Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Judgment, Intuition, And The Deception Of Human Language

The events of the last fifteen years reveal that the process of separation taking place in consensus reality has largely accelerated.  By separation, I mean the expansion of the gaping maw that exists between the offspring of the demiurge, and angels entombed in earthen vessels. The more severe this separation becomes, the more the currents of darkness, chaos and oblivion are exposed having lost their ability to hide beneath the well crafted illusion of the "ordinary life".  The ordinary life, it turns out, doesn't really exist any more.

With only a small remnant of light left on this planet, not nearly enough to uphold the illusion as it was "in the old days", the machine is beginning to cannibalize itself by sacrificing its lower minions. A mortal wound has been dealt. We are now waiting for our catalyst as the judgement of this world presently unfolds.

Humanity is diverging into two separate groups. The immortal children, and the hive-minded human robots. Unfortunately, far too many of the divine progeny are trapped in a confused middle space where charlatans like Alex Jones and David Icke keep them under firm control and within the bounds of kosher conspiracy theories.  It is only at this late hour that we can so succinctly simplify this equation of light and darkness.  It has taken thousands of years for this circus to run its course and soon, likely within 40 years, the outermost limit of manifestation will be reached. When this occurs, when time consumes the last bit of finite space, and the available light can no longer be used to fuel the machine, the separation will be complete.  

I believe that I have been diligent in my observations of the present situation.  With this blog receiving more hits now than it had even in 2010, it appears that many are intuitively aware that something doesn't quite feel right anymore.  This latest offering on Luminosity seems to have struck a nerve in many. The feedback that I have received reveals that a great deal of these posts strongly resonate with readers, which indicates that many of us are drinking from the same well.

The ultimate key here is intuition. Beyond reason and rational explanations, in the realm were things are still supernatural, meaningful, and haunting there is only one language. That language is intuition. It is this divine and unspoken language that separates the Angel from the centrally-controlled robots who enclose and imprison people by the use of written and spoken words as well as controlled ideation. I have stated here long ago that the purpose of my writing has been to move the angelic spirit outside of language and ideation, and into the intuitive universe, which is its proper seat. If an initiate doesn't realize that ideation is worthless in the presence of the supernal, than that person is hardly an initiate. Ideation is the so-called matrix, the very source of deception and suffering. The mind of the angel must profane itself entirely whenever it concedes to ideation. Alas, the strange curse of Angels encased in earthen vessels. 

Many of us have long separated from the world parade because we intuitively understood it was nonsense. This doesn't require that we read crime reports, listen to podcasts, or study statistics. It is a matter of knowing things instantaneously as a certainty.  This is how intuition works.  To be clear, this is not a blind faith either. We do not discourage the use of reason, but understand it has a limited place beneath the revelatory faculty that in intrinsic to the Angel alone.

Many who possess intuition do not yet understand the implication of this ability. They do not understand that their intuition exists because the most real part of them is not of this world, but exists well outside of its bounds. Or, to put that another way we are now re-awakening a faculty that allows us to see through the illusion of consensus reality with certainty. For many of us, all we have to do now is read a story or watch something on television to know with certainty that it is nothing more than propaganda or a hit piece that serves some agenda. We don't need copious amounts of evidence to support our suspicions. To wit, we can intuit the nature of an individual by simply being in their presence for a short time.  The angel as it begins to awaken, once again regains the divine modes of thinking and being that had been lost to it.

Human language is faulty and doesn't afford us any certainties. It communicates via differentiation and variables. A thing is hot because it isn't cold. A thing is good because it isn't evil. No matter what you say or write, there is always a degree of error in human language due to these variables. Thus, human understanding and communication are flawed. But it isn't just written and spoken language, reality itself is structured and programmed the same way. It is only when we get to the subatomic level that we come to the startling realization that consensus reality at its fundamental layers is deceiving us. 

In a weak attempt to combat this emerging intuitive knowledge, the Yaldabaothian hive mind has attempted to degenerate language itself. Go to any major American city and listen how people talk. In some places people may as well be grunting at each other. I am not a fan of George Orwell, but when he wrote about Newspeak in his novel 1984, he was very much aware of how this subtle war was being waged. 

