Sunday, March 29, 2015

Meet Your Slavemaster Guru

Let us now say, at least for the sake of this article, that the flat earth is reality. For a growing number of people who are beginning to see through the deception, this is already a foregone conclusion.  In a geocentric physical universe, where man is the telos of all things, an outer space of stars, planets, and black holes becomes purely conjecture.  Above the plane of the earth gently turns the lower heavenly realm, which the human intellect has very little understanding of.  Within those stars rest the fate of mankind, and the course of their lives.  This is something the ancient astrologers understood very well and something modern astrophysics had foolishly dismissed as pseudo-science.  More on this in coming posts.

Now let's take this is a new direction.  We can begin with the various ethos and mythos of a variety of new agers, experiencers, and even a few conspiracy theorists who seem to get a lot of attention and followers over the years.  We don't realize it yet, but we have just been given the road map of physical reality.  When we realize that the vault of Heaven is not composed of noble gases, vacuums, and black holes, we have a solid record of liars going back many generations.  Liars that have foisted their ideas upon the world for nefarious purposes, mainly the control of minds.

Consider the last sixty years of the contactee phenomenon. For decades we were told stories of aliens from Mars, Mercury, and Neptune that were interested in human culture.  Was it all a lie?  Then we had Richard Hoagland and Art Bell who spread their nonsense far and wide throughout the 1990s.  Further, let us not forget remote viewers like Joseph McMoneagle, Ingo Swann, and Ed Dames who described life on Mars and other planets on numerous occasions. We have Whitley Strieber who has also made many comments about alien cultures on Mars, particularly in his book The Secret SchoolThen, stepping back in time, we have Emanuel Swedenborg claiming to have communicated with forms of life on nearly all the planets known to astronomy in his time. So we must now ask the question. Were these people lying? Or were they being deceived by desolating spirits of the air that have a vested interest in keeping people ensnared in the great deception?

For me the answer is a mixed bag. The clue here is that nearly all of these personalities have been involved in the climate change community. This is very telling. For decades they have been issuing warnings of earth changes and the overall cancer that humans are upon the earth. Most of these people are heavily into the new age spirituality and deep ecology currents, which were created strictly to destabilize and control the collective human psyche, and to render the human spirit docile. Let me be blunt here. I believe that nearly all of these people are being used for the purpose of globalism and agenda 21, which seeks to establish a global slave mentality where the state becomes the new God.  This can only be accomplished by destroying all that is Pleromic in nature and free.  The global state has one goal in mind, progress.  This progress, of course, is really the spirit of desolation working toward the dissolution of everything that is unique and brilliant in this world.  Everything that stands outside of the norm must be marginalized.

By creating a sexually confused, hostile, rootless and aimless human being, control becomes a very simple affair. One no longer needs psychic driving with exotic drugs. Control is carried out simply by watching television, following Internet personalities and entertaining conspiracy theories designed solely to distract you. Make no mistake, my friends, we are not in the midst of a great awakening. You are witnessing the global enslavement and erasure of the unique human personality. When you have neither home, ethos, nor family to fight for, there is no need to go on fighting. Pop culture has succeeded in making all things that once had value purely meaningless.

I cannot say for certain that all of these personalities I mentioned are Ford Foundation shills. However, I'd bet my bottom dollar that most of them are. The Ford Foundation, Esalen, Guggenheim, SRI and a host of others have spent decades waging a silent war against humanity that has included injecting new age concepts into mainstream circulation. For this reason alone I advise people to trust no one.

At the most sinister level of the deception reside the governing intelligences, those cosmic janitors and enforcers that exist phased just a bit outside of time and space.  That they are behind things like cattle mutilations and things far more sinister should not be at all surprising.  After all, they are in the business of deception, and it serves none of them to be truthful nor to reveal their ultimate purpose for those too gullible to understand the world they are living in.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Flat Earth, Hungry Spirits, And Correcting The Great Deception

Our understanding of other-worldy communication is largely flawed. Last winter I was in the midst of a profound inward crisis brought on by a very dark and isolating winter. Winters in the north can be taxing on the human spirit. During that time I had built an audio device using the rare earth element Germanium.  I received a series of very strange communications through this device.  I posted several of these audio recordings on Luminosity last spring. 

