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Correspondences, The Spiritual Sun, And The Process Of Oneness Death

Originally Posted On Luminosity: June 2013

Unless one understands certain correspondences, they will likely not understand the deeper aspects of what I write here. While what I am saying is not new, it has become largely lost as new religious and spiritual fads came onto the scene.  In essence, these correspondences refer to the link between the physical domain and the worlds that exists above it.

To begin, I must state that the physical world is not a world in and of itself.  It is a symbol of the world of eternity that exists above it, a precipitate.  The spiritual health of a being and a society depends solely on how accurate of a representation it is of the worlds above.  In the West this was known as the "Great Chain Of Being" in which nature, from the highest point to the lowest, are connected in some way.

It is very important to understand that without the connection between the highest (primordial light) and the lower (material existence) that this world would immediately fall into oblivion, but not before chaos would ensue, much like we have seen as the last 5000 years have unfolded.  Cycles of time and history are brought on solely by the presence (or lack thereof) of this primordial light.  When the light is present creation and renewal are everywhere.  When the light is absent novelty and renewal begin to wane.  So ubiquitous is this light that it is even manifested even in the DNA to a greater or lesser extent.

The light, which is God, emanates all order, beauty, and renewal in the physical domain.  The more that light is rescinded, the more disorderly and disoriented life becomes.  The greater the presence of light, the more healthy a society is.  In many ways, the chaotic nature of the universe reveals that something is amiss not only on earth, but throughout the entire physical domain.

It is also important to cover one issue that I haven't covered here as much as I could have.  That is the idea of novelty or newness.  Never in the history of the world has culture been stuck in such a dire state of repetition.  I don't need to point the examples out to you.  They are already quite blatant.  Essentially, there is nothing new entering into the physical domain and this too is a foreboding sign that something is not right. Without renewal life grows stagnant. Several months ago I linked to a story that was very telling of the direction the physical domain is headed as expressed through modern music.   In the article a scientist says:

We found evidence of progressive homogenization of the musical discourse.

What the scientist and many others haven't realized is that it is not only music that is becoming homogenized. In fact, this world/age is quite literally moving toward oblivion which is always the end result of any process that leads to bland "oneness" or homogenization.  At present we are losing entire species of life every day in the physical domain.  This homogenization is also taking place in many facets of daily human life, particularly in entertainment and art, which as I stated earlier have been necessary to keep humanity out of the gutters of despair.  Movies are constant remakes, architecture is commercial block/modular buildings sprawled about the landscape, and music lacks any degree of distinction or divinity.  To be clear this process of "homogenization" goes even further than what we see on the surface.  While people are no longer able to tell what is happening, (having lost their intuition-therefore disconnected from a higher order of being) they know all too well that something is seriously wrong with this world.  Exactly what is wrong has not been communicated to their conscious awareness because many are simply not trained to see meta-realities or their dynamics.

Human beings are becoming homogenized as well by culture destroyers and social engineers who seek to destroy every idea of uniqueness in society. They succeed in this task by manipulating peoples need to belong to something.  Through this, a current of mega-uniformity is brought into the mix and the floodgates are opened. Everybody has to have a smart phone.  Everybody has to have a late model car. Everybody needs to waste their time on the internet.  Everybody has to watch the football game.

Through uniformity they are able to create the global citizen who is little more than a soulless slave controlled by the state who is the defacto God of modernity. The state seeks first and foremost to destroy the human form by taking from it all of its distinguishing features.  They therefore represent the most atheistic, hedonistic, and destructive currents presently at work in modern culture.  They can only exist in a time when the light has largely been revoked.  Sadly, even those who claim to be opposed to globalism have largely contributed to its aims by forming  a culture of protest where the bad guys and the opposition are essentially made up of the same automaton/robotic people who don't have a clue who their enemies truly are. I have no illusions.  Nature follows a specific Dharma,  and the only reason we remain at this moment in history is the enduring mercy and grace of God.  All debts will eventually be called in.

In Swedenborg's book, Heaven and Hell, he describes the celestial domain as being lit by a central sun.  However, this is no ordinary sun.  It is quite literally, the presence of God shining upon the landscape of a world that is beyond death and decay, a place where beings of extreme intensity live in the eternal enjoyment of God's presence.  In that world it is always day as an eternal sun shines throughout.  With that being said it is important to understand that in a world that is at war with those things that are truly unique renewal and novelty become impossible.   Instead of Walter Russell or even Kurt Godel we got Albert Einstein.  Instead of Nikola Tesla, we got Thomas Edison.  Instead of Algis Uzdavinys we got Ken Wilber and Eckart Tolle.  Instead of renewal, uniqueness, and a true vision of wisdom and science, we have the most arrogant and materialistic personalities telling us what we must believe about the physical universe.  If we don't believe, we immediately become modern Heretics.  I have never understood the incessant need by so many people involved in the paranormal today to validate the unknown by an already faulty and arrogant "scientific community" that in its own way reflects the pseudo-authoritative religionists of bygone days.  It's almost funny in a way.

Humanity grows more corrupt by the day.  This corruption is nothing more than the privation of light, the same primordial light that is the substrate of not only the divine worlds, but also of the human mind, which has been tricked into believing that it is simply a byproduct of the "laws of nature" and various random physical processes.