 By destroying language and removing certain words and ideas, the demonic rulers are able to limit the spectrum at which the mind can travel. Dare I say that the entire purpose of spoken and written language is to cause intuitive atrophy? Make no mistake, the written and spoken word can bring the right person to the doorstep of the intuitive/supernal universe, and beyond the grasp of the great deception. A writer that understands initiation will always attempt to bring his readers to this edge in the hope the door will be opened to them.

My suspicion is that in the time of Thule, Hyperborea, Arcadia, etc, written and spoken language didn't exist at all. There was no need for it as consensus reality hadn't reached the high degree of crystallization that it has in our present era. When information is instantly present in the aether, and divine spontaneity is the impetus of all things, when thought and deed are brought into perfect union, ideation and reason have no place whatsoever but among the lowest and most ignoble forms of life. Understand that it is through reason and ideation that all deceptions are brought into manifestation. 

Simply put, the highest and most divine language is intuition, which between two people would appear to be telepathic. The second highest language would be symbols. The degeneration of these symbols would inevitably lead to written and spoken languages over long eras of time. Today we are living in the age of the hashtag and of texting, where even degenerate language has degenerated to the point of no return. Finally, I will state what should be most obvious. Language is a strong indication of the collective decay of society. What you are witnessing today is not a simple mutation or development of language, it is the death of human language entirely. While lanaguage serves a temporary purpose of dumbing people down, the descent of language reveals only too well the long descent of this world into the abyss of oblivion.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

On The Thick Machinery Of War

This is an interesting article that reveals what some of us have long known--that modern spiritual praxis is often destructive to overall well-being.  The reason for this is simple.  Spiritual practices are worthless if one is already inwardly full of chaos.  In other words, a person who has some kind of inner trauma will often have it bubble to the surface during these types of practices.  One that is ill-equipped to deal with these demons will sink into depression or worse. While one may enjoy the relaxed feeling meditation may bring, this is mostly a temporary respite as said demons (or traumas) bubble to the surface.

Many years ago when I began to meditate, something I no longer need to do, I put extreme effort into it.  The initial months of practice I would often sit in asana for two hours at a time or longer.  In the beginning I would simply fall asleep, but as time went on I was having greater success. As the more enlightening experiences ended, I often found myself experiencing menacing dreams.  Without getting into details these dreams were traumatic, gory, and unholy in ways that are unimaginable.  In short order, I found myself laying in bed at night with oppressive presences surrounding me.  On numerous occasions I would hear a very clear knocking coming from the inside of my closet door.  Many of these events were tactics of intimidation by the same dark forces that stalk and consume people. These are the demons of the air, which are now ubiquitous and exercise great influence over humanity. 

People will internalize these events because they cannot deal with them.  When this happens they become depressed, psychotic and suicidal.  In the disappearances of Elisa Lam and Kayelyn Louder, I would be curious to know what kind of spiritual practices they were engaged in before they went missing.  That psychosis and suicide are at an all time high in the last decade should not be surprising. The "spirits" of dead human robots are everywhere, and many of them are the henchmen of much more potent demons that dominate entire cities.

Cities are really nothing more than processing plants where Aryan souls are farmed for their light.  When people endure terror, trauma, fear, sexual excitement, and death huge amounts of light and other subtle substances are generated.  This is used in what I would call a "subtle machinery" that is phased just slightly out of consensus reality.  I wrote about this almost a year ago on this blog.  This machinery can sometimes be seen if one quickly awakens from sleep and looks around.  At these moments, the physical vision can see a residue of this machinery, which looks similar to an H.R. Giger print.  The machinery has always been there, we have just been unable to see it.  One of the most sickening aspects of this machinery are the "bugs" that seem to be a function of it.  Their appearance is between a spider and a jellyfish. They can often be seen slithering on walls or through the grass.  For whatever reason the peripheral vision seems more able to detect them than the central vision. Once seen with the physical eyes, they can phase out and disappear quickly.  They are mindless and virulent parasites.
In the past I explained that as people enter the postmortem world, particularly those without light, their human shape begins to deform. The only way to retain the form is by feeding off of the living. A postmortem human being will often decay very quickly. This decay is often so violent that the human form is lost completely and they become these parasitic bugs serving the machine. While this sounds like a science fiction novel, I have spent the better part of twenty years figuring out how this machine works. The physical domain wasn't always like this. At one time, this machine and the parasites were not present as they are now. However, in our modern times their aggression is unchecked and the machine has been allowed to grow to extreme proportions where the light is taken from people as soon as it is produced making them ignorant, uncaring, void of empathy, dishonorable, and without dignity. That the majority of people in developed countries are overweight with bodies that are disproportionate is an outward manifestation of the same deformity of the human form that takes place in the postmortem world among the dead. What does this reveal exactly? That the physical world and the postmortem world are experiencing more harmony as the dissolution of the physical takes place. My advice is to live simply and have a meager diet.
Back in 2010, I posted a story of seeing one of these large bugs slithering on my wall one night.  Startled, I threw a kitchen knife at the wall in a panic.  I am quite certain that these bugs serve numerous purposes.  They cause human sickness.  They crawl on people while they sleep and farm them for emotions, light, and sexual energy.  Make no mistake, the subtle world that exists just  outside of physical reality is a goddamn nightmare that few would believe even if they saw it.  

