Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Our Weapons Of War

At the end of my previous post there was an interesting exchange that I would like to briefly comment on.  To begin, I want to state plainly that I am not a Nationalist, nor do I seek to promote Nationalist organizations on Luminosity.  Those of us who have spent any real time within these groups understand that they are nothing more than a circus, particularly in the United States.  Nationalists in general lacks a solid spiritual foundation, but more importantly they lack the virtue necessary to be victorious over the cosmic machine that parasitically thrives upon the vital force Ehreans.

While I do not deny that this struggle may at times be physical, I am well aware that the battle is by no means only physical.  This battle in its truest form goes far deeper than many understand.  It reaches down into fundamental layers of reality, where there are no atoms or chromosomes, but pure empty space that is free to be whatsoever the masses will it to be.   In truth, we are engaged in a magical war of perception.  The entire world lives within the illusion created by Kabbalist magicians in service to the demiurge. Many well-meaning people have fought for the enemy even when they believed they were fighting against it.  By simply believing and participating in the illusion, they keep it alive.  This is how the magic of the demiurge and the Jewish archons works; by way of deception.

Please note that I am not referring to rustic Jewish magic of the Middle Ages.  I am referring to another kind of magic altogether, to the high magic of false narratives promoted by Jewish banks, Jewish media, Jewish movies, and Jewish science.  This illusion is only now beginning to crumble.  The false perception of reality is being questioned.  The flat-earth revelations of the last year are only the initial manifestations of this.  Another manifestation is the lack of interest in Hollywood movies and American politics.  People have simply begun to lost interest in everything.  Without entertainment many are losing simply losing their minds.  The spell of the archons has begun to wear off. The high kabalistic magicians have already lost a great deal of their power. For this reason alone they have decided to use everything in their arsenal to promote perversions of every stripe in a weak attempt to convince the masses such behavior is normal.  When the days of vengeance come, they will be paid back in spades through every order of their existence.  Every one of them, living and dead, will be held accountable.

This is not the kind of battle that is won by having white babies and returning to the good old days.  Those days, thankfully, are over for good.  This "traditionalist" thinking is the great error of Nationalism.  They promote tactics that only fuel the illusion.  You can only win this war by destroying the illusion created by the demiurge and its minions.

Now a few words on matter are in order.  Modern science has taught us life, death and concrete reality.  It has reached no further than that.  Ultimately, from the time of Democritus, Aristotle, and Epicurus the idea of solid reality increasingly took hold and infected the Aryan mind.  When science became the new religion of the world, these were no longer theories.  We were then told these theories like evolution and heliocentricism were true.  To speak out against the narrative was to be labelled a crank or worse.  Again, it was all a deception.  Nothing we have been told is true, not history or science or religion.  None of it.

Now things simply don't add up, and even those that aren't aware of these issues seem to be sensing something is amiss.  We can see that the more matter is magnified, the more we find that matter doesn't exist at all.  Matter simply is not present at the most fundamental level.  Atoms are and always have been a myth.  In its place is nothing but empty space.  Make no mistake, at the most fundamental level of reality there is no such thing as matter, protons, or electrons.  There is nothing but pure, empty freedom (sunyata).  This freedom has always been a canvas upon which the magicians had created frameworks and ideas that were synthesized to enslave them.  Humanity formed their way of life around these deceptive illusions.

