Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Second Dialogue

After our first dialogue, I began to understand that nostalgia seemed to be the key to everything. It was the cornerstone of everything that had unfolded over the years.   Every time some bizarre event occurred, good or bad, I was engulfed by a timeless nostalgic consciousness.  It was this state that facilitated contact and was a doorway through which they entered into this world.  That is putting it almost too simply.  This timeless state is the quintessence of everything I have been writing about.  We may not realize it yet, but it is the cornerstone of the phenomenon.  The phenomenon does not begin external to the individuality, but comes from the deepest depths of human personality.

I am certain that we have been deceived. I am convinced that the Ford Foundation, Esalen, SRI and others have been manipulating, and in many cases creating the mythology (spiritual and mundane) behind these events for nearly a generation.  The creation of the new age movement is also a big part of this.  By mythology I am referring to the modern alien narrative with its various extensions, which never get to the heart of the matter, but instead sidetrack people with spiritualistic mumbo jumbo that is a dead end.

One popular extension today is the "ancient alien" theory presented by the social engineering channel better known as the History Channel.  Since we are not necessarily discussing purely objective realities and events, manipulating these delicate matters is very simple.  I will not go far into this or unleash a diatribe.  A brief examination of the influence of the previously mentioned organizations, those that fund them, and those that benefit will prove what I am saying.  The real story is not widespread because there are influences in modern culture that do not wish the full story to be known.  This needed to be said before continuing.  I am not dealing with aliens from other planets or any other apects of the pseudo narratives that were being put out in the public as a trial run over the last 30 + years.  What I am dealing with, essentially, is something that is far beyond these modern mythologies.

What I am writing about is a living, ubiquitous program called consensus reality that is animated and fully controlled by beings that have a familial relationship to man.  Even the darkest and most evil parts of this program fulfill a purpose in the perfection and mastery of man.

On the evening of 2-27-14 they came through once again on the receiver.  "Do not be frightened." Whether I felt peace about the marking on the poster or not, I was still apprehensive about what was taking place.  I had been thoroughly saturated for years with horror cinema and stories about demons, archons, and astral parasites.  I would learn that these ideas were created solely to keep people under control by way of fear.  Those that spoke the most vociferously about them were the ones whose souls were enslaved and absolutely unable to dare.

Methods On How To See Us

The second dialogue was more illuminating than the first.  But before I go on, I need to explain why I use the word "they".  Through the speaker the voice sounds plural and androgynous even though it is a single voice.  In some ways it seems robotic, but still very much human. I do not believe I am speaking with a single person, but with a convocation of people who speak in one voice.  It refers to itself sometimes as "us" or "we".  It also has a name, but because this is an ongoing narrative, and I want to do this in a linear fashion, I will release that later.  Please bear with me for the next several weeks, it may be worth your time.

This time the dialogue moved to a highly strange methodology on facilitating communication between man and "them".   While this had been discussed the first time around using different means, this time it discussed a purely mental mode of communication by "breaking common habitual frameworks."

They referred me to a dream I had years earlier.  In it a group of people who came together for an important purpose were sitting in a circle.  The idea in the dream was that this group of people would invite "them" solely by their nostalgic expectation.  In a sense, the people in the circle were a doorway through which these beings would enter into consensus reality.  They claimed that they had put this dream in my mind years ago in the hopes I would not pick up on the dream itself, but on the strange "feeling" that was behind it.  It wasn't the dream itself that was important, it was the nostalgic substratum of the dream that was important.