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The Coming Supermoon And The Strangeness Begins

Originally Posted To Luminosity: June 2013

                                   Richard Moult

As many people know, there will be a super moon beginning at sunset tonight.  For those of you who have finally realized that the moon has extreme influence over what is called by some the "encounter phenomenon", which covers just about every field of high strangeness imaginable, the coming hours will likely see their fair share of the bizarre.  While I do not like covering this issue these days there are a few things worth mentioning while they are fresh on my mind.  Keep in mind that I have no intention of engaging any of this as I have in the past.  Admittedly, it is a secondary matter to me.  However, I think that some of it has value insofar as it can help one to understand the hidden workings of things.

First, my wallet.  I recently bought a slim profile wallet and decided a couple hours ago to switch over my ID, bank cards, etc. over.  Tucked inside one of the slots of my old wallet was a post it note that is clearly written in my unmistakably bad handwriting.  Oddly enough I have no memory of ever writing the note.  I took a picture of it for posterity sake.  I will comment afterwards:

The note states:


D#     Tro-Blk (?)

Wenton - Hasam......The switch is in the back.


The weight of continuity  (illeg)?

To be sure, I have no idea what this note means or is referencing.  For instance I have never heard the term "Wenton-Hasam". Oddly enough the note cuts off at a strange spot as well. It appears by looking at the note that I had actually written more, but didn't find any other pieces of paper in my wallet with my handwriting.  What I did find in the same slot touching the note was a receipt that is too faded to read.  It looked as if it came out of a gas pump, but I can't be entirely certain.  Generally speaking I am a minimalist.  I don't carry much in my wallet except for things that I need.  I absolutely never tuck notes or receipts into my wallet because I would  forget about them.  I have had this wallet for a couple years at least.  I can't say for certain how long the note has been there, but I have no yellow post-it notes in my house nor in my car.  I don't recall borrowing a post-it note from anyone. By the appearance of the note, the writing took place a while ago because like the receipt, the writing also appears faded. It was sitting in a slot underneath a business card I haven't taken out in at least six months.  I almost never write with a pencil because I don't like the way it feels.  I write with a refillable fountain pen that was given to me as a gift years ago.  This is a very big anomaly for me as minute as it may appear.

What is familiar about the note is the idea of "noise" and "translate".  I used these same terms when writing about the communication that seems to take place between the strange people behind the "encounter phenomenon" and seemingly regular people.

Here is where the physical aspect of things becomes undeniable.  When I found this note only a couple hours ago, the first thought that crossed my mind before I pulled out the receipt, was that I had driven somewhere and wrote it.  I know how my mind works.  I understand that when I think about a particular matter or event, the first impressions I get are generally the most accurate.  Now as bad as my handwriting is, the above is an extreme example. I am mixing upper and lower case lettering.  While I do that occasionally, not as much as I do in this note.  It appears that when I wrote it, I was in a rush and perhaps very anxious.

Furthermore, my first impressions tell me that there was originally much more to this note, possibly even something very important. This one shard seemed to have been inadvertently left behind because the sticky backing of the post-it note managed to adhere firmly to my wallet.  It appears, at least in some way, that this was an attempt on my part to make a mnemonic device knowing that I would soon forget whatever was happening. I cannot be certain, but I suspect that this was written during an experience I wrote about early this year.  During this event, which I don't know for certain was real or a dream, I found myself on the side of a road in my car watching a convocation of people standing in a circle in a field.  Because it was so dark, I don't know exactly what was taking place.  On this same road, someone had noticed the people in the field which caused a major accident involving a semi-truck to occur.  There is much more to this, but admittedly, I don't like writing about ambiguous "experiences" that may or may not have reality to them.  It is counteractive.  My only reason for briefly mentioning it comes down to finding this note, which to me is exceedingly strange.

This note issue is merely one part of other issues that have been going on over the last two weeks.  Generally speaking when I get migraine headaches it is a sure sign that things are ramping up in some way.  This has been true since I was a child.  Over the last two weeks I have been having migraine headaches, psychic events, and synchronicities that are frankly amazing. While there is nothing dark about them, I still choose not to dwell on any of it, because investing too much into these things can be damaging.

During the last super moon, I was also having these physiological events while also dealing with the increasing strangeness.   To be clear I have no intention of making a bigger issue of any of this than there needs to be.  If tonight brings something to my door I will likely write about it, but  I have no plans of going out into the woods or on some high hilltop in the hopes of initiating contact with an ambiguous presence that I am well aware is ubiquitous.  For the most part those days are over.  What concerns me now is taking these types of events to their inevitable conclusion, which goes far deeper than the thrills related to these types of experiences.

The Haunting Memories Of Childhood

Originally Posted On Transmissions From The Imaginal: 2012

I grew up in a rather strange neighborhood on the south side of Milwaukee near 28th and Cleveland Avenue.  One end of the street was populated by strange industrial buildings that had a sinister aura and equally terrifying rumors to go along with them.  The other end of the street was an Irish pub called Scotty's where my friends and I would watch drunken brawls on weekends. The neighborhood was contained by two cemeteries, Forest Home and Pilgrims Rest.  Pilgrims Rest is by far the most "charged" cemetery I have ever been near. The dead walk the neighborhood nightly.  Today the neighborhood might look nice on a sunny afternoon, but you wouldn't want to be caught dead there come night time.  The rumors behind those industrial buildings in the area always shook me up as a kid. The neighborhood kids talked about "satanic rituals" and other horrors related mostly to the fundamentalist christian fear mongering that took place in the 1980s.  I am quite certain it had very little to do with "satanic rituals" and much more to do with the fact that area at one time may have been a hot spot of some kind, even a corridor where the veil between the worlds has grown thin.  I began hearing the rumors in 1984 only a couple years after we had moved to that neighborhood.  Ultimately, there were various stories that haunted the area.