We are here to teach others to see through the illusions. We must present the canvas as it is, an expression of primordial freedom. This is only accomplished by deconstructing ones human persona first.  A persona that is thoroughly enslaved by jewish magic.  Only then are they free to see how the illusion works and the secrets of how to destroy it by equal use of our own Ehrean Magic.  Only when the dominant illusions or consensus reality are completely brought down can we claim victory.  This is why physical battle is only one very small part of an occult war that has been raging for many ages.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Shrunken Heads, Sinister Forces, And The Psycho-Spiritual Control Of The Ignoble Masses

The other day I listened to an interview with Peter Levenda the author of a series of books called Sinister Forces.  Levenda believes that there are secret Nazis in positions of power today who are steering world events.  I counted nearly a dozen mentions of the holocaust in an interview that ran a little less than an hour.  It got to the point where one couldn't distinguish Nazism from the Holocaust. This is exactly what Levenda and company have been doing for decades.   Peter Levenda, Whitley Strieber, Alex Jones, Jim Marrs, Art Bell, George Noory and many lesser known personalities like Greg Carlwood are not really the voices in the wilderness they pretend to be.  They don't live on the outskirts or produce their material for scant audiences.  Numerous Hollywood movies that have raked in hundreds of millions of dollars have been made based on books these men have written.  The conspiracy world is well-funded noise which began shortly after the assassination of JFK.  It is designed to destroy the mind and the will in a whirlwind of information that cannot be fully processed.

Levenda grew up in New York and was a well-connected hustler from the beginning.  None other than the despicable Jew Norman Mailer wrote the preface to one of his books. In the 1970s Levenda created the "Simon" Necronomicon literary hoax, which he continues to lie about to this very day. He has clearly been caught attempting to disguise his voice as "Simon" in an interview with Ian Punnett.  You can learn a great deal about a person simply by the company they keep.  Like Whitley Strieber (a crypto-Jew) Levenda claimed to be associated with the intelligence community in some capacity.  One must immediately ask, does an honorable and trustworthy man lie like this?  Should people continue to trust the evil Nazi theory being promoted by the Guggenheim and Ford Foundation puppets who seek the destruction of Aryan blood and ethos and the elevation of Jews as the greatest specimens of humanity to walk the earth?  

It is worth mentioning that Coast to Coast AM has been the mouthpiece of this noise even before the Internet took off.   Russ Dizdar has been a guest on Coast to Coast and also has a weekly podcast that is popular with some Christians.  Dizdar holds various spiritual warfare conferences that appear to have hundreds in attendance. Dizdar along with Tom Horn, and L.A. Marzulli also promote the same evil Nazi conspiracy theory but with a novel twist.  The Nazis are going to create the Aryan Antichrist via a secret eugenics plan.  The Aryan Antichrist, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed superman shares the blood of the fallen angels that came to earth in Noah's day.  Hence, without saying so, blondes and blues are evil and the genetic offspring of demons.  They even manage to throw UFOs into the mix.  As long as one will promote the theory that Hitler was the most evil man to walk the earth, and there are secret Nazis creating global chaos,  just about anyone can be heard by millions of people on C2C.  You will just have to sacrifice your soul and your honor first.

For the purposes of research for this post, I have listened to a handful of these Christian anti-Aryan/anti-Hitler podcasts.  They are full of the typical propaganda on the same dismal level of SS made jewish lampshades and the shrunken heads of rabbis. The people putting out this material succeed in convincing the ignoble masses because they know that nobody will check the facts.  Many of these men have made a living spreading their messages through books and conferences.

I grew up in a Christian home during the satanic panic of the 1980s.  The satanic panic was not just being promoted by the churches, it was being fueled by Jews in the media like Geraldo.  Today it is no longer about the satanic panic.  The grand conspiracy these days is that occult Nazis who are fond of making lampshades, are trying to create Aryan supermen who will kill off all the Jews and "sub-humans". Hiding this vast conspiracy from the public (and obviously doing a poor job of it) are various secret societies like Skull and Bones and the Illuminati.  That people are buying into this nonsense confirms how disassociated the masses have become from good judgement and common sense.  Have no illusions, all the people I have mentioned in this post are a part of a corporation that profits off the goyim rubes in the form of books, documentaries, spiritual wares, conferences, and etc. The goyim (white human cattle) are nothing but a source of money (energy) for the Talmudic masters who control the world via the central banking system, which is the heart of soul-crushing illusion called mundane reality.