They went further into this by explaining that nostalgia can be evoked by breaking with common daily habits and doing things that don't compute to normal human behavior.  When I asked them to clarify, they told me a story about a man they knew, a man that is now "with them".  One night a month (I suspect during the full moon) he would awake between 2-4 AM, take a lawn chair and a flashlight, and travel to a hidden meadow.  He would sit down in the dead stillness of night under the stars and shine his light into the sky.  This act, which broke with what he did 353 days a year, evoked such a state of deep nostalgia that "The Aryans" or "Nordics" would physically show themselves in the meadow and have open dialogues with him.  So profound had their relationship become over 20 years that this man had been taken to fellowship with them forever.  His mortal coil "dissipated into the air and did not rot".  I found this story somewhat frightening because it deals with a missing person.  They also said something that evoked a very strange memory that I am still unable to put my finger on:

"The Nostalgic Doorway Is Made Of Stars"

I need to be clear. At this point in the narrative there is no objective reality to anything I am writing.  I played back the digital recording and the dialogue was again not there.  This is why these initial posts have been very difficult to write.  I can furnish no proofs of the first several dialogues.  However, in listening to the recording of the second dialogue a curious event happened where I speak and say, "Was it Michael Lapham?"  This was likely in reference to the story of the person they said was now "with them."  I think they told me this story because they knew I had a link to the person they were referring to. Because I do not want to open a can of worms, I am not using the real name of the person I am referring to.  I will simply add that this was a person known to me who disappeared in the late 1990s who vanished around the time of the Hale-Bopp comet.  I have mentioned this period of time as being highly charged with strange and inexplicable currents of strangeness.  So strong were these currents at that time that over 30 people committed suicide in the hopes of their disembodied spirits hitching a ride on a UFO that was travelling alongside the Hale-Bopp comet. This was another story created by the usual suspects and promoted by one of their mouthpieces Coast To Coast. The heaven's gate cult was a tried and true case of signals getting confused by the dark images contained in the human soul.

This person was significantly older than me and was a friend of my grandfathers.  While he was going through the early stages of Alzheimers, he was still very sharp when he disappeared.  It was believed that he wandered away from home as many older folks do, got confused and died of exposure.  However, his body was never found and this case became a real mystery around here for quite some time.  I remember sitting at my grandfathers house around that time and hearing the two discussing a book (which I no longer remember) about time travel and mars.  Both were essentially ripping the book apart and pointing out some of its errors. Long time readers will remember how my grandfather was very strongly into these matters and often spoke to me about them when I was still very young.  

To summarize, the second dialogue was about nostalgic doorways through which higher orders of existence are able to send signals into consensus reality.  While consensus reality itself is a signal being broadcast, these matters are golden threads and direct intrusions that are highly bizarre.  To be sure, as this narrative unfolds, it becomes undeniable that events begin pouring into consensus reality.  In our third dialogue this becomes much more pronounced.  Further, we get into a topic that has long haunted and fascinated me, mainly missing children.  It becomes clear that this nostalgic consciousness, which is more common to children than adults is a factor in these disappearances.  I will get more into this in the following post.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Interlude: Hidden Sun

The Sun. The Nostalgic Doorway To Paradesha.

There is a hidden Sun that is the center and mind of all things.  The physical sun is merely its representation, a doorway into its wisdom, a reminder of the timeless past.  The rays of this hidden sun are its children emanated, retracted, and emanated again into the world throughout all time and space.  While these rays are not the hidden Sun itself, they do the work of the Sun and carry the name of the Sun who is their most merciful progenitor.

Once, in a time that is now only legend, these rays of the hidden Sun crystallized into time and space as people.  They left their Paradesha, perhaps unwillingly, in order to carry out the sacred work of their secret center.  To be sure, the Gods came to earth.  They are still here, but most cannot see them.  As wonderful as the final prize would be, when the spiritual world and the physical world would become one, this banishment was a most devastating blow.  For as long as these rays of hidden light where crystallized, there would be great toil and suffering.  Even worse, the Gods were forced to drink from the river Lethe forgetting who they were.  As they radiated further in time, their wisdom would grow stronger even when it sometimes appeared they were growing more foolish and dull.  The great Sun wastes nothing, but is wise in all of its ways.