The human predicament is very strange.  It isn't blatantly embarrassing and ignoble, but sometimes we understand that there is an inherent shamefulness being in the body.  For instance, most sane people wouldn't step outside stark naked and talk with their neighbors without being completely embarrassed.  If we weren't humiliated in some way about being in the body, it would be far more common for people to walk around in the nude.  Yet we don't walk around this way because deep down, many of us inherently understand that our present condition is a fallen and corrupt one.

Escaping this predicament can only happen one way.  Our trauma and the demons it has evoked must be confronted.  The soul must be purified in order for it to overcome the powers and principalities (the stars, gods, etc.) that keep the Angel trapped in the physical world.  This overcoming is NOT done by practicing "magick", meditating, or invoking degenerate gods.  It is accomplished by living nobly.  Karma Yoga (living nobly) is infinitely superior to modern spiritual practice because it reveals the true man beneath the facade.  It gives one an opportunity to work out their debt in reality.  More often than not, praxi is virtual and doesn't represent the reality of the situation.  It is not difficult to keep your calm when you are in the comfort of your home engaging in meditation or magical rituals.  The actions of a being in real life are a manifestation of who and what they really are.

Meditators, magicians, new agers, and practitioners of yoga often project a false visage, their wisdom is usually only skin deep.  At best they can quote some master, or surrender to the authority of another.  However, they cannot speak from their own Angel, they cannot gracefully endure suffering or personal ordeals.  In a word, they are deficient. With all this being said, if there was ever a time to get right it is now as the final hours approach.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Supernal Pluralism: The Antidote To Monism

I used to receive comments from people who would ask me what my problem was with oneness.  What they really wanted to know was why I didn't accept the spirituality that made them feel good.  They would say that mankind should unite and amalgamate in order to eliminate all differences so that we could defeat the "illuminati".  When I explained that this process of amalgamation was the problem, very few seemed to understand why.  Those that seemed to hate my message the most were those heavily invested in the idea of oneness and progress.  Progress in times of metaphysical inversion (present day) is actually decay and devolution. What people are made to believe is good for them, is quite the opposite.

Life in the monistic/material universe is ultimately meaningless without the supernal light that enters into it. This supernal light enters into the physical domain through Angelic souls entombed in flesh. As this supernal light rescinds, or as more Angelic souls die and exit the material world, meaninglessness and decay wax strong.  

In my previous post I explained how the physical domain is a monistic machine where everything that is not made of supernal light is swallowed up into an impersonal oneness.  Monism inevitably leads to a nihilism that is disguised as spirituality and progress. I have explained that if we are all one, than every profound moment of our life, every relationship and every victory are unreal.  They simply become illusions taking place within "god".  In this scheme victory in struggle and the tragedies that build human character amount to absolutely nothing as well.  If everyone is one, and at the most divine level we are all God, individuality is utterly negated.  Strength, nobility, chivalry, dignity, and honor are the same as disloyalty, dishonor, and weakness. In the monistic universe, the hero and the scoundrel are ultimately identical. The most important thing to realize is that all love dies in the impersonal.  Very little value is put on life and individuality in a monistic world.  Our present world, and the genocides that have been carried out in the last 150 years represent the monistic spirit.