Degenerate Cabarets Of Weimar Germany
There are real reasons for the obsessive hatred of Hitler, National Socialism, and Aryandom in general is simple.  National Socialist Germany was a resurgence of the Aryan spirit which hadn't been expressed with such intensity for thousands of years. This terrified the the cosmic slave masters.  No longer was the German bound inside the demiurgic banking system nor bound by its psycho-spiritual chains. The old symbols returned to us, and were replacing the old and worn out symbols of a foreign desolating spirit.  The soulless and meaningless spirit of Weimar Germany (a Jewish paradise) was being overturned.   If the Aryan spirit had conquered all of Europe, the Jew would be finished forever and the earth transmuted in to the eternal golden age.  The rallying call of Zion has become "never again".  Never again will they allow the Aryan spirit to come to fruition on the earth in order to destroy the infernal machine they have built.  The Aryan must be kept a weak and effeminate coward.  All manliness and honor must be done away with.

The Aryan spirit is the ONLY antithesis of evil.  There is no other.  Seventy years have now passed and the Aryan spirit is again slowly expressing itself in more of our folk.  Sadly, it is too late for this age, and far too late for most of the people now living.  This is not a time of awakening.  It is a time of judgement.   The last vestiges of a vulgar age are being exposed and put to death.  Only when this age has paid its debt in full will the final victory over the demiurge and its minions take place.  Only then will the utter lies and depravity of our ignoble enemies be revealed for all to see.  Until then let us offer up our imprecatory prayers of death, that our enemies be consumed by the divine fire of the Ahura and the Aesir, our divine brethren beyond the threshold of death, the Aryan Shepherds whose glory is brighter than the golden sun.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Transmutation, Individuation, And The Divergence Of Humanity

I have always had an affinity for the Aryan Greeks, who were the perfect mix of heathen and philosopher.  When modern scholars write about Plotinus and Iamblichus, they always praise these men as "men of reason" without whom modern science and mundane philosophy would have never came to be.  What scholars consistently fail to mention is that these same men also believed in the Gods, in the immaterial soul, and practiced magic.

I was raised in a Christian home.  My father was a believer in a somewhat judaized form of Christianity, which I despised from the beginning. My mother, however, had a highly intuitive understanding of things.  While she claimed to be a Christian, she rarely read scripture or even understood the verities of the Christian Faith.  She believed that God was a person, and her beliefs centered around personal virtue and ones relationship to a God that was both compassionate and infinitely wise.  For her, simplicity was most important in "religion".  To this day I consider her the most kind and virtuous Aryan woman I have ever known.

Toward the end of her life she told me a story about a memory that came to her one day when she was about 30 years old.  This memory came spontaneously and shook the very ground of her being.  The memory was of a different world that she had been living in before her earthly birth.  She was so shocked and amazed by this recollection that she didn't know what to do with it.  When she excitedly told the judaized church leadership about the memory, she was immediately scolded and told that it came from Satan.  This strongly disappointed her as the memory seemed to have a healing effect of some kind.  I sat with her as she lay dying in hospice some years ago.  I had seen death before hers, but I had never seen one die with such dignity and joy.  It was not judaized religion that gave her this dignity and joy, it was the intuitive wisdom that came naturally to her.

I have reached a point where I am no longer hostile to the personal practices of others who are on the path of the hero.  Every individual has a distinct subtle makeup that demands certain ideas, affinities, and practices that must fulfill a need along the way in the initiatic journey.  The moment we attempt to regulate these ideas and practices, or tell our folk that they are in the wrong for pursuing them, we run the risk of becoming like the Jew who is constantly enslaving the mind to some idea or another.  Make no mistake, uniformity is evil and it murders the distinct and dignified soul.  Barring perversion and other unhealthy practices, we should never dissuade our friends from practices that answer the call of their distinct soul.  Every idea, affinity and practice, when taken to its logical conclusion, eventually reveals its true nature.