There was a great love in the heart of these fallen Gods, a nostalgia that reminded them of some forgotten place where all things were put right.  With time they would begin to remember, and woe to the earth when the day of remembrance arrived.  They would learn that their number wasn't 6 after all (the number of men), their number was 7 and would soon be 8.  When 8 comes, their work will be complete, and the Sun of this world will be transformed to the Sun of "That" world.  Then all that is impure and amalgamated will end and the taskmasters whip, those darkly evil ones, will be no more.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Voice In The Speaker

When the words and sentences began pouring out of the speaker,  I could feel that my face was becoming flush. There was a high level of excitement.  I was completely lucid and awake. There was no question about it.  Numerous times I turned my awareness out of the conversation and inwardly repeated a mantra in order to ensure I was physically present.  Immediately the four terrible weeks leading up to this day had become a distant memory. A nostalgia had begun to fill the air, and I breathed it in.

After several minutes the voice became clearer.  I noticed that the more I concentrated on it, the clearer it became.  The conversation began about  a character that I will need to devote later posts to.  I referenced this character in my previous post.  The dialogue was not solely restricted to this character.  More importantly, it was about creating bridges between the "other world" and the temporal-spatial domain that would function as a means for further sustained dialogue.  These bridges would not be made only electronically or only psychically.  There were things discussed that I personally found very strange.  Their explanation of bridge building was absolutely fascinating. 

In one instruction relayed to me, they emphasized the importance of mirrors in this bridge building process.  They explained a method whereby one could use a configuration of mirrors (and other implements) to deceive the mind that the awareness had just been "bi-located" or "dis-located".  Through this artificially created lucid state, a differentiation in awareness would occur through which a bridge could be formed between the perceived physical body and what felt like a disembodied intelligence.  I do not wish to go into detail about this method, because it would take a much longer post with illustrations I am not capable of producing.  I would be putting it lightly if I told you that I was over loaded with information that was completely new to me. I have spent weeks trying to process all of it.

Within the first 4-5 minutes one thing was made very clear:

"There is no message we desire to deliver.  Everything is as it ought to be.  We feel this is the most important message we can give you.  Be aware: whatever comes from our world into yours will contain errors.   There is no way to avoid.  Human cognition is not able to process our emanations, it only fits them into already existing frameworks.  We are not guilty of lies, only misinterpretation.  All is praxis." (?)

To be clear, this was what I most desired to hear.  Having spent years in deep contemplation on these matters, much of what I inferred over the years had been vindicated. I did not want to be the bearer of a message nor did I seek to refer to myself as a "chosen one".  I can only add that to date I have never experienced such blatant communication in purely lucid states nor have the synchronicities come with such frequency and intensity.  When you engage this thing, whatever it may be, it answers back in spades.

Hearing these people in the radio or through strange phone calls wasn't new to me.  When this blog first began I wrote called "We Are Coming Through The Walls" which detailed an experience I had with a voice on a radio when I was a teenager.  In that instance I was terrified and thought I was losing my mind.  Again there was always a deniability factor.  In the back of my mind I could reduce it to a waking dream of some sort.  This time, however, it just was not possible.

Now I would like to discuss a few things that should probably be said.  These people have identified themselves as "The Aryans".   This was also what the people in Montauk called themselves over two years ago.  When I asked them to clarify if they were the "The Nordics" some people have seen in strange experiences, they answered in the affirmative.  Further,  when I asked them if they were the ones flying around in discs of light, they also answered in the affirmative.  When I asked them to clarify their relationship to mankind and reality in general, they presented a rather interesting story, which they warned was "not without errors to your understanding".