When you walk around there you notice something rather odd.  It is a regular looking neighborhood built in the early 20th century that is sporadically laced with industrial buildings.  The appearance is one that is synthetic, almost as if the neighborhood was at one point the center of an odd experiment with control or observation centers placed throughout.  In the 1980s most of these buildings were abandoned and painted in graffiti.  Even when these buildings were being occupied there were never any signs outside indicating the name of the company or the kind of business it was.  Cars parked outside of them for months and then they were abandoned for months.  For the most part, the windows in most of the buildings were placed too high, were tinted, frosted, or had glass blocks making it nearly impossible to look in and see what was going on.  I think that this was why so many rumors surrounded them.  The purpose and nature of the buildings was a mystery that nobody could quite figure out.  When we told the various mythologies to our parents after witnessing subtle yet nefarious things, we were mostly laughed to scorn. For this reason alone, when my children tell me strange things, I will always listen to them without concluding they have been a victim of their own imaginations.  Today, there is likely nothing out of the ordinary going on there, and many of the businesses now seem to be legitimate.

Near 31st and Cleveland ave, there is a rickety footbridge that hangs over a set of railroad tracks.  The bridge connected one set of industrial buildings to another set that were equally out of place and unmarked.  Most of these places now have been reclaimed by nature.  The gravel roads and lots have all been overgrown with weeds and other greenery.  Again in the 1980s, when  these buildings were in operation they had no signs indicating what they were or what purpose they served. They were periodically inhabited by groups of people.  That footbridge plays into my anomalous childhood experiences in a major way.  In 1987 I stole a lighter from my dad and began to wreak havoc in those industrial areas surrounding the bridge.  In an unconscious sort of way I believe I chose this area because it felt evil to me and as a child setting these fires and pretending these buildings were burning, seemed like I was participating in a sanctified act of some kind.  I was piling up junk, dousing it with lighter fluid and setting huge fires in open areas.  I never damaged any property or set buildings on fire, I was simply doing this on the supposedly abandoned ground on the gravel roads and parking lots.  At one point I had piled up a bunch of garbage in a shopping cart, lit it on fire and then rolled it down a steep hill hoping it would set fire to a small wood shed at the bottom of the hill.  Luckily it stopped short and burned out.  As time went on, these "experiments" were getting more and more intense.  Throughout the area I was leaving charred piles of rubbish everywhere.

I woke up early one morning in the summer of 1987.  My intention at that time was to start a huge fire that would have gotten me in serious trouble.  I hopped on my bike before 6am and set off to my destination.  The fire I was going to start was near a series of 3 buildings that were by far the most sinister and strange of all the buildings in that area. When I was ten years old, I had seen what I thought was a grown (overweight) man wearing a white sheet (like a ghost costume with two eyeholes) climbing out of one of the lower level windows and running toward me with his hands out pretending to be a ghost.  The scene terrified me immensely because I sensed something very bad had taken place.  My greatest fear anytime I wandered into those areas was that I was going to get kidnapped.  This was a very pervasive fear I had those days and it seemed almost irrational at the time.  Seeing how terrified I was at seeing the sheeted man, my older brothers and my Dad had later convinced me that this was a practical joke being played on me by a person we knew.  My dad admitted later on that they made this story up because I was so frightened and he didn't know how else to deal with it.  To this day I really do not know what to make of that event or why the man came out at the perfect time to see me and begin charging.

This particular group buildings were the supposed "headquarters" of a group or family of people we called the "inbreeds" who drove around in a strangely painted truck kidnapping and molesting kids in the area--or this was the "mythology" associated with the people that always seemed to be patrolling the neighborhood. I wrote about this on Luminosity, but later took the post down after receiving emails from several people that were honestly disturbed by it.  To this day these buildings are still standing and remain as anomalous as they were in the 1980s when I lived there. 

When I arrived to the spot and was about to light the fire, I heard what sounded like a voice on a PA system. 

"Stop where you are!"

I looked over my shoulder only to see a dark sedan with a cheap red rotating police light that a person could buy at Radioshack.  At the time I remember not knowing if this was a cop or a security guard hired out by the people who owned the buildings.  I wanted to start taking off on my bike, but the openeness of the area I was in made it impossible for me to outrun a car.  I stood still for a moment and then decided to throw the lighter before the "cop" had any evidence to use against me.  As he pulls up to me he says,

"What did you throw you little shit!"

I told him that I threw a rock that I had just picked up. 

"Well some kid has been lighting fires around here and I just saw you with a lighter.  Don't lie to me, you didn't throw a rock, you threw a lighter!"

Looking at the person in the car made me feel very uneasy.  The guy looked more like a thug than a cop. I felt as if I was in extreme danger...not because I might get charged with destroying property and then have to face my dad, but because the man in the car gave me the chills. I knew almost immediately this wasn't a cop.  He had the aura of a 1950s era irish mobster.

"Where I come from we break fingers of little pricks like you."