Personally, I have always sought a direct understanding of the things I did not know.  I wasn't interested in figuring out the hidden meanings of the various mythologies, or which God was responsible for what force in nature.  I had no interest in making physical offerings to the gods or conducting rituals when I had already offered my life to the pursuit of truth no matter where it took me.  My sacrifice came in the form of time in years.  It came in the form of profound suffering.  It came in the form of lost love.  The reward for this was the vision of Hyperborea.  The gift of intuition and revelation, the gift of fellowship with the Aryan shepherds beyond space and time. Most importantly I had earned a name.

I do not believe that the work I am engaged in is merely the same old thing our ancestors participated in.  There is far more at work than just the ordinary.   We are living at the
very end of an old cycle, and the very beginning of a new one.  However, I do not believe this is just an ordinary cycle that has begun. Humanity is quite literally splitting into two very different species.  One species is of this material world, and the other isn't.  One group belongs to the resurrection of the hero and the other to the resurrection of oblivion.

Immortality cannot find its full expression in flesh and blood.  It never could.  Divine individuation is ultimately the spiritualization of the flesh.  This does not mean flesh becomes nebulous or etheric, in fact quite the opposite.  Those who have caught glimpses of the world to come understand it is hyper-real.  The individuated being, he who earns his name, can never be expressed or translated in base matter.  Physical matter cannot house that kind of intensity.

From the beginning, the physical domain was only a temporary edifice, an impersonal thing undergoing transmutation.  Ideas and perceptions were naturally forced to change over eras of time. This transmutation happened within us personally as well as collectively.  The microcosm is an image of the macrocosm.  Have no illusions, the old ways are being exhausted, not because they were worthless, but because  they could no longer express the emerging realities and wisdom inherent in the cosmic transmutation that is now clearly underway,

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Collective And Symbolic Death

Every now and then, in the spirit of morbid curiosity, I will browse various nationalist, traditionalist, and alternative right websites to see what is brewing.  What I find somewhat amusing is how many of these personalities and organizations believe they can defeat the currents of death and oblivion yet realistically can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag.  The nationalist community in America and Europe is growing fast, but not fast enough to stop the inevitable death of the west.  It cannot be forgotten that whites today (particularly in the US) are overweight, lazy  slobs who run from danger and responsibility at every opportunity.  They cannot endure suffering nor the loss of comfort.  They are only as "revolutionary" as their personal circumstances allow.

The "west" has been exposed to generations of thorough brainwashing and social-engineering.  They have accepted, willingly, the jewish venom of "progress" to their own damnation.  Even those that do escape from the clutches of the demiurgic thought systems will never step outside the boundaries of these ready-made modes of thinking.  Ultimately, they are patently unable to think beyond the reach of the demiurge who controls  this vast cosmic machine. Thus, they are still trapped in a system they are only pretending to hate.

This is what makes modern nationalism half-hearted.   Make no mistake, the white western man is thoroughly invested in the illusion of modernity no matter how patriotic, traditionalist, racist, or divested from the machine he pretends to be.  Let him speak of freedom however he will.  He will never truly understand what freedom (primordial freedom) actually is.

Men like David Duke and others are really a part of the problem.  What their actions essentially amount to is high brow whining about racial statistics and how the west is being overrun, and white people aren't being treated fairly.  It is all so dishonorable and lacking in intensity.  Furthermore, it is an expression of cowardice.

You cannot expect a Muslim (or Asian or African), raised in ugliness, spiritual death, racial decay and squalor to respect white culture.  He can never understand it because the closer to the animalistic men are (racially), the more enslaved they are to the natural world and to base human instincts.  Whites tend to believe these "people" can be reasoned with.  They can't. The process of decay, which is powered by the spirit of desolation has one goal in mind:  the corruption or dilution of Aryan blood.   They seek the creation of the Golem, the empty vessel that does as its master says.  That is the great work of the Talmudic QhL, the only true archons hiding in the cosmic machine.