There is only one wisdom that destroys monism. That wisdom is initiatic and revelatory in nature. It does not posit "God" or "Gods" as the highest reality, but a multiplicity of beings that compose a vast primordial family of divine beings. The underlying quality of this multiplicity is metaphysical freedom, spontaneity, infinity, and light.   At the most fundamental level there is always a divine "other"even within distinct Angels, which I will touch upon in later posts. It is worth mentioning that long ago, before the white Hebrew nobility were taken captive in Babylonia, before the Paleo-Hebrew script was replaced by the satanic modern hebrew script, that the name of God was Elohim. A word that is thoroughly plural, and has confused scholars for ages. The book of Genesis rightly says, "let us make man in our image", no modern scholar has ever truly understood the "us" but many have performed theological gymnastics in order to solve this mystery.

This eternal distinction is the source of real love, a love that transcends Eros and can only be understood by those archangelic souls that are not of this world, but through nostalgia remember a distant homeland beyond space and time.  

The true evil of monism is not well understood today. Modern culture has rendered even the angelic remnant docile and ignorant. Public education, sports, television, Internet, drugs, and alcohol have destroyed their spirit in order to keep them trapped in the machine. The less light present on the earth, the more ignorant, criminal, meaningless and degenerate culture becomes.

When the material world first began, the supernal light was bright and widely present.  The physical was a more accurate likeness the world that existed above it.  The Archangels entombed in flesh ruled over the broad plane of the earth, and had dominion over the dark. The cultures they brought forth were legendary. Many songs and heroic myths had been written in their honor. By the time of Gobekli Tepe, those legendary days had long passed.  The Ehreans began their ages long denouement. They were like a hot ember glowing in the darkness. Over time, as many of them returned to their supernal home, the light began to fade on the earth, and so too did the influence they exercised over the darkness.  

The caste system of the ancient world was damage control, a way of staving off the inevitable end of the rule of the divine family. In those early days evil was hidden in the earth.  But evil is a wise strategist, a subtle enchanter. So in the darkness it waited offering a subtle idea here and another idea there. Before long the great enchanter Yaldabaoth began to create cities, governments and laws through which he could rule over his human cattle. His children became more numerous, and they would soon introduce the darkest rites the world would ever behold. Children would be thrown into hot crucibles as burnt offerings to the darkling god. Prostitutes would become "sacred vessels" of capricious demons. Venereal diseases would spread far and wide in the name of the great pagan gods. All of it was a means of control, of keeping the sons and daughters of light trapped in fear, ignorance and oppression.  The divine family became slaves and supplicants, begging the ignoble, boy-loving gods and offering them honor and surrender.

For thousands of years these angels would remain in the impenetrable darkness of ignorance. However, as the outer limit of this cosmic aberration was reached, a nostalgia begins to grow in the remnant. They have grown tired of the false narratives and naturally are growing restless. Many of them intuitively understand that everything has been done before. Religion, spirituality, and social agendas no longer have the appeal they once did. Everything has become a whited sepulcher, beautiful on the outside but inside full of dead men's bones.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Transcending The Mundane

Richard Moult
Monism is the metaphysical current beneath all modern and earth-bound philosophies and religions.  It is the religious and philosophical faith from Vedanta to New age and everything else in between.  It is a reductionist faith that sanctifies the death of the individuality through union and identification with God.  Mysticism, non-dualism, oneness, social justice, egalitarianism, Socialism, and even communism are the spectral expressions of monism.  

Yaldabaoth is the source of monism.  The material world is a monistic machine where the highest spiritual state attainable by human robots is oneness or Nirvana. In the west it is called, "union with God".  For the twice-born (or Ehrean), however, this state is a very low attainment and merely represents the entrance of the angel into the upper aethers of the material/subtle world.  From there they must make war with Yaldabaoth the beast. In the Mithraic mysteries, this is represented by the Hero Mithras' detached slaying of the bull. It is at this point that Mithras becomes deified and is shown as equal to Helios in Mithraic iconography.

Mithras Slaying The Bull Of Heaven, Which Represents The Raw Taurine Force Inherent In Telluric Nature.
Mithras Deified. Taking His Place Beside Sol Invictus.