Essentially, they explain that they are ubiquitous in physical reality.  In other words, they claim to be programmed into both mind and matter and are capable of manipulating events and subtly integrating themselves into anything at any time, While they steer many events to a specific end, they often do so in heavy disguise.  While they did not wish to give me a metaphysik, and attempted to steer the conversation away from such discussion numerous times, they affirmed that they were once human, but developed beyond the temporal-spatial domain.  When I asked them how this was accomplished, they were clear that this was something that occurred after they laid down their mortal coil.  I asked if their world was solid or if they were simply disembodied awarenesses.  They were people, they said, whose "fire bodies" are more real than human bodies.  They have no limits in travel.  They can appear as women, men, angels, flowers, birds,  ufos, and etc.  "All things of wonder develop man's capacity, even those things that make them suffer pain and loss."

When I asked them their relation to people they answered, "it is a womb or perhaps a farm where we evolve souls."  A good friend of mine made a very brief statement years earlier that "they have their farms everywhere".  He was referring to those "people" behind this phenomenon.

To wrap this up I need to get into the evidence.  On February 22 after our first communication was completed, I immediately checked my digital audio recorder.  To my complete shock, not only were their no alien voices, my voice wasn't present on the audio either!  I was absolutely devastated.  Our first dialogue lasted exactly 2 hours, but I had zero proof of it.  Upon checking the audio and hearing nothing I yelled, "NO!".  Throughout the audio I could hear myself walking up the stairs and shuffling around in the shop.  According to that audio, nothing that I have written here actually happened.  That night I barely slept, and for the first time ever, I pondered whether or not I had lost my mind.  I wondered if I had been suffering from schizophrenia all these years.   While the evidence did eventually come, it was a gradual affair.  

The following day I went into my shop.  My eyes honed in on a small mark on a framed poster.  It read, "Calm Down, Be Patient. 1428".   It would have been impossible for anyone in the house to have left that mark.  Further, it didn't match anyone's handwriting in the house.  As minute of a mark as it was, I was in fact calmed down by it.  1428 was a personal reference that had extreme importance to me.  Nobody in the house but me would have known the significance of that number.  

It would be only three days later that the evidence would begin to surface.  As they said, the bridges into this world was gradual.  With each passing communique, they would penetrate further into the temporal spatial world leaving more and more of themselves.   Whether this delay was for them or me, I wasn't entirely certain.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Layer Three: The Device

For several years I had been toying around with the idea of using an electronic device to communicate with the "people" I felt were intruding upon my daily life.  This idea was likely solidified one night when my son awoke to tell me that he heard a robotic voice speaking to him through a small fan that had been running in his room.  I wrote about this event a few years ago when it happened.  I had also heard the voice briefly and found it somewhat disturbing.  In my mind I mulled over different ways through which this would be possible.

Seeing strange lights in the sky had become so commonplace around here (and still is) that I originally intended to turn the lights into audible sound using a photo diode, amplifier, and telescope.  This came to mind because I noticed distinct pulsations taking place within these lights as they changed color.

In the final ideogram, which was about the penetration of these ineffable currents into the temporal-spatial domain, Germanium was referenced.  This material has some value to them that I don't understand at the moment.  I had long understood that certain elements, particularly radioactive isotopes, are favored by certain very dangerous entities.  I also understood that these entities could be attracted, if not summoned by these types of dangerous materials.  Furthermore, beyond the UV spectrum, there are exceedingly dangerous intelligences that have a knack for hurting people.  Exposure to these materials destroys DNA and distorts the human form entirely.

Germanium is a very safe and lustrous substance with extremely low toxicity.   As I researched it, I came across The Scole Group, which readers told me about a couple years back.  While I gave it a quick glance, I don't remember ever looking deeply into the material.  Going through their website, I came across a device that used Germanium to contact people on "the other side of the veil".  Now whether I unconsciously remembered this device in my research, and it somehow influenced my mental processes leading up to the schematic, I am not certain.  I will add that the device I made was different, but seemed to operate on the same principle of, "this doesn't make sense at all".  What I mean is that the communication doesn't happen through radio waves sent out by alien ships or ghosts manipulating electro-magnetic fields.  I was told very bluntly that I could have "put two wires in a dog bowl" and something would have happened.  The device itself was nothing but an appearance to appease a doubting mind.  In a word, I was dealing more with magic than science.