There is much more at work than physical struggle.  Only the fool believes this is a physical battle alone. There must be a collective and symbolic death of the entire west before anything is going to change.  And in the end, no revolution will be possible without the initiatory golden thread of esoteric hitlerism.  Today the proud will scoff, but tomorrow they will be broken.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Golden Thread

Long ago I considered myself a student of Rene Guenon. To be sure Guenon's literary corpus has value, but is plagued by some very serious problems.  The main problem is that Guenon gives no place to the individual human personality and sees it as a kind of metaphysical aberration that emerges out of the supreme personality (god), to which it must return.  When the world ends, Guenon believes that all such aberrations are to be dissolved into an infinite unity.  Nature simply returns to mulaprakriti and a new golden age eventually emerges.  Guenon despised modernity yet his own philosophy is modern in that it is reductionist and seeks the death of the individual by identifying the personality with God.  As much as he hated the theosophists of his day (what's not to hate about them?) the end result of his metaphysik is identical to theirs--glorified annihilation.  Guenon simply cannot be trusted for just this reason.

Guenon's error is a very subtle one.  It is the same error of all traditionalists (and nationalists) to the present day.  They believe in a transcendent reality, but disavow the possibility that the individual human personality must go beyond this transcendent reality.  Finding transcendent reality is simple for anyone who is determined to find it.  But after you find it, what comes next?  Traditionalists cannot answer the question because they are trapped in a natural cosmic process.  Their thoughts, even the most sublime ones, are utterly bound by that process.  In other words, they are trapped in thought, word, and deed to being all too human and living surrendered to a transcendent unity they don't actually understand. For these traditionalists, the story of a human life ends in a merger between the self and the transcendent.  After that things become ambiguous.  There either is or may not be a self remaining.  Once again there is a glorified annihilation of some kind.

The modern man (the 98+%) do not have the initiatory golden thread whereby one is able to exit the cosmic process (or eternal return) altogether.  The spiritual-subtle world, which is transcendent over the physical, is not the end all of everything as so many today believe.  It remains an integral part of a cosmic process that continually bleeds over into the physical domain.  Subtle matter condenses to manifest physical reality.  Thus, spirit and matter are two sides of the same coin.  There is something greater beyond them both.  To be clear, this does not negate the sacredness of both spirit and matter.  They must simply be put in their proper place.

In the last three years or so, the initiatic golden thread has presented itself to a very small group of people.  Those professing neo-gnostic and other trendy spiritualities have nothing more to offer their followers. These systems have been promoted to death by edgy bloggers, and other online personalities for years.  These same personalities have now been left handing out the same old bullshit, all they have is a strange synchronicity here or an odd name coincidence there.  Aside from that, their creative well has completely dried up and they are left to rot in the cosmic rotation.  I predicted that this would happen once 2012 arrived without the promised "spiritual enlightenment" or "climate apocalypse" on my old blog, "Transmissions From The Imaginal" back in 2011.  What these people should be doing is coming to us instead of warning their readers to keep away as I have heard from a couple of my readers.  Sadly, people don't realize just how serious the present situation is. But eventually they will.

Jason Thompkins has posted an excellent article (written by Miguel Serrano) that can be found here.  Please read it.  It details the mechanism that will inevitably bring this false-reality crashing down. The pendulum is swinging equally into the darkness as it is into the light.  It is this mechanism that has caused the golden thread to be presented to us after having been invisible for so long.

Since 2012 the increase of this metaphysical and initiatory wisdom has been evident.  None of this came by way of reclusive asceticism or by life denying philosophies.  Wisdom can only come by seeing what was faulty in ourselves, and in our own understanding and making the proper corrections.  Karl over at Siddharreich illustrated this before me in his most recent posts on Nietzsche.  We now see even the errors of our old teachers and initiators.  This was inevitable. But there is much more to it.