The communications unfolded at a time when I was about to reject my experiences and attempt to lead an ordinary life free from the strange interruptions that had previously followed me.  At the outset of what was to unfold last year, I was warned that this type of communication would suffer from very serious setbacks. Real communications with higher domains can not be translated into human language without losing accuracy and meaning.  This is simply the nature of things. 

More often than not people that believe they are in close communication with spirit guides, etc. are being deceived by destructive intelligences that are now ubiquitous in the air.  This ubiquity has been brought about by human dead being absorbed by these intelligences at death.  The sharp rise in mental illness in the masses, suicide, and even demon possession are really just symptoms of dead and hungry human spirits wandering the dry places of the earth.  These spirits are often sexually perverse and hostile to human beings.  They love nothing more than to live vicariously through people and drain them of their vital force.  For many generations now, humanity has given up its dignity.  It has failed to teach people the proper way to live and die.

When confused host people die, their spiritual body is bound to a governing intelligence that grows exponentially through the people it consumes. Thus, living a wholesome life in thought, deed, and action is really the only way to avoid a bad postmortem state.  This is why I advise people to stay out of bars, try to live away from large cities, stay in monogamous relationships, don't consume lots of alcohol, and learn to be as selfless as possible.  Further, do not trust or consult overly spiritual people who are promoting modern spiritualist nonsense.  Their happiness and well-being often goes only as far as their circumstances allow.  Many times, when their lives enter into phases of suffering or loss, their spirituality disappears.  A truly adept individual handles all transformations, positive and negative, graciously.  In the face of great suffering, an adept remains firm within his/her self.  

Communications and messages from higher domains of existence almost never come in the form of direct messages. As readers from last spring will remember, one of the audios I posted contained what I called "sinister mockery music". The recording sounded like two violins playing out of tune, yet still in a very strange harmony. The music had an incredibly evil sound that was extremely intimidating. Those that heard the music largely agreed. I offered the caveat that listeners shouldn't play the music around children or even out loud because I personally felt that playing it out loud was tantamount to attracting hornets.

Joe Fisher's Account Of Deceitful Spirits Released Shortly Before He Committed Suicide in 2001.

All of my experiences, and all of my research over the years, has lead me to understand that the physical world is being enforced not just by compromised living human proxies and hungry spirits, but by cosmic janitors that are preserving an already damaged system. When holes form in the illusion, these cosmic janitors come along to fix it by hook or crook. These days, the breakdown is far more significant.  Too much information may be getting out for things to be stopped.  Life in the physical domain has lost its feeling of "real-ness" and this is something that cannot be repaired. I have spoke with a good number of people, both young and old, that have confided this feeling of unreality to me over the last few years starting in the late 1990s. We have largely lost our interest in movies and media and in the things that once kept us diverted from these lines of inquiry. We understand that nothing we hear is to be believed at face value any more.  We know we are being lied to.

This sudden interest in flat earth, I believe, is a direct intervention from the Pleroma. As I explained earlier, there are rarely direct messages coming from Aeonic realities. What we get from the Pleroma are currents that undo the status quo and upset sincerely held beliefs.  This is how beings in the Pleroma gradually bring about corrections.  Soon the debunkers will come, and they will work to contain the damage. How successful they will be is anyone's guess. One thing is certain. In the end, none of this depends on intellectual wars waged on the Internet. We could throw the whole internet out tomorrow, and it will not change a thing. The correction that is coming will come, and nothing will stop it. 