At that point I was feeling both terrified of this person and helpless.  I kept getting this sense that the man was about to nab me and throw me into his car. I felt that I would never see my family again.  It was so early in the morning and nobody would be around to hear me scream for help.

Thinking back to that day many things about him stand out, things that were possibly too subtle for me to understand at the time.  Firstly, to this day (and back then) I couldn't figure out the make of the car.  I looked at it and remember trying to figure out what the car was.  The best guess I have is a late 1970s model black Chrysler Cordoba.  Secondly, even though the man was not smoking, I distinctly remember the cab of the car having a mist or fog inside of it.  I remember this because I kept looking at him and then looking away because it felt like my vision was fogging over every few moments. It may have been that the heater core went causing this misty effect, but I find that highly unlikely because I wasn't smelling anti-freeze. Thirdly he was wearing Pinaud Clubman aftershave lotion, the exact same lotion I use today.  I know this because when my wife bought me this aftershave lotion earlier this year, the moment I smelled it the memory of this man immediately came to mind.  I now use it every time I shave because the smell reminds of a strange legacy.  Lastly, there was a strong familial resemblance to the way I look now and this man.  This "familial" resemblance is very important and I have written on it at various times.  I believe it is in fact a key aspect of this phenomenon in general, at least how it relates to my own dealings.  I would estimate that the age I am now (36) is the age of the man in that car back in 1987.  The only difference was that he was wearing glasses that made his eyes look very small.  I suspect that if he would have taken those glasses off that his eyes would have been abnormally large tipping me off immediately that the person I was dealing with may not have been human as we understand the term today. I have seen this attempt to shrink the eyes with glasses on one other occasion in 1997. 

As vicious as I perceived this man to be, I was clearly aware that it was a put on that was intended to frighten me away from what I was doing and keep me away from the area.  Make no mistake, I was very terrified of this man as a child.  I was also turning into a pyromaniac with the intention of carrying out serious property damage.  His intervention that day was paramount because once I threw that lighter away, I never did that sort of thing again.  Even now as an adult I believe that bad things may have gone on in that neighborhood related to those abandoned buildings.  I say that based upon things I had witnessed there over the years that aren't worth mentioning right now.  I often wonder if perhaps the point of the intrusion that morning was to keep me away from those buildings which I had really become obsessed with as a child.  There is no doubt that the man I saw that morning was neither a security guard nor a cop. His appearance there, which came practically out of nowhere, likely saved me from a world of hurt.  When he told me I could go home by saying,

"Get the fuck out of here and do it fast!"

I listened and didn't delay.  Had he been a cop or security hired by whomever owned those buildings, I would have likely been taken home by the police and had charges pressed for trespassing--perhaps worse.  I suspect that whoever owned the buildings was aware that someone was lighting fires nearby and it would be in their best interest to find out who was doing it before there was any property damage.  Perhaps I am lucky that the man in the black Cordoba found me first and not the police or god knows who else.

I have made several attempts to figure out the nebulous nature of that neighborhood as recent as three years ago, but aside from a few gems that I am too concerned to make public, the endeavor has been mostly fruitless.  Years ago I confided some of these events to a person who was "in the know".  His response to me back then was very odd,

"They have their farms everywhere."

Because I could not have this man expand on this statement at the time, I have been left to crack this enigma on my own and have come to various conclusions on what this could mean, but none of them really holds any weight.  Therefore, like most things of this nature, my memories may in fact be made of an experience taking place in two worlds that are often indistinguishable while we are children, the real and the imaginal.

NDE: A Brief Examination

Originally Posted On Transmissions From The Imaginal: 2012

Plato believed that philosophy was a preperation for Death, a kind of theurgic rite of its own.  I am not talking about the "philosophy" of European intellectuals like Neitzsche or Kant or any other connotation that word has sadly received over the generations.  I am talking about its true meaning, which is the pure love of wisdom.  This love of wisdom must not end at the door of reason, it must go far far beyond it, into the domains of light and beauty that our fallen minds can now barely comprehend.

I am a big fan of the website  I visit regularly because the NDE has always interested me. I had my own NDE when I was 14 years old after nearly drowning.  Every once in a while I come across an NDE that I make mention of here.  I would like to quote an excerpt of an NDE left by a man named Roberto from Italy. It is one of the latest NDEs listed on the nderf website.  After suffering a horrible car accident Roberto writes:

"About the car accident – I remember only the sound of the truck I was driving crashing. Then, for me, drifting from life into death was painless. I found myself standing in a canoe, which I first thought must have fallen out of someone's trunk. But I was not on the road any more, I was on a dark, calm, tropical river, like the Amazon. I was working hard, pushing the boat forward with a long pole that reached down to the river bottom. I remember I was wearing a straw hat, white trousers and a rope as a belt. It was a sunny day and I was navigating this river by its dimensions and features, which I seemed to know well. Its banks were lush with thick vegetation. I was immediately struck by the intense colors, much brighter and richer than the ones I was used to. I took a deep breath, filling my lungs with the fragrant, moist air. As I removed my hat and wiped the sweat from my forehead with my sleeve, I felt a sensation of peace and bliss that I had never experienced before. I watched the birds, flying high in the sky, and then, staring at the horizon, I could see the mouth of the river flowing into the ocean. I felt myself so loved and so free. It was as if I had always been in that place; I had no memories of the life I just left behind. My canoe was floating onward and there were no sounds except for those of the wind, the birds singing, and the sloshing of the water on the pole as it broke the water, and then a little rushing sound as the boat surged gently forward. At my right, far away, I noticed an inlet to the river, and a 30 meter long wooden bridge over it.