Unlike many today I do not have a great deal of admiration for the spirituality of Ancient India as expressed in Advaita or non-dualism. For me Vedanta represents a spiritual devolution. Ramanuja, who taught qualified non-dualism, was the quintessential expositor of a much more noble form of Vedanta, a Vedanta that absolutely transcended the teachings of Shankara and even the writings found in the Upanishads, Brahma Sutras, and the Bhagavad Gita.  One needs to only look at the physical state of India over the centuries to realize that monism is the not a heroic path, but a path of surrender reserved for ignoble Yaldabaothian robots, or the once-born whose ultimate end is oblivion and non-being.

The difference between the once-born and twice-born is simple. The once-born are a purely physical and "all too human" progeny.  They are the human robots. There is no heavenly or supernal dimension to them. They are born, live, and die in the ordinary realm and wholeheartedly accept the narratives given to them by pop culture and the media. Anything that runs contrary to those narratives will inflame them. They will hurl accusations, and make speedy judgments while believing they are righteous. They are inwardly inverted and mistake good for evil. They are not original or unique in personality, but instead participate in the hive mind of Yaldabaoth. When they die, their individuality unites, and is subsequently submerged in Yaldabaoth whose highest state is an impersonal and anti-climactic metaphysical oneness best described as mulaprakriti.

This is often a gradual process, particularly among once-born personalities who are bogged down by addictions or sexual perversions that remain attached to them postmortem.  When this occurs, a decaying postmortem human personality (now a deranged demon) can plague a place or a human being taking on numerous forms that are conducive to the times. Many musicians and other people of cultural influence have sworn to being visited by aliens that gave them messages to spread to the masses. Hallucinogenic drugs are often a conduit through which these entities enter into a person's mindstream opening up sinister lines of communication. During these visitations, the message of peace, love, and oneness is always expounded. These visitations, while having a peaceful facade, are monisitic and malignant. Over the last several generations, these messages have thoroughly saturated cinema, music, and spirituality. It is for this reason that the masses have mistaken sentimentality with truth.

Then there are the twice-born. They are first "born eternally from above" and must also be born into a human body--thus the title, "twice born". At the center-most part of their being resides the Archangel, an eternal personality that fell from heaven and into the monistic machine, but is higher than the God of this world and "the gods" in general. The Archangel is NOT a "higher self". The Archangel is kept in a prison of ideas, and through lifetimes of deception, has grown convinced it is only a human being. Even though this supernal being is entombed in a corruptible body that will inevitably die, it seeks to live nobly and honorably despite its circumstances. Ultimately, the Archangel exists at a much different wavelength than the once-born.
A Dead Body Floating On The "Holy" Ganges River. The Most Polluted River In The World.

Dogs Feasting On More Dead Indian Carcasses On The Ganges. Squalor, Ambivalence, And Decay Are The End Results Of The Monistic Machine

The twice-born by nature is different. They have emerged from the human chrysalis as complete and unique individuals. This is freedom in its truest sense, not as a political or social idea, but as a metaphysical reality. The Archangel is individuated and restored to its eternal identity. The human veneer slowly begins to fade away. 

 The freedom it experiences upon transcending the mundane is beyond imagining. The mind is soon able to think beyond reason. As Jakob Boehme understood, by merely looking at someone or something, one is able to discern its nature intuitively. One recognizes how much dark or light exists within it. A divine inversion begins to take place. The mundane world, and even Yaldabaoth surrenders to the Archangel.

Finally, I must be very clear. The term Twice-born is not necessarily a racial term. While the Nordic type is the most accurate symbolic representation of the archangel, this does not mean that one is saved by their skin. Light hair and eyes doesn't imply one is inherently divine. In fact, most Nordic types today are once-born Yaldabaothian robots through and through. They are irremediably lost and share the same fate as every other human robot. As it was written long ago, flesh and blood do not inherit the kingdom of God.

Hellstorm Documentary

The documentary above is based off of Thomas Goodrich's book, Hellstorm.  It is one of the most important documentaries of the last generation, and reveals that the victors of WWII were by far the most ignoble specimens of humanity to have walked the earth.  If you haven't already read Thomas Goodrich's book, please purchase one.  By the time you are finished reading it, you will understand the nightmare of rape, torture, and murder the German people experienced at the hands of the "great allied liberators".