The moment the physical domain was brought forth, it was already being corrected. It represented a deficiency in the face of absolute freedom, which is the only law of the Pleroma. While it didn't affect the Pleroma by adding or subtracting from its majesty (because the physical world from the oriented perspective is purely ephemeral to begin with). To some extent, the physical has to be corrected from the inside as well. This will only happen when the Angelic host, those Aeons trapped in human bodies, awaken from their ignorance, and destroy all that is antithetical to reality. In order for this to happen, the illusory edifice of the ordinary world has to be revealed as farcical. If humanity continued to accept what NASA and the scientific establishment were offering as the structure of the universe, they would never escape the deception. Please understand that the prison we are in is one of ideas. Thus, flat earth even as an idea represents a threat to the illusion of the ordinary. 

Before quantum mechanics had been compromised by the new age movement, it represented an early Aeonic current also designed to awaken people from the deception that they were locked into a 3-dimensional world bound by limitation. However, damage control came in very early, and now every new age lout and spiritual huckster attempts to use it to promote the disease of oneness.  Oneness and universalism are also enslavement.  A very subtle form of enslavement that Oprah Winfrey and Eckart Tolle brought to the entire world.  The modern spiritual current of oneness seeks to homogenize everything and lock it into uniformity where even at the most fundamental level of being we are all God. There are many people out there claiming (purely out of ignorance) that we are all God having a subjective experience. This idea, like everything else coming out of the new age is a destructive idea.

Everything that is unique and beautiful within us dies in the desolating idea that we are all the same.  There is a very clever way to spot these people.  Their catch phrase when describing the ineffable is always the same: "call it life force, call it god, or call it whatever you like." Whenever I hear someone say that, I want to reach inside of my computer and choke a bitch. This is an evil statement that flies quietly under the radar because most people don't understand its implications.  

I cannot say it anymore clearly than this: All love dies in the impersonal. If every person is secretly God at the deepest level then we are all deluding ourselves. The height of this brand of spirituality becomes a weak God that is either bored or has nothing better to do than create things that will suffer and die.  This reveals a God that is incomplete, and ignorant as to the nature of his own being. Only a person trapped in their own ignorance could ever live or promote this kind of thinking. 

Oneness of this type takes the most meaningful events of our lives including our most precious relationships (all of these being reflections of the Pleromic world) and turns them into a meaningless  exchange of dialogue with ourselves.  Life is reduced to nothing more than God tricking himself because he is bored. Even Aleister Crowley, one of the most degenerate men that ever lived, expressed abject hostility toward monism (oneness) for just this reason. Despite his dismal life, he did at the very least understand its implications on a much deeper level.

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Broad Plane Of The Earth

Many now understand that they have been lied to.  Unfortunately, they don't know just how far down the rabbit hole the deception actually goes.  The human elite, those demonic proxies of Yaldabaoth, do not bat an eyelash when pieces of the puzzle are revealed to the public.  9/11 was a  conspiracy?  Sandy Hook never happened?  These things, even when true, cannot pick up enough momentum to change the status quo, at least not yet.

Make no mistake, the demonic proxies that have ruled over the physical world have no fear of a mass awakening because they are controlling those that claim to be offering the awakening.  Jim Marrs, Whitley Strieber, William Henry, Alex Jones, Gordon Duff, Daniel Pinchbeck, Peter Levenda, et al are offering up the kosher conspiracy.  At best they will pull out the occult Nazi bogeyman and try to convince you that  a rogue group of national socialists are secretly ruling the world. They will throw in some ambiguous metaphysical nonsense to bedazzle, and voila, no one is the wiser.  It's all so preposterous!

Abstract and ambiguous spiritual ideas which are the norm in the new age, are destructive despite the flowery veneer. The lies and manufactured monsters are designed to throw you off the scent.  These spokespeople, and their supporters are the controlled opposition, Ford Foundation/Esalen pawns and QhL goons that wage war by deception.  Trust no one--not even me.  You must decide for yourself.

People are only as rebellious as their lifestyle allows.  This is the problem.  The world is full of good citizens, skeptics, and wannabe scientists that gain nothing by continuing to enforce the illusion of ordinary life. They do so because they are hostile to a reality they are too frightened to face. They have submerged their angelic bodies in a rotting carcass they mistake as real.