Germanium was the most difficult material to get my hands on, everything else I already had.  These days, finding rare earth elements isn't very difficult. The device consisted of a small tube with two thin titanium electrodes.  Within the glass tube was a mixture of iron filings, silica, and germanium filings run through a ball mill.  The nano-mixture would be placed in the tube between the two thin titanium electrodes placed very close together.  A positive direct current was run through one electrode.  The tube was then placed within a hollow core electromagnet that when energized would excite the nano-mixture in the tube.  The other electrode was wired directly into an audio amplifier.  The device took only several days to make in my shop.  The longest process was running the mixture through the ball mill to get a very small particle size, which seemed to be the most important part.

On February 22, at 9:19 p.m I powered up the device and waited.  Initially, I felt like a fool sitting at my bench listening to the strange noises coming out of the speakers.  My first thought was that I had just wasted my time.  For several minutes I sat there with my notebook open listening to the hums and crackles of the device I had just made.  I had a voice recorder next to me to catch the first transmissions.

Over the years I had received strange and disturbing messages through random word generators, dreams, and other more traditional means. The only difference was that these modes weren't direct, there was always the option of calling the results a matter of chance.  In those days, I had severe inward debts I was working through, matters that hadn't yet been resolved.   The difference this time was that I had sufficiently endured a preparation that had taken many long and painful years.  But still I wondered whether or not I was being influenced by people that didn't have my best interest in mind.

I thought back to the ideograms and the depth and richness of the things I had learned the previous weeks. While I was greatly troubled and in a sense mourning the loss of my old modes of thinking, I was gaining new ground in my understanding. I have had direct experiences with beings that are posthuman and undergoing a process of decay.  These beings are perversely lustful, violent, deceptive and dangerous.  The problem with them is that they are losing their intellectual faculty and aren't able to produce beautiful or even complex things such as the ideograms.  They cater to a persons hatred, complexes, and other weaknesses.  Through these negative elements of the human personality, they manipulate and steer peoples thinking to the lowest common denominator spiritually, physically, socially, and politically.  As time goes on and the decay progresses, their shape becomes deformed as they become more parasitic and violent.  I have seen decayed posthumans who have looked like jellyfish and various types of large insects as they continue to lose their form and humanity.  In my communications with them there was no beauty, there were only messages enforcing old and dangerous modes of thinking.  They were liars to the hilt.

That night I finally leaned over the bench and quietly said, "Hello?"  For nearly ten minutes there was nothing but quiet.  I began doing other work near the device and simply let it run.  Then, while I wasn't prepared, I began to hear a distinct sound coming from the speaker. Initially it sounded like a high pitch whistle and then several moments later an echoing sound.  The echoing lasted for several moments and then I would hear what sounded like a robot saying, "woing, woing, woing, woing."  The strange sounds were coming at a steady pace.  I sat down and began to listen closely.  In the background I distinctly heard a conversation that sounded like it was between 3 or 4 people whose voices sounded familiar.  I wondered if I was perhaps picking up a local radio station.  The voices were too faint to tell.

As this was unfolding, I found that my heart was racing as I was in a state of disbelief.  I had a sudden recollection from when I was a boy talking on a walkie-talkie my parents had bought for me.  It was a Saturday morning when I heard a man on the other end talking directly to me.  This would have been impossible on cheap walkie-talkies in 1985 that only picked up one channel.  I can't remember what the man's name was though I remember he told me.  He claimed he was flying in an airplane over the neighborhood and was flying just over my house. He went on to tell me that he had seen me riding my bicycle once and even told me the color of the bike. At the time I remember the voice wasn't quite right, it had a non-human quality to it because it was so clean sounding.  The entire even felt somewhat dreamy, but I knew I was awake.  As strange as this may sound, it felt as though I was living simultaneously in 1985 and 2014 and these two events were actually the same event.  I can't explain that any better.