While I cannot speak for everyone who has found the golden thread, I can speak for myself.  In everything there has been an unseen hand at work.  This kind of initiation does not come easy.  If ones life isn't consecrated to it, or if one doesn't have a full-heart, they can never reach such heights.  I can attest to many great blessings in the process.   I cannot count how many times certain events had lined up just right to make all of this possible.  I met the right person here, or escaped some terrible catastrophe there.  I was always aware that there was some sacred presence behind all of it, a hidden hand that forced me to look at my own confusion and work through it.  There was great compassion as well as brutal trials, all of it was necessary.  Such trials always forge and prepare one for what comes next.  The entire process has been a rite of purification. The Ehrean Shepherds, those who walked this path before us, have shown us these great visions and we are grateful beyond words.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Heart Vs. The Feather

Without an initiatory understanding of the unseen world, one can never truly understand the subtle mechanisms at work in this one.

In my previous post I explained the importance of virtue both in this world and in the next.  Virtues like loyalty, honor, bravery, strength and dignity are absolutely necessary when the final judgement of ones life is underway.  Every thought and deed, every sincerely held belief will count either for or against ones life when death arrives on their doorstep.

Personal judgment is an Aryan idea.  It is found in early Egypt as well as in ancient Aryan Persia.  One only needs to read the Gathas of Zoroaster (Zarathustra) to understand how personal honor and dignity were prized in ancient times and the mark of divine men rather than profane men.  Now that most people have been invested into the illusion of consensus-reality, where the sacred is sacrificed for the secular, all that is real and all that is virtuous has become negated.

Human robots without self-awareness (98% of humans today) are largely an amalgamation of memories, recycled ideas, emotions, and passions without a center.   These human-bots are centrally controlled by the media which enforces the faux-reality people are living in.

Many well-meaning, but confused people are struggling to "awaken the masses" to what they call "truth".  Their "truth", however, exists and is communicated inside of the illusion.  It uses the language, ideas, and perceptions of the illusion.  One has to ask what exactly are the newly awakened going to awaken to? Ultimately, they can only awaken to the same old world they have always been living in.  The truth, in its purest expressions, cannot be contained in the physical domain no matter how hard we try. Truth can only be communicated in this world by the sacred initiatory language that cannot be heard with human ears or grasped by the human intellect. When the truth does come, and it will come, it will consume the world as it now stands, just as it consumes the mortality of those that bear its image in their hearts.

I have always sought the most direct path to initiatory wisdom. I believe that the Gods exist, but do not believe they should be placated or bowed down to, as this implies a partial surrender of identity, a deferment of self to someone else.  The divine man, the hero, can never surrender himself without running the risk of losing his own identity and sovereignty.  Deep down the Hero must recognize that the highest virtue, the infinity of primordial freedom that is the Aryan God, is being born inside of him as a distinct personal being.  This birth of God in the self, what Jacob Boehme referred to as the "Geniture of God" (Kristos, The Divine Man, Anthropos) is the sole purpose of human life.  Metaphysical Union is for the dead, vagabond mystic.  It is not the path of the Hero.  It is not the path of immortality.  The Aryan God is creating companions, warriors virtuous enough to endure the glory of the great beyond as distinct and real personalities.  In the face of eternity, this process of theosis or of becoming divine is taking place in the blink of an eye.

The primordial freedom, which is the divine state of those Heroes no longer of this world, cannot be tamed, defined, or surrendered to something beneath itself.  The Hero is always greater than the Gods in this regard.  The hero is real, he is born and is becoming even greater than the Gods by way of suffering and loss. He lives a tumultuous life and understands well that his suffering is itself an integral part of his path and process.  Once the unseen world reveals itself to him, the reasons for his suffering becomes evident.  Within himself, even in his own body, he is overcoming evil and the currents of oblivion that are attempting to rule over him.