For those that understand the more esoteric currents at work behind the genocide of the German people after WWII, this documentary is clear evidence that a systematic program has been underway to humiliate and emasculate the Germans who constituted both a physical and spiritual threat to the status quo.  Fortunately, more people are beginning to awaken to the ruse.  The once vast and bottomless war chest of the Rothchild QhL has not succeeded in destroying us nor will it ever. Now that the inversion has manifest in the physical domain, this story has only one ending.  That ending is the eternal victory of light over darkness.  These are truly interesting times we are living in.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Memories And Nightmares

Town Of Lake Water Tower-Milwaukee, WI
My childhood is full of strange memories, some which are haunting, and others that that are too strange to place anywhere.  I have a memory that goes back to 1983. My parents and I were driving to a cottage they owned in the north woods. On our way there, we had passed a farm with dozens of dead cattle in a field. We pulled over nearby to let our dog out for a walk. I remember being somewhat close to the dead cattle and having a very dark and sinister feeling come over me. To this day I intuitively believe this was a cattle mutilation scene.  I also believe I was supposed to have seen it and that it was no mistake I was taken there that day.

A great deal of my memories also surround the Town of Lake water tower in Milwaukee, located on 6th street on the south side. When I was five years old, I woke up sick one morning to find that I had scarlet fever. The previous night I was convinced that a very Jewish looking vampire had entered into my room and bit me on the neck. For hours I attempted to get this parasite off of me, but was relieved only when I finally woke up. It was around this time that I met a man I will call Dr. Wesley.

My mother had reluctantly taken me to see Dr. Wesley shortly after my scarlet fever diagnosis. I remember seeing him quite frequently between 1981-1983. Whenever I went to see him, I remembered that my mom would always be asked to leave the room, which was a very odd request to make to a parent of a young child. Reluctantly my mom would step out and leave me with Dr. Wesley who thoroughly terrified me. I have brief memories, some only micro-seconds long, of being yelled at and threatened. The doctor would look at me with a hatred that was so profound and intense. I was given injections on numerous occasions in his office. While these may have only been vaccinations, they seemed much too frequent.  For years I had believed that the location of Dr Wesley's office was the Town of Lake water tower.  However, there are no records indicating there was ever a pediatrician working out of that building.  The site of this building filled me with great dread when I was younger.

In 2006 my wife and I were driving through Milwaukee down 6th street by the water tower when I told her about my sadistic pediatrician, Dr. Wesley. Immediately, my wife who had also grown up near there, explained that there were never any pediatricians working in that building as it was nothing but an odd looking municipal building. She found my recollections very disturbing. Near that time these events came up in a conversation with a couple friends. To my surprise, both friends became pale as ghosts and explained they also went to see a Dr. Wesley around the same time. One of them also mentioned the Town of Lake water tower, but the other did not. I will add that both of these men were like myself, having blonde hair and blue/grey eyes and having a deep racial awareness at a young age. It is also worth noting that like myself, there appeared to be a somewhat dormant psychic ability present in all of us. One of these individuals claimed that Dr. Wesley had come pounding on his door late one night demanding his much older sister speak to him. He remembers his sister screaming in her room and his father ordering the Doctor to leave. According to my old friend, Dr. Wesley was stalking him and his sister, which was a very intense childhood trauma, the kind of things nightmares are made of. It is worth mentioning that it was not my moms idea that I see this doctor, but my dads. It always brought great pain to my mom to bring me to Dr. Wesley's office. On some level I have always implicated my dad as being abusive and responsible for many of these more dark and sinister events. I will not go any further into that at this time. It should be sufficient to add that from a very young age he was very interested in suppressing certain metaphysical elements that were present in me at a young age.