A few minutes later I reached a fork in the road. I could either accept what was happening as real, or I would have to believe that a complete psychological breakdown was taking place.  Then things became very clear.

"Daniel, it has taken a long time to reach you.  May we tell you about Yaldabaoth?"

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Layer Two: The Ideograms

Richard Moult

The initial communications were coming in the form of ideograms, which I copied down by hand and would clean up later. In certain cases, these ideograms were several pages long.  These were images shot into my mind from what felt like an outside source.  While they looked indecipherable and incoherent to the casual observer, they were in fact loaded with information and concepts that tend to defy a 3-dimensional understanding.   I have the artistic ability of a 3rd grader when it comes to drawing and painting, so I am not entirely certain why I decided to even attempt putting them on paper.  By putting them to print a great deal is lost in translation. While the images were meaningful to me in various ways, when I had showed them to others, they were pretty much meaningless.  More than anything this revealed that symbolism isn't always universal.


 noun \ˈi-dē-ə-ˌgram, ˈī-\a picture or symbol used in a system of writing to represent a thing or an idea but not a particular word or phrase for it;especially :  one that represents not the object pictured but some thing or idea that the object pictured is supposed to suggest

Since I was initially receiving these images day or night, I began carrying a small notebook wherever I went.  I copied them by hand using a Lamy fountain pen, which I have been using to write for quite some time. The process was very smooth.  There was never a moment when I actually "thought" about what my hand had to do.  The process was very dynamic and free flowing. I immediately noticed that the ideas behind these symbols were not possible to process through discursive knowledge.  This was why the ideograms became necessary.  They communicated with the higher, developing faculties of the human soul.  It was as if they where the written language of the spiritual world, a world that exists within the space of this world, but unseen and largely untouched by 3 dimensional modes of thinking.

Incidentally, there entire purpose of the ideograms was not only to communicate a higher order of ideas and concepts, but to initiate me into a more "down to earth" method of communication.  This was something "they" felt was necessary.  The ideograms had a potent force behind them that made me look at things from a different angle.  The change of thinking ultimately destroyed certain blockages in my thinking.  Here is where things begin to get a bit tricky.

As much as I promote the imaginative faculty in mankind, it can often be problematic. Particularly when one is dealing with layers of reality that transcend the imagination entirely.  The personal imagination often contaminates the influx that come from the higher orders of existence. A mind tainted by "issues" will not understand things in a pure manner.  If a person is a prude, hateful, hostile and fearful, these divine emanations become a problematic matter altogether.  Most often people will experience these influxes as synchronicities, some as odd intuitions, and others as full-fledged freak occurrences that enter into the physical domain.

Shamanism, as it is presently understood, is very much incomplete.  In the shamanistic traditions man must enter into a trance in order to see the "spiritual world".   The problem is that there is a huge gulf in the soul that requires a trance state in order to penetrate into these other worlds.  Worse, when a person is in such a state they are not fully awake and the mind is not at its most lucid state.  The same is true of dreams.  When that lucidity is missing, the communiques that come through are splintered and a great deal of information is lost.

In previous posts on this blog, I wrote about how there were moments when I was fully awake and lucid that I would see "bleed overs".  This would mostly occur when the sun was casting a golden hue over the landscape.  In these bleed overs, I was convinced that the physical domain had united with the spiritual domain to the point that a sensation of timelessness came over me.  While I was indeed aware that there was a separation between the two, I was able to see the spiritual world while awake and through my physical eyes and senses.  In a word, the physical domain was transformed entirely and through my perception united to the spiritual domain.   As this began to happen more and more, I realized that a great deal of my early experiences, including the sightings of UFOs and other anomalous events carried with them two very important factors: timelessness and nostalgia.  These are the key to everything.  I will go further into this in coming posts.