Now things will get very interesting. There is no easy way to put this, but not even their explanation of the world we are living on is real. The physical earth is not a sphere, it is a broad, flat plane. I would stake my life on this fact. This is the best kept secret in the world. The demonic proxies have spent the entirety of their efforts convincing us that we live on a sphere. This myth begins in early childhood, and is by far the simplest to enforce. To say otherwise is to be ridiculed to scorn. Even those that are comfortable on the fringe edges of society laugh at the suggestion of a flat earth.

I have now spent hundreds of hours on this issue, and have made my own observations of the fact. This was the meaning of the ascii cipher in my previous post. Until recently, I was convinced that it was nothing but a corruption. It is very important to watch the following videos and then decide the truth for yourself. Do the measurements on your own. Observe the fact that the horizon, which stretches for many miles is straight both on the ground and when you are flying in an airplane. Notice that in nearly every experiment where you are supposed to measure the curvature of the earth, you are told to do so in the ocean where the water can often create an optical illusion. The facts they give simply do not add up.  

You have been lied to. The videos below are well done and reveal the mind-shattering reality of this world. Eric Dubay and Mark Sargent appear to be very good sources.  However, anyone once they understand the basics, can uncover the truth of this.

Everything I write from this day forward will be much more clear when we understand that the ancient cosmologies were true, and that the deception was ingratiated into our perception of the world from the time we were children. Antarctica is not a continent. It is a boundary. It surrounds every continent. Once this was discovered by the ruling elite, most likely in the 1950s, Antarctica was locked down and off limits. Considering it was rich in all sorts of natural resources, this simply makes no sense. In the videos above you will find why planes do not fly direct flights in the Southern Hemisphere. The distances are too long.  Southern hemisphere flights will always make anomalous connections to other countries for reasons that should be clear by watching the videos above.  These are just the basics. Nothing was as it appeared to be.

This blog is not necessarily about flat earth.  It is about even more esoteric things.  So much can now be revealed once this piece of the puzzle is in place.  I believe that the push to label the earth as round was deliberate. It was done by those that created the sphere to begin with. It was a most brilliant plan of enslaving humanity.  This total enslavement was accomplished by convincing us that we were nothing in comparison to the totality of the universe.  The scientific authorities, those bastions of hopelessness, were able to trap us by putting us in a prison of scientific ideas.  After all, physical walls cannot bound the angelic spirit to this earth, but ideas certainly can.  By lying to us, they were able to imprison us in this illusive world of slow decay.  We are not to know that:

  • Death is not real.
  • The Earth exists (quite literally) inside of the Pleroma
  • Conditions for human life are perfect in the physical domain.  Too perfect.  From this we must gather that the physical world was made specifically for man.
  • Gravity is non-existent.
  • Space is the lower heavenly realm.
  • Man is the Telos of the physical world.

The moment you take away their holy grail, gravity and the theoretical mathematics behind it, their entire science is revealed as a farce.  As Nikola Tesla once said,

Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.

There is no such thing as "interstellar travel".  The human organism was not made to travel outside the bounds of the physical.  Any attempts to get beyond space result in a speedy death.  Travel too high up into the atmoshphere and the temperatures are unbearable.  Travel too low into the ocean and the pressures kill you.  Travel to the outer bounds and the ferocity of Antarctica will kill you.  It is interesting to note that the farthest down we have ever drilled has been 8 miles.  Beyond that, drilling technology cannot reach.  Make no mistake.  We are bound here in most unimaginable ways.  Before I really get into the thick of what this blog will become below are some interesting excerpts from the ISS, (among many others on the net) that show how ridiculous of a hoax space travel actually is.  NASA can build a $150 billion space station, but can't provide quality cameras and sound equipment?  Good grief.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Prelude: The Fall

Before I get into this I must first explain a couple things.  On a personal note I am dying a little faster than most people.  For the better part of 20 years I have been fighting a chronic health condition that is essentially taking my eye sight and my kidney function.  I am less than a decade away from needing a kidney transplant and am fighting my way through vitreous hemorrhages in my right eye that are very difficult to deal with. I have had two surgeries and about a dozen injections of avastin in both of my eyeballs.  While I am still very strong physically and very actively working on healing myself, this journey has beat the shit out of me in more ways than one.  As terrible as it may sound to some of you, this was a debt that I had to pay, and one that I have paid not only for myself, but for my children as well.  It was proportional to my degree of immersion in the deception.  I have great joy for reasons that will become more clear as things unfold.

