no participation in the unfolding of the telos of man.  Stars are not simply celestial bodies whose movements and pulsations are meaningless.  Stars are the ferocious and fiery cores of Aryan men and women projecting themselves into human bodies.  There is a science to all of this that I will explain further as time goes on.

If we say that there is a God, that God must inevitably be infinite.  Otherwise, he is an impotent godlet, or simply a demiurge similar to the one controlling the present order of things. In this blog I use a somewhat ridiculous phrase, "The Aryan God Of Infinity" to describe the divine mind that is the author and finisher of of all things, both good and evil.

Not long ago I was speaking with a man the old fashioned way, face to face.  It wasn't via the Internet, where you never quite know who you're talking to or what their motives really are. A being far along on his or her path can be in the presence of another for a relatively short period of time before knowing what that person is all about.  The gentleman I was talking to has lived a very colorful life full of great victories and painful losses.  These days it is rare to have such an opportunity, as such men rarely exist anymore. Our discussion ran the gamut, but seemed to focus on one area in particular, the outcome of an ages long struggle that is now reaching its conclusion.  My friend made a very good observation, one that I have also written about.  To paraphrase, "There isn't a man alive that will not be corrected".

Change is painful, whether it comes quickly or slowly.  Transmutation necessitates a passing away of things--things that mightily desire to remain as they are.  Knowing this I despise movements that promote a return to the old ways.  We should know by now that the old ways must always die.  If they were perfect or continued to serve our needs they would have remained with us.  Good riddance to the old gods, good riddance to the old order of things.  In a manner of speaking, long live death.

With all of this being said, it is foolish to view the enemy of all mankind, the demiurge and archonic world Jewry, as an autonomous control system divorced from the infinite mind of the Aryan God.  Such an idea suffers from very serious setbacks.  In an infinite system, where nothing can exist but the divine mind and its modulations, to say that evil is separate from God, is very foolish.  Everything has a purpose.

The terrifying reality in all of this, the one very few can face, is that the Aryan God Of Infinity brought this evil forth.  This is not a simply a matter of free-will versus predestination.  I will leave such arguments to Calvinists and Arminians.  It is far more complex than that. Everything had its place, including evil, in the great work of the ages.  Jacob Boehme rightly understood this terrible truth and expressed it as the jealous, wrathful nature of God.  The part that was gradually being worked out of "creation".

The way of divine wrath is the old way, and it is passing away.  Its purpose has largely been fulfilled.  The purpose of life is not that difficult to understand:  The divine mind, the Aryan God of Infinity, is forging divine beings in an earthy crucible, who are both a part of yet entirely distinct from God.  Pay close attention.  Where there is only God and no "other" there is only coldness, stagnation, aloneness, and a life sapped of all meaning.  All love dies in the impersonal.  In order for people (and the physical domain) to be made real, and not just puppets of God as new agers and Mystics teach, there must be a true going out.  These outcasts, the Aryan cadre, must undergo violent change by experiencing the wrath of a god whose presence makes the earth and all things in it tremble.

In order for a true separation to take place, for a distinct being to emerge out of the supreme identity, these ages of wrath were absolutely necessary for man to experience.  Only by being forsaken (or forgotten) by God could true beings be brought forth.  Since the divine mind is everything, it can only create distinct beings by forgetting its own identity, by creating divisions within itself.  Wrath inevitably emerges in this vacuum. Primordial freedom, which is the ultimate reality and the very inner life of God (if we can use such terms) allows God to be free to forget his own identity--even for all eternity.  Each distinct being is essentially a "forgetfulness"  of the great Aryan God.  This forgetfulness allows distinct beings to become (bhava) and to be crystallized upon the earth, the very ground where all currents congregate and interplay.

Before this world came to be as it now is, the infinite light of the heavens was broken into tiny pieces which were spread out across the vault of heaven.  The void nature of space (all empty space) is the forgetfulness of God, which allows all distinctions to exist. As terrible as things may appear to be, nothing is ever truly out of order.   Separation, division, pain, suffering, are all necessary to the apotheosis of the Aryan, necessary for his greater becoming.  Each of us, at the core of our being is a star, a fiery and ferocious star pulsating in heaven and engaging in the ancient war, whether in ourselves or in the external world.  Violence is always a necessary part of this process.  As above, so below; as inside, so outside.  We are living in the mind of the All Father, which is not so much a being as it is an apophatic quality, a boundless freedom we are being allowed greater participation in.

A few words and reflections on the parasite are in order.   As I have explained, suffering is a necessary part of an alchemical process whose inevitable end is primordial freedom, the eighth door.  Nobody gets there until they do the things that must be done.  The parasite should be hated and loathed with every fiber of our being.  It has corrupted our blood and our minds.  This corruption has lead to a decay of all humanity.  If we don't hate it, if we don't despise the ugliness before us, there is no virtue or honor in us.  Make war with the parasite however you must, with whatever abilities have been bestowed upon you, and know that whatever the outcome, that nothing was ever out of order.  Everything that comes must come, and there is nothing that can stop it.

My mother was a kind and virtuous Norwegian woman who was proud of her identity without being boastful or obnoxious.  When I was very young, and experiencing the real fruits of multiculturalism in one of the worst public school systems in the nation, she told me the best thing I could do was stand up for myself, and when necessary not just defend myself, but to fight.  Her mother would tell me stories of our Viking fore bearers (mainly Eric The Red) when my brothers and I were young.  There was always a message of preserving the honor of who and what we were.  For three long weeks I watched my mom slowly die of cancer.  She had dropped to a mere 80 pounds at the end of her life.  In her final days, her large blue eyes had not lost their innocence and stared at me kindly just as they did when I was a young boy.  There are memories of those final days that are seared into my memory.  I spent a number of years angry that she (or anyone) should have suffered this way and viewed all existence as flawed because of it.

The universe is flawed, but it is a necessary flaw.  Painful separations can and should be such.  It reveals the presence of true love, agape and philia are present in us.  These are noble in nature and reveal a more complete work has taken place in us. That more sociopaths are being born today than ever before should be no surprise.  Sociopaths naturally promote philosophies of dissolution where the impersonal and emotionless is trumped over everything that has value and meaning.  Such beings are incomplete.  They do not come from the stars, but are empty vessels tapped into the demiurgic hive mind.  Every movement and action they commit are mere cadaverous reflexes.  When the inauguration of the eternal age comes, and it will come, such beings will have no place.