Standing on this bridge, there was a man waving at me with the hat he held in his hand. I returned his salute. Then something incredible happened! In just an instant my face was only a few centimeters away from the face of this man! The first thing he said to me was, "WELCOME! WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!" He was elderly, I think about 70-75 years old, with greyish hair, and blue eyes. As we gazed at each other, I sensed his face emanating a sort of a positive light that transmitted a feeling of peace. Space and time did not seem to exist. I remember that in order to move, it was enough to want to be in a place in order to actually be there. I did not speak using my voice but only my thoughts. I could see my body, but I felt myself as a soul and, as such, I could tell I would not need to eat or to sleep – I was totally free of any limitation. I couldn't tell how long I had been there, but back on the Earth, I had been in a coma for about 35-40 days. In my new reality, I was living in a wooden shelter, and I remember that it could rain or be sunny at the snap of one's fingers, and when the rain stopped, the leaves were immediately dry as if it had never rained. Then one day I found myself face to face with that man. I suddenly experienced a feeling of anguish, realizing he was telling me that I was going to have to go back to my old life on Earth. My hands were in his and his face was reassuring. I told him that I did not want to go back, because where I was, I felt so good! Suddenly the man disappeared, and in his place, I saw a being of light that said to me, "I AM SORRY, BUT IT HAS BEEN DECIDED OTHERWISE." Gripped by anguish, I tried to keep holding on tightly to his hands, as if that could keep me from having to leave, but in the next moment, my hands were empty. I raised my eyes and I saw a multitude of such beings of light surrounding me and caressing me. I could feel their sadness about my having to go back.

I begun perceiving a force drawing me, pulling me, and taking me back little by little. Then I was speeding through a tunnel of white light with my arms ever outstretched toward those beings. I kept stretching my arms out to them until the very end, even as they were vanishing. Back in my body, as I opened my eyes, pain seized me. My physical being was devastated by severe traumas from the accident. And for weeks, amongst puzzled physicians, I kept stretching my arms out, again and again.

One of the most interesting comments that Roberto makes is this:

"It was as if I had always been in that place; I had no memories of the life I just left behind. "

His statement here is very important at least in this examination of the event. What Roberto is saying makes perfect sense, and at the very least tells me that he is being very honest about what occurred to him during his postmortem excursion into the Celestial Earth.  The implication of this statement is that Roberto had an immediate transference to his archetypal  form in a world that is a thing of total freedom and beauty.  In my very brief experiences of this archetypal domain or Celestial Earth, there is an overwhelming sense of freedom, a kind of idyllic life that is near perfect in its expression of the divine.  It is Arcadia, but instead of breathing air, one breathes in God and what follows is the utmost feeling of freedom and bliss.  While the sun in the physical world is a mere hot ball of flaming gas, the sun in that world is the Nous, the Son, and is a literal being and source of life through which all beings express deep joy in the knowledge of their own freedom and deathlessness as expressions of God that mirror his being throughout eternity. 

Life in the Archetypal world or Celestial domain is very different form life here.  All the aspects of life that deal with maintenance (eating, sleeping, waste, etc.) are completely absent.  All individualities in that world begin to possess every other individuality in an empathic way.  The "friends" one has in that archetypal world are like nothing we could experience here on earth because we do not possess the extent of empathy that allows us a thorough understanding of others.  Furthermore, there seems to be varying degrees of expression, some appear to be earthlike and there also appear to be worlds of pure light that neither words nor forms can truly express.  I have had scant experiences with these forms of light, but even brief experiences of it are very transformative.

In my own case I was standing near a river and jumping on some rocks in order to cross it.  The world appeared to be very natural and the "cities" appeared to be naturally built into the landscape.  The blades of grass that I saw were made of green shards of light.  The entire domain was alive, it was as if the earth had been perfected.  My vision was completely clear, I felt unimaginably healthy and carefree.  While I was aware that I was a particular individual in this celestial world, there was the sense that the world I had entered was the real one and everything up until that point (my life in the physical domain) had been a kind of dream as if a separate current had emanated from me that "fell to earth".  I sometimes wonder if on the night of July 4, 2011 I had potentially come close to dying to be allowed such a powerful though brief experience.

I think that what happened to Roberto was a transference from his "fallen material form" to his Archetypal self. This is why it seemed that he had "always been" in that idyllic domain and had never actually left. None of us have really left that domain, and if we had fully left it everything about us including our thoughts would be subject to the laws of the physical domain, which they clearly aren't.  What I suspect happened to Roberto was that he had identified with that archetypal self through a traumatic, life-threatening event.  That Archetypal being has essentially never left Arcadia.  He had experienced his real life in that archetypal world, a world whose proximity is very close to the "Inner Sun"  (Nous) and not under the influence of Tolma (or Avidya) or a downward tendency to a purely material existence.  "Heaven" always remains it is just a matter of uncovering it.  For all intents and purposes, life in the physical domain is actually a residual effect of life in the Archetypal realm.  That's not to say the physical is unimportant or without meaning because it most certainly is meaningful.