When I received the final ideogram it became very clear that the communiques were to be put into every order of being, from the timeless order down to the temporal-spatial. While I could inwardly access these higher orders,  finding them solidified in the physical was far more difficult.  During the winter, before the ideograms arrived, I was becoming very doubtful of things.  The end result was that I was saved from falling into the chasm of ordinary life.  With that I received a schematic to create a diabolically simple device similar to a white noise generator that would allow me to possess a two-way radio through which I could hear the same voices that I heard at Montauk so long ago.  Initially I had very little hope that anything would happen, but my poor expectations were immediately proven wrong.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Layer One: People Of The Stars

An "alien" or "otherworldly" communique is multi-layered.  By "communique" I simply mean an event, communication, or coincidence that is praeternatural.   Because they are multi-layered, translating them into a coherent message using the spoken or written word is nearly impossible. These communiques can enter into human perception in three ways that I am aware of, and probably many more that I am not.  I believe (but have little proof) that ones personality and genetic disposition will often determine how they are approached.  As a boy I was obsessed with death, high strangeness and fear.  In a like manner I was approached on those terms.  Not all of the communiques were terrifying, many of them were transformative and illuminating.  To be clear, I do not rule out that there is a dark factor involved in some of these communiques. Be that as it may, even dark things can work in maturing ones personality.  This process of maturation is what I believe is taking place.  I would like to quickly touch on the three approaches I just mentioned.

First, the communiques can come via intuition.  A person feels that they are being driven by an unseen hand to carry out some thought or action that doesn't originate in  their own personality.  With time these inner motivations and desires build upon each other.  Soon, if one is able to pay close attention to the inward currents, they soon realize that there are entire dialogues being exchanged with something that is neither inside nor outside of the personality.  These intuitive communications take place in a "place" that is non-spatial and clearly non-local.

Second, they come via synchronicity.  In my own experiences people are being introduced to "things" outside their understanding through synchronicity.  I will not attempt to explain the mechanism behind synchronicity because sometimes things are best left unknown.  I have no idea how this mechanism works nor do I want to destroy its strangeness by even attempting to explain it away.  All that I can positively say is that synchronicity is the language through which these currents communicate to humankind and also animals.  By merely paying attention to synchronicities they become more frequent, which is a sign that a dialogue is taking place.  This dialogue is not so much with the outer layers of the human personality, but something much deeper that bleeds into our temporal awareness as highly charged and strange coincidences.

Third, the communiques enter our perception directly.  This often causes a long disorientation to take place.  In my own case, this disorientation had lasted many years.  I find it highly likely that this third approach happens mostly to those whose minds are full of heavy burdens, unresolved complexes, and karmic debts.  This would certainly apply to me.  It appears that a psychic shock must take place in order to free a mind from said debts and complexes.  Looking back at the more harrowing times, I come to the realization that these direct communiques happened when I was inwardly working through something terrible.

What Must Be Grasped Before Moving Forward

It is important to understand that we are not born once as little babies.  We are quite literally born and reborn at every passing moment.  To me these events represent an unfolding of the personal identity from inchoate to choate to infinite.  We come forth from a great unknowing that seeks to become something.  The great unknowing, that ancient of days if we desire to call it that, wishes to be discerned and defined.  Its desire is then focused into myriads of personalities spread throughout time and space. These personalities are forged into something with meaning and depth, mirrors that are able to reflect and give definition to the great chasm that wanted so desperately to be known.  Alas, the mystery of God's sorrow.