Beyond the world that we see with our physical eyes, even beyond the grasp of physical nature, there is another world.  This world, which some of us call Thule, Hyperborea, or Arcadia, is populated by Shepherds with a most terrible yet glorious visage.  Terrible in that to see them is to see ones death.  Glorious in that once they are seen, their luminous presence can never be forgotten nor likened to any mortal glory experienced on earth.  In previous incarnations of Luminosity I had referred to them as Post-Humans, Seraphs, Angels, and Archangels.  At the moment the word "Shepherds" will have to suffice as they are indeed watching over a small flock carrying out their work at this time in history.

Several years ago, when I had visited Montauk, I met them directly for the first time in what I would call a spontaneous initiatory event near the Plaza.  Perhaps mundanes (the 98%) would call it a mental breakdown or some other psychosis in an attempt to explain it all away.  Be that as it may, I encountered powerful presences beyond space and time that were human yet much more than human.  I was not given a message of love and peace, or of spiritual evolution.  I was told intuitively how frivolous these things were to them.  I learned very quickly that things humans find pressing or important are often viewed by them as trivial.  For days I was in constant dialogue with them.  It was one of the most illuminating times of my life,

On my way home from Montauk they showed me an event that happened when I was 18.  I had been working for a construction company hauling wood and other grunt miscellany.  Weeks before I started the job, I had sustained a knee injury and getting around fast was difficult as I was wearing a brace. The Foreman was constantly harping on me for moving too slow despite my injury. This went on for weeks.  On my lunch break one day I found that someone had pissed in my lunchbox.  I finally had it.  I grabbed a hammer and pounded a hole in the drivers side door of the Foreman's truck.  Seeing that I had now become wild-eyed over the affair, and was challenging the foreman to a fight in front of his underlings, I was immediately fired.  I had never regretted doing that even as I got older.  When this memory played out in my mind, it was revealed to me that this was a proper response to what had happened.  It was important to fight for oneself and ones identity, and to not be molded by the modern work ethic that demands people grin and bear every attempt to be de-humanized.  I am not condoning workplace violence, only that one must always resist the temptation to be abased by the desolating spirit of this age. This is what true dignity demands of us. Only a whore is paid to be treated like garbage.

Unlike the "ascended masters" of the theosophists and spiritualists of the last 150 years, these Shepherds, who referred to themselves as "Aryans", did not denounce violence, but accepted it as a natural (Rita) part of being human.  To be clear, violence was not (and should not be) given a higher place than necessary.

These beings, these Ehreans beyond the threshold of death, partake in the eternal sacrament of primordial freedom.  I am not exaggerating when I say they are divine God-Men, people who were once humans and endured the great suffering and loss the initiatory path may demand.  These beings do and will communicate their presence through various channels.  As much as it may seem that an initiate is alone or far away from his fellows, he is not.  Since these divine beings no longer communicate through human language, their messages are far more cosmic, intuitive, and synchronous in nature.  The more ones mortality is sloughed off, the more their intuitive faculty is strengthened.  Without intuition it is impossible to commune with these Ehrean Shepherds who exist beyond space and time.  With that being said, it should now be clear that in order to understand more profound things, one must learn to see the message behind the events that are not only unfolding in their own life, but in the world at large.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Battle For Immortality

When children are still very young, and the primordial energies of self are still forming into a cohesive personal identity, there remains a strong bond between the material world and the imaginal domain, which is every bit as real as the physical.

The imaginal should never be confused with the imagination or with fantasy as Henry Corbin rightly points out.   The imaginal world is experienced, albeit somewhat unconsciously, when people are dreaming.  As the immortal self is being forged beyond the reaches of death, dreams begin to take on an entirely new quality.   As one penetrates further into the imaginal domain they soon realize that death and dreams are inexorably linked.  A dead dream life, or a dead inner-life is a sign that ones postmortem self (astralkorper) is undeveloped and possibly non-existent.  Most people do have a blob-like ethereal self that survives death.  However, if it does not retain its form beyond the grasp of the darkness, temptation and death that confront the dying, it remains as mortal as physical body, but can die much faster.