Every human individual has their divine counterpart living in the archetypal world, which is the "real world" for lack of better terms. This Archetypal self is actually the true core of our identity, a sort of perfected version of our own human individuality.  I would liken the world of the Arcehtype to Plato's world of ideal forms.  I would also venture to call it the "Noetic Universe" a term someone I recently met had used and I found apt. This numinous/noetic universe exists within a person and is not prone to time and space just like the mind/soul is not prone to time and space.  It is through this Seraph alone that we experience the divine and come to wisdom or maturity.  While large portions of our physical identity will die away, that core identity, which is really our supreme identity does not.  For the most part I believe that we do lose our memory after death and often very quickly turn away from what we were in the physical in order to integrate into that fuller existence.  The bliss of that world and of reintegration with it causes a very rapid transformation.  

I have long suspected that death doesn't separate us from those that remain in the physical world even though to our loved ones it does appear that way. The core of every individual is already in the Celestial Domain making death not only the ultimate reintegration, but also the ultimate reconciliation.  I believe that this journey toward the One, a journey into the endless eternity of the Deus Absconditus, eventually moves us beyond all form into domains that even now cannot be comprehended by our present degree of "being" or the degree of "being" of our Seraph. As Henry Corbin believed, this is a journey of an endless intensification of being.

For me personally the struggle has always been attempting to understand why a fall into materialism was necessary.  That may be because as a husband and father of four that my mind is deeply set in this world.  While I find incredible beauty in this world,  I do not ascribe kindness and joy to the physical domain because I have personally witnessed very bad things here.  There are things so dark and ghastly that  attempting to put them into any perspective of necessity seems impossible.  . This domain, no matter how you slice or dice it, exists in an incomplete way, which is only magnified by a synthetic modern culture. For this reason alone it is important to look beyond mere appearances into the things that really and truly matter, which is to say, matters of eternal significance.

An Encounter With My Death

Originally Posted On Transmissions From The Imaginal September 2012

When I was in my early twenties I once had a brush with what I believe was a personification of death, or better yet the presence of my own death.  This experience was one of the first encounters with something that had such a sinister presence that I actually felt  my life was in danger.  Over the years I have put a lot of thought into this event because it seemed to be the moment when my process of self-confrontation began.  The familial demons attacked.  Fear attacked. And most importantly death itself attacked.

As the story goes, I had left work and was driving home.  At some point early on I began to feel uneasy for no particular reason at all.  Inside the car the atmosphere just kind of changed.   Because I quickly wanted to turn away from this experience, I grabbed by phone and started to call my girlfriend in the hopes of getting my mind off of what was being evoked all around me.  By the time my call had connected I was already on the edge of a panic and still driving my car.

On the other end of the line my girlfriend was able to sense my desperation by the tone of my voice.  When I could no longer hold back I remember distinctly yelling into the phone, " Carrie, I am all fucked up!"  Now I could tell that she was panicking as well.  The father of her child who had not been prone to mental disease or panic attacks had for some reason or another lost his mind out of the blue.  Because the conversation began relatively normal and then went into complete breakdown, she was not only puzzled but horrified. I was moments away from a car wreck and possibly worse.  She kept yelling into the phone, "What's happening!?!"  My response over and over was, " I'm dying!  God help me I'm dying!"  There was nothing that could be done. I was twenty miles away and battling nothing more than a "figment of my imagination". 

Within moments I was able to see that the source of my panic had been sitting in the passenger seat subtly visible to me.  There was a very brief communication that took place between myself and this being that was present with me in the car.  The words I heard were, "how does it feel to be in hell?"  My mind interpreted this in the worst possible way.  Within moments I remember the sun looked brighter, my body felt unimaginably hot, and I was in a full fledged panic.  At one point in the drive, while practically screaming in the car, I had my left foot on the gas and had lifted my right foot out and was kicking the dashboard and yelling unintelligibly, "Oh no! This is it!".  This was not a beast coming to me cloaked in the night as things were at that time, it was something much more terrifying, something that didn't fear the day and whose presence caused me to not only ponder deeply the concept of my own death, but to momentarily actualize it in my mind.  My panic stemmed from this realization that my "self" at that very moment was experiencing the mental process of death.  This event, whatever it had been, shattered me completely.

After a few very long and painful moments the presence along with the thick atmosphere in the car began to ease up.  I pulled over, got out of the car and laid on the grass drenched in sweat and breathing heavily.  My heart felt as if it was about to beat out of my chest.  I remember to this day feeling a cool breeze hit my body as I laid out there.  A few moments later a wave of calm come over me.  Back then I didn't really understand what this "wind" actually was, and only in the last couple years has that divine wind or breeze presented itself to me in moments that have been very meaningful.   The reality was that this subtle presence, which I made to be an evil presence seeking to destroy me, was really no such thing.  I wouldn't dare call it a friend either.  It was as I stated earlier a personification of death, a kind of carrion call meant to provoke the process of epistrophe.  I am a firm believer that most people that claim to not fear death only say so because they have never been properly introduced to it.  It is easy to say things like, "death doesn't bother me" or  "I'm not afraid" when one is enjoying their health or not in any immediate danger.