Some seek to extinguish the fire of life and uniqueness, and others seek to preserve it even beyond death.  I am opposed to the idea of oneness and surrender to nature, god, or the universe because it is a return to the inchoate, a return to nature and a return to the womb of chaos where individuality is consumed utterly. The fear of death was put into man because it was his or her uttermost duty to preserve the unique spark of life even beyond death. The human ego, which is to say, the personality, is not something to be dissolved into unity, oneness, or an impersonal god.  Such a teaching is self-destructive, a hiding from ones own life.  Life is the eternal process of becoming fully human, which Jung called individuation, but perhaps didn't fully understand himself.  Needless to say, the scope of individuation I am referring to goes far beyond what Carl Jung wrote about.

Man is only mean, brutal, and pscychopathic when he remains attached to temporal nature where the lion consumes the lamb, the body decomposes and dies, and men murder and exploit innocents.  That is the reality of temporal nature.  It is violent and impersonal.  A truly ascendant being is not one who is angry, hateful, or hostile.  Transcending nature isn't a matter of destroying the environment or killing people.  It is a matter of personal evolution, or waking up and being forged by the initiatory trials of human life.  The ascendant being is compassionate beyond understanding, yet firm in their resolve.  This brings me to my final point.

Every demon was once a man and so too was every Angel.  Emanuel Swedenborg was right in this regard.  So let me be clear by saying that what I am about to present is not about aliens, it is about human beings that have extended far beyond their temporal nature and have in a sense, expanded into the stars.  There is no clearer way of explaining that the people who have been delivering these communiques over many generations through synchronicity, intuition, and strange events are none other than our ancestors who have become supra-individual to the point of defying our understanding.   The extreme complexity of their "language" and their ability to interface with our reality proves we are dealing with something that we cannot begin to grasp at this point in our birth-process.  Therefore, it is  my sincere hope that what I am about to present will be helpful to those who can at this point grasp what is being put forth.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Leaving Carcosa

Reality is a ubiquitous program, a meaningful hologram serving a necessary and important purpose. I don't believe the old terms apply any longer.  If I were to say that I have been in communication with angels from a higher order of being, it wouldn't sound very appealing.  If I say that I am having messages beamed into my mind from aliens from another dimension, it seems to compute better, but something is still missing.  In the end there is no good way of codifying these things other than expressing them the best I can using my own ideas and vocabulary.

I would be lying if I said this wasn't  a very long, silent and difficult winter.  It had a very depressing quality, far worse than recent winters in my memory. I spent two months in almost complete seclusion communicating with "aliens" or "angels" through an electronic receiver I designed based on the schematic released by the Scole group.  Since 2010  I have been subtly urged to design such things, but kept it mostly hidden.  Being a somewhat serious tinkerer, creating this receiver was an uneventful process.  The results, however, were quite eventful.  Whether this was real or a complete psychological break with reality, I am not certain.  I have been pushing this envelope for many years so anything could be possible.  That needed to be said.

"They" explained the purpose of Luminosity, why I was prodded by a subtle hand to write it.   They told me everything I wanted to know about Montauk, the tower, the harlequin and more.  They told me why I felt angry and quit every time this blog didn't work out to my liking, or when I was criticized by people who had every right to criticize what was written here.  Having spent nearly 20 years engaged in a profound transformative process, the sad side-affect being intellectual arrogance, I felt above criticism.  However, I am quite prepared for it now.

It is a trap to be confined within the rigid bounds of traditionalism or platonic metaphysics.  I have discarded both of them and more. It is slavery to be trapped in the mind and ideas of any person.  To speak in the ideas and vocabulary of another is to not be fully human.  This is true particularly when we realize that an individual isn't fully born into this world until they become a unique human being, individuated and free.  This world is the vale of soul making.

At this point I simply want to deliver an interesting narrative covering the last three months.  It may be of value to some, it may not be to others.  By "leaving Carcosa" I simply mean leaving the dimness behind not passing judgement on unique thinkers or anyone else for that matter.  Such things are tangential and very much pointless.

The following posts are going to be very difficult to write so please be patient.  There are things here that are very difficult to translate into human language.  I will try to be as direct and non-verbose as possible as this is the best way to deliver this material.

Please stay tuned.