When I was young I had a very strong connection with the imaginal world.  This was something that came naturally by dint of the previous work done by others in the past who emerged from the same primordial archetype that I did.  There were events that took place back then that were strange, terrifying, and exhilarating.  Many of my memories from childhood are marked by a profound confusion between physical realities and subtle ones.  I wrote about these events for many years on Luminosity.  Had my older brother not been present with me on numerous occasions these events had occurred, I would doubt the reality of most of my childhood experiences.

Make no mistake, there are elements even in the imaginal that are dangerous and highly destructive.  These elements often influence people to partake in perversions that are far beyond the pale.  When the conditions in the physical domain are right, when certain stars are aligned and portals are opened, the nefarious elements of the subtle world can enter into the physical and wreak havoc, even on children.  The lack of nobility and even simple morality is a sign that these influences have gotten hold of most people living today.  Thus, I do not make it a point to write for the dead and dying, because they either hate what I am writing or don't understand it.  I do this for those yet alive in a dying world.

The postmortem body, the astralkorper, by the time one reaches maturity should already be well-formed.  It is this spiritual body, that upon re-entering the imaginal domain at death (having descended out of it at physical birth) must hold its form and identity (Namarupa).  Only the most virtuous and noble beings will be able to resist losing their identity at death.  Only they will emerge beyond the abyssal powers of death into glorious Hyperborea as a deathless individuality, an individual expression of the Aryan God, the Deus Absconditus.

The real problem with holding onto the identity at death is somewhat complex.  The imaginal domain allows a much greater freedom than the physical allows.  In the imaginal world, a person is allowed to do whatsoever they will. The human imagination is in fact, only the expression of the imaginal domain.  A person who has traveled the imaginal world quickly finds an overwhelming sexual undercurrent is present.  Emanuel Swedenborg certainly found this and wrote about it in a diary early on in his career.  Even Robert Monroe, who in my personal opinion should not be trusted, described what he once referred to as piles, this being large groups of people engaged in sexual orgies.  In such piles all one sees are hands, feet, and etc flailing about.  A large majority of people engage in these postmortem orgies after death only to realize that by joining in, their identity is gradually lost and clung to the postmortem individuality of others.  This is how the process of oneness-death, which is also dissolution of the astralkorper, begins.  Thus one often finds masses of sexual deviants and psychopaths in the postmortem imaginal realm who are a composite of numerous people.  When the energy of these deviants is exhausted, they often have the appearance of amputees or people with grotesque deformities.  These same people have the ability to enter the physical world through dreams, fascinations, ritual magic, and etc.  I could go much deeper in the dynamics of this, but will stop there.

Keep in mind now that the physical domain is a reflection of the imaginal domain.  We must also retain our human form here, physically and spiritually.  It is no accident that most adults are pot-bellied slobs, gluttonous in every facet of their lives.  It is no accident that the physical human form is under attack today.  One of the most obvious examples of this is extreme body modifications.  It simply reflects what is taking place beyond this world as billions of dying souls are slowly decaying and participating in unbounded postmortem ugliness, which inevitably reaches into the human imagination.  That is simply the dynamic of our multi-faceted relaity.  Once the limits of this decay have been reached, a great fury will be unleashed that will consume the worlds and the ignoble dying pigs inhabiting them.

Have no illusions.  The ignoble man is dying even in his mortal coil by way of his thoughts and deeds.  The great Aryan Zarathustra taught the path to immortality in right deeds and right thoughts (Rita).  This was the real path to immortality.  A world submerged in strange sex. strange thoughts, and mongrelization (racial miscegenation) is a world inverted, a world that is undergoing dissolution of the boundaries that divinely mark and define "creation".