I get a lot of flak from people because of the things I write about. This flak mostly comes from the masochists that torture themselves by reading my stuff.  Their general complaint is that I am all wrong and the world is the same as it ever was.  My problem, according to them, is that I have surrounded myself with the dark and therefore I am unable to see beyond it.  When I write about real evil or comment on touchy subjects they cannot handle it and attempt to school me in positive thinking.  In another case when I was writing about the evils of pedophilia and how I believed there were organized pedophilia rings among the rich and powerful, I was told my argument was a straw man by a person that also expressed to me that one day all of the sexual hangups people have (like the sexual exploitation of children) would come to an end. On the other side of the spectrum  I am often told by the woo-woo new agers that my blog is not "uplifting" enough for their tender hearts. Or I am told that my way of thinking is outdated.  In the extreme cases I have been called a bigot and worse. I was also accused by a commentor of spreading disinformation. What I am trying to express is that in all honesty, I am not a fan of the modern man and his perception of how this world works.

To be clear, this blog receives maybe 300 hits on a good day.  I have maybe 40 readers that I would call "hardcore" in the sense that they come here daily and have been coming here for two years solid.  These are the people that interest me.  This blog doesn't get enough fanfare for me to spread a message of disinformation or to be a part of a "vast right wing conspiracy" or any other sinister plot for that matter.  This blog is exactly what it purports to be, a personal examination of the inner and outer mystique that is life.  It is nothing more or less. I don't care about pop-culture occultism, I despise it.

The issue at hand is that this world exists beneath a dark cloud that has far more influence than people realize.  In my experience people tend to deny this.  Modern spirituality has become a means through which people  deny the presence of the dark and the reality that everyone must eventually travel through it if they hope to surpass the darkness that functions as a boundary between this world and those existing above it.  This dark cloud is adept at spreading confusion and evoking obsession in people for ideas that lead to nowhere.  The purpose of the divine dialectic is to penetrate beyond this dark cloud that every human soul exists under to some extent.   Everyone in the end must be willing to find their own answers.  I have never been interested in followers.  More than anything this blog is about sparking a process within people, a process that causes them to think their way into the Noetic Universe from which our physical domain acquires all that is meaningful and beautiful.

The Philosophy Of Light

Posted On Luminosity - 2013

The philosophy of light, that primordial "religion", begins with a vast, endless space that is pure being without conditions that limit it. In truth, nothing can be said of it, because in doing so we automatically put limitations upon it. This space is primordial, boundless, stillness, and alive.  It has always been and will always be the root of all things.  In the writings of Jacob Boehme this boundless Godhead is known as the Ungrund,  the hidden face of God, the everything and nothing that remains shrouded in unspeakable mystery.

Since this endless space contains everything and nothing, by necessity all things must arise within it, some things to manifest honor and some to dishonor.  Some manifest darkness, and the others light.

The first thing begotten (in eternity) of that endless space is a light.  This is the divine light that shines 
within that vast and endless space of the unfathomable Godhead.  It is a white light that does not blind, but reveals everything.  It is the Logos, born within eternity as the visible likeness, the "person-hood" of that boundless, alive space who is both great and terrible.  This light is not merely the vehicle of creation of the physical domain alone, but the creator of the arch-angelic worlds, the domains of light that very few have gazed upon this side of the grave.  By traveling higher in the cosmic hierarchy, the worlds become more luminous and "emotional".  Meaning increases the higher one goes as the intensity of the beings that inhabit those worlds also increases.

Everything that is above in those divine worlds, are reflected below.  These reflections become the physical domain and everything (and everyone) within it. The light is not endless, it does not reach into the entire infinite space of the Godhead.  If it did, there would be no evil, nor darkness, only the domain of light painted upon the luminous space of being, which is the unfathomable God.

Physical existence is the unfolding revelation of God to man taking place in a linear fashion.  These revelations came to be expressed early on in the Vedanta, the Gathas, the Rigveda, and many others.   These traditions represented the manifestation of the light of the logos broadcast into the physical domain, a world that is a mixture of light and dark.  

Today we are being tried and purified in the cosmic fires of creation.  All things, no matter how dark, became an intrinsic part of a divine plan that we cannot presently see in its totality.  One can envision this by understanding the dynamic of music.  Without the silence interlaced in a song, music could be nothing but a terrible cacophony. The silence rightly divides music and gives it form, beauty and meaning. In the same vein the darkness creates divisions in race, nation, intensity, thinking, and etc.  Without the dark silence that is the Holy and innermost God, there is no meaning in the great unfolding that has been taking place since time immemorial.  By attacking these divinely ordained boundaries, one becomes not necessarily evil, but a vessel of dishonor and dissolution.

When the Indo-Aryans came onto the scene, they brought with them the stone that fell from heaven, the grail. The modern spiritualists blast the Indo-Aryans for bringing in patriarchal society never realizing that this was a necessary part of a monumental cosmic process.  Patriarchy represents divine order and only came into this world through the Sons and Daughters of the light who entered into this domain from "the north".  Let me explain this further.

 Modern scholars and linguists theorize these Indo-Aryans originated in Anatolia and perhaps spread out from there.  Others even argue an arctic homeland which has merit.   This is solely because the Aryan (or Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, etc.) people did not come from the world of the flesh, but descended from the world of spirit, the arch-angelic realms.  Pindar rightly describes the way to this unseen world, which was called in some places, Hyperborea:

Neither by ship nor on foot would you find
the marvelous road to the assembly of the Hyperboreans
 One thing is quite certain, these people, wherever they came from, were different from every other tribe and nation in the ancient world.  They represented a new type of being upon the earth.  Whereas those who lived in the earth were strictly "children of the earth" in that they were matriarchal, these newcomers were "sons and daughters of heaven" bringing with them the wisdom and genius of their homeland, the arch-angelic domains of light.  Even their physical appearance represented this.
The modern man is concerned with reason and logic.  He views revelation with outright scorn.  While I certainly don't agree with everything Swedenborg has written, I have rarely seen such scorn among those who refuse to see the superiority of revelation over reason.  This is why so many modern day Christians truly hate Swedenborg and claim he spoke with demons, which couldn't be further from the truth.  It doesn't jibe with the carefully crafted deception they have made for themselves.  They refuse to admit that the divine world, sometimes in the most miraculous of ways, does indeed interact with the physical domain.   Today, sadly, every angel is now a demon, and every divine intercession in worldly events is a matter of mere chance alone.  Everything divine has been snubbed.   