In the neighborhood I grew up there was a strange man who lived nearby. The children in the neighborhood called him "Crazy Jerry". He would ride down the street on an adult tricycle and menace many of the children. Upon seeing the orange flag mounted on his trike and hearing his bell, the kids would bolt into their houses. One afternoon I remember standing outside and hearing the bell coming down the street. Often times Jerry would get off his trike, stick out his tongue and begin to chase the kids making these awful guttural noises. To be clear, this was a grown man who was clearly disturbed and allowed to run wild in the neighborhood to frighten the little children. This reinforces my hunch that the neighborhood I was living in was not normal and may have been some kind of observatory. I covered this some years back on Luminosity and have good reason to believe this was true.
My Mom- Circa 1973
That afternoon I felt a presence with me. Something told me that I should not run. I remember crouching down behind a relatives car that was parked in front of our house, grabbing a large stone, and waiting for Jerry to cross my path. As he approached, I peaked my head out and launched the stone from only ten feet or so. The stone hit him in the face knocking him over off his trike. As he fell to the ground yelling and crying, I remember my Dad coming out of our house and immediately picking me up and taking me into the house. Looking back at that afternoon, I find the timing strange. As a grown man looking back on that day, it feels as though my dad had watched this entire scene unfold and did nothing to stop it. This I find disturbing for obvious reasons. It is worth mentioning that the presence I felt that day, the one that told me to stand my ground behind that car, felt far more parental than my own father, and infinitely more concerned about me. As outrageous as it may seem, I have often wondered if the voice I heard that afternoon belonged to the same "person" that placed this perfect looking black stone on the street for me to throw at that demon. After that day Jerry had seldom returned, and when he did it was never on our street.

In my heart of hearts I believe I was targeted by some kind of sinister element at a young age. I believe that the increasing prevalence of auto-immune diseases in the last 3 decades has been an intentional and subtle bio-weapon used against the twice-born. I have spent many days and hours with young children affected by these diseases. They are majority white haired, blue-eyed, and almost angelic in appearance.  Their skin is translucent, very similar to the type of skin my mom had.  I do not believe this is mere chance. I have found in some cases a high degree of intuition and precognition among many suffering from these conditions. That is not to say that other races do not suffer, only that the real target is obvious.

The enemy is ignoble in every way and will do whatever it must to keep the twice-born, those Ehrean souls, at a disadvantage. The vital energy of a single Ehrean can illuminiate an entire city. The Ehreans must therefore be kept to an absolute minimum, and they must never be allowed to awaken to their identity. The best way to accomplish this is for them to suffer and to be submerged as deeply as possible in the world parade.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Initiation, Confrontation, And Archetypal Freedom

Richard Moult
It is no easy thing to accept that everything you have been told about yourself and the universe you are living in is false.  It is not easy to grasp that human life is a scripted psychodrama taking place over vast eras of time.  These matters, as complex as they may appear, are really just at the surface of a much greater mystery.

The only law beyond "creation" is freedom.  This is often more difficult to accept than what I have written above. In the cosmology of Jakob Boehme, this freedom is referred to as the ungrund.  I have personally experienced and have become this freedom on several occasions.  The first time when I was 23 years old, and then spread out over the last 17 years. When this initiation happens, one understands that there are no forms or ideas that can contain it.  Even the word "initiation" falls flat.  All the passionate speeches, poems, and symbolic expressions of the deathless are as nothing when compared to the thing itself.

Years ago I became horrified when a strange transformation began to take place within me. What follows will admittedly sound strange to many.  I was growing more and more terrified at the prospect that I had become the mad God hiding in the darkness.  Back then I did not understand that the final trial before one breaks out of the deception is to become identified entirely with Yaldabaoth.  Very few men on earth can respect the inner terror this evokes. I found this state was best described as "alone with the alone". I endured years of profound derealization that became so intense that at times I was having powerful experiences of precognition and de ja vu that were unbelievable. It was as if I had succeeded in tapping into the panpsychic subtext of reality.

I had become convinced with great certainty that I was the only person that existed, and that I had created the entire universe as a means of hiding myself from the terror of complete and utter loneliness.  I was secretly every person and was divided from them merely by time and space. The term "dark night of the soul" is weak in describing this state.  The dark night of the soul is a carnival cruise for occult hobbyists.  I could not escape that thick darkness by killing myself because I would immediately recognize myself as the great darkness, Yaldabaoth. Thus, I felt it better to be living than dead. I lived in this darkness for years and nobody could understand who has not come to the cusp of death via this initiatic terror.  I take no man's word for it when he tells me he has been there, because I know intuitively so very few understand the verities of the valid journey.  The eyes no longer look the same after this trial. The face begins to look more hardened and chiseled. The hair begins to turn white. The darkest days of this blog were written during that time period.