Modern religion has painted heaven as a place of fluffy clouds and harps where the lions lay down with the lambs.  The modern religionist sees this as the summum bonum of salvation, an escape from hell.  God is worshiped to save ones ass, not because the soul sincerely desires God selflessly.  How many men and women today truly seek God selflessly and devote every thought of the day to that end?

The light of the Logos, who is the Sun of the arch-angelic domain, is ever expanding into the unfathomable depths of the Godhead. The physical domain is no different.  The light is expanding here as well, albeit in cycles that are too complex for us to fully grasp.  Only in a world of suffering and loss does meaning (and light) truly exist.  The history of mankind, and the history of this world is the history of the unfolding of God's revelation.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Journeys At Twilight

Originally Posted on Transmissions From The Imaginal - Summer 2013

When I was a teenager, and perhaps younger, I began to have dreams that truly came off as “more than just dreams.”  From the beginning I was aware that whatever these were, they were very much related to the overall strangeness that seemed to haunt me from the time I could remember.

When I first saw a picture of Montauk Tower early last year, it blew me away.  Even though I had seen it during these “more than dream” experiences, I didn’t know the building actually existed.  When I discovered it, I felt like Roy Neary in "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" when he discovers that Devil’s Tower, an image he is obsessing over in his daily life, is real after seeing it on TV. It wasn’t that the building physically had any deep importance (Or does it?), it simply revealed that my own inward spiritual topography was real, and that there were places in the physical domain that seemed to be a truer representation of the divine landscape the exists within us and represents a far more pure state of existence.

I am more certain than ever that uncovering this “other world” within myself was the sole focus of all of my experiences from the dark ones to the most positive ones.  I admit even now that finding this other world and its people was the most monumental discovery of my life.  To simply be able to close my eyes and see it has changed me significantly.  While I still do not understand the extent of this enigma or all of its implications, I can certainly tell you that it is as real as the physical domain.  

I do not create this hyper-real world with my imagination because finding it comes entirely without any effort on my part.  Forcing it to appear only causes it to flee.  It is simply there when I turn off the physical world while I sleep or even relax for several moments.  It is populated by people, normal and strange, that have their own individual existence.  The only thing I can truly say about that place (and there really is no such thing as “where” or even “inside and outside” there) is that it is deathless which puts it right on par with the idea of the Pure Lands.  It is a place where the thought of death is no longer a concern.

I do not paint my early experiences on my old blog Luminosity as wholesome.  They were downright terrifying.  But as terrifying as they were, they seemed to propel me to a large extent into this other world. I was forced almost against my will to deal with things that seemed to be blocking my path to this other deathless world.  I do wonder if perhaps many of these dark experiences were a kind of “karmic” debt playing out so that they could be revealed for me to deal with.  

To be sure, I am very fond of the physical world, its meaning and its beauty.  I love my family, my wife, my children, my friends, and even those that read this blog.  There is something about this process that has kept me coming back here time and again even when I had a single-minded devotion to stop writing here altogether.  Since March 2010 I have left and returned more times than I can count.  When I disappear I have heard some of my readers tell other people “don’t worry, he does this every once in a while, he will be back”.  I’ve always found that somewhat amusing because it’s true.  There had been times I would say to myself, “yeah, don’t count on it.”  But here I am, sometimes happy, sometimes pissed off–often times frustrated.  Even now if the truth be told, I remain deeply conflicted about my experiences.

Now as much as I love the physical domain, I also understand that it is temporary.  This world is NOT all there is.  Because of all of the traumatic encounters I have endured, there has been a certainty that I cannot shake that tells me that this “other world” within us (and again “within” is truly an arbitrary term) is the place we came from and the place we return to.  I have very close friends there that I feel I have known for eternity, and that may indeed be the case.  Time and again I come to myself with this crazy realization that I am missing a huge part of myself-and this missing part of myself has the rest of the story, where I came from and why I’m here.  This other part is playing a joke on me, but continues to give me clues that I must at all cost follow.

In this other world I have seen things that not even the human imagination is capable of conceiving. I have been a witness to things far beyond the capability of my own imagination.  When my Soul loses touch with the physical, I am shuttled there and witness things that are unspeakable, familiar, and incredibly meaningful.  To me this “place” is the completion of the encounter phenomenon.  It is a place where no opinions exist, where men and women and beings of pure intensity exist in the natural divine state emanating the glory of God.  As angry as I may sound in some of these posts, they present a picture that is somewhat unfair.  Because I have limitations imposed upon me like everyone else, I am forced to have convictions that I must live by.  It is an honor to live by them.  That is simply how the physical domain is structured, and I am here to live within the bounds of this cosmic schoolyard.