After 2011, when I was given a greater glimpse into the supernal, I began to understand why I had identified with this creator God years earlier. It was simple. Each and every uninitiated human has a shard of Yaldabaoth present within them. This dark splinter, more often than not, has full control over a being. It suddenly became clear that Vedanta and the,*Brahman=Atman* equation, which is inherent in all modern spirituality, religions, and metaphysical schema, was the pinnacle of deficient human understanding of reality. This faulty understanding, so praised in nearly every religious and spiritual circle, among conservatives and liberals alike, was pure Yaldabaothian propaganda.

The Bhagavad Gita (among others) wasn't a holy book or even a noble book, nor are any of the "masterpieces" the "learned men" of Tradition today tout as holy and demand that we accept as sacred. At their very heart, these books and the systems that emerged from them, teach the dissolution Or surrender of the unique self into God. Herman Hesse was one of the few that saw through this deception (esp. Siddhartha),  but was strangely ignorant of other things. In the same vein, writers like Edgar Allan Poe would represent the supernal light against the transcendentalists like Thoreau and Emerson nurtured the spirit of desolation in the form of Unitarianism and universalism, the first social engineering project funded by the Jewish banking elites in the United States. These same bankers would also go on to finance the American civil war (with help from the Secret Six). This was a war of principles (dark and light) fought to wipe out Southern aristocracy, which was thoroughly noble and superior to the emerging degenerate culture in the north that would later evolve into modern "amurrica".

The divine personality, the unique eternal identity, cannot be allowed to transcend the machine.  It can only be contained by honoring and being subjugated by something it believes is stronger than it. The Gods were created for just this purpose, to have dominion over man and to keep him locked into the material universe as a supplicant and beggar. Make no mistake, the gods of old are capricious demons.  They seek our respect and feed off of our vital energy.  Every man, woman, child and beast is compromised to the atom by Yaldabaoth.  Yaldabaoth, who is the creator of this pseudo-reality, is symbiotic with the mind and body.  The explored life must be spent ridding oneself of all archonic influences.  If the Self is not de-toxified of this influence, it will be recycled back into the "eternal return" where it will pick up karmic parasites of all kinds before being born into a physical body with an entirely new set of "issues" that must be reconciled over another material lifetime. The true initiatic path is not one of honoring the gods or returning to pagan roots.  The initiatic path is the path of the hero, it is a martial path in every sense of the word. It is about bitter loss, tragedy and the inevitable victory of the hero.

When I began to understand the inherent patterns in the created world and how sympathetic magic worked, I began to notice that I was being contacted by beings beyond this world who seemed oddly familiar to me.  It seems that once you crack the code, beings of a similar wavelength are able to begin contact. It is a gradual unveiling. For me, these communications took place in my dreams, through powerful synchronicities, strange experiences, through intuition, and two winters ago through direct means. These communications are ongoing to this day. In Montauk they told me plainly, "We are Aryans".  The implication was that they were noble beings, the shining ones of eternity whom the gods scorn, the Shepherds of Arcadia. They are the heroes of old who challenged the gods and overcame the world.  

The writings of Angelus Silesius and Jakob Boehme represent the heroic journey.  It wasn't through fancy rituals, "magick", wearing a Thor's hammer, or offering hymns to the Gods that they overcame the dark rulers of this world.  It was by the supernal grace within them, their holy election, that allowed them to be victorious over the spirit of desolation.  The supernal grace, which is archetypal freedom, chooses whomsoever it wills because it is free to do so. St. Paul rightly proclaimed that there are two types of men in the material world, the sons of God and vessels of wrath fit for destruction.  This understanding of the situation is quite sound.

The wise should understand that piss should be the only libation offered to the gods. By gods, I am not simply referring to the classic gods, but to ideas and doctrines of men as well, which emanate from these capricious demons who men love to serve and admire like slaves. We are engaged in a cosmic war and the stakes are very high. There is no escape, there is no desertion. From the lowest to the highest, the cacodemons must be mercilessly crushed. Without true humility and virtue the battles will be lost.