I have stated on this blog on numerous occasions that the degree of ones understanding is proportional do the degree of suffering and sacrifice they have endured for it.  When I hear people writing about physical encounters with nuts and bolts aliens and ufos, it does nothing for me.  I see little value in pop-culture currents or synchornicities related to these currents.  However, I will no longer besmirch those that see the value in it.  They are working things out, which is more than can be said for most people.   I know in my heart of hearts that these people are doing everything they can to understand. We are quite often our greatest enemy.

Inevitably suffering becomes a huge part of the equation.  For me the problem was always holding on to ideas and defending them as though they were my wife and children.  Human ideas have such little value outside the human domain and attempting to understand truth through ideas is a futile endeavor, particularly when one realizes that ideas themselves are just one part of the deception.  While they are necessary while embodied in flesh, they can also be used to deliver a being to the Nostalgic homeland, when used in a transcendent way.

Up until 2011 I was convinced that I was living on earth.  I was convinced that the earth traveled around the sun and that the physical universe was very old.  I believed in such things as gravity and the vacuum of space.  I agreed with the measurements taken by scientists, men and women whom I believed were much smarter than me.   I loved ancient cosmologies, but reduced them to unscientific minds relying upon their senses and not having access to satellites and precision instruments of modern times.  They had value, but my own upbringing in the deception caused me to accept science over the sacred even when I wholeheartedly denied it.  I humbly declare that I was deceived.  Nothing is as it appears.

The man I saw in  Antarctica communicated himself as "Abaris Of TheWhite Snow".  In other words, Abaris The Hyperborean.  While this may sound comical to some, I have to be honest about the matter. That was the name I intuitively received.  In the end, it wasn't really about his name.  I was looking upon the archetypal man of wisdom;  Abaris, The Green Man, The Harlequin, The Blue Eyed Devil Bodhidharma,  Khidir and Utnapishtim. One must go on a long and painful journey to find him.  The wisdom he gives is the wisdom that stings worse than death.  If one is lucky it may only cost an arm or perhaps an eye.  Everything depends on the ignorance that is already present.

The question now comes what does a visionary experience actually matter in the bigger picture.  So Dan Mitchell had a hallucination, so what? Well, reveletory and visionary events matter more than you might think, particularly when you understand that these experiences are quite literally the awakening and resurrection of the Pleromic body.

Encased (in a manner of speaking) in the human body is another body entirely, one that can only exit this world by seeing beyond the deception.  It is a body that has form, but is not physical. One might even call it electric or even aetheric as long as those words lose their unfortunate new age connotations.  This electric body, if I can call it that, is the source of our thoughts, emotions, and everything we are.  It has no filters because it is free.  It has no delay in its actions.  Its thoughts are its actions.   But it is veiled in the ignorance and amnesia of the gross material body.  The gross material body and the world it inhabits, came forth when a very large group of Pleromic beings, in the spirit of freedom, attempted to measure the bounds of the boundless and encircle it.  Though we did not break the law of freedom, we were forced to live with our decision.  The only way to do this, was to live within what we had made and stripped of the knowledge of who and what we were so long ago.  We were divided and cast down to earth, the world we had created by representation, by the squaring of the circle.  It was not real, however, and the moment it was brought forth, the process of correction had already begun. It is just and right that we are here, and it will be made right when our debt has been paid.  We did not enter the black iron prison unloved, but while our brethren watched on and wept.

At this very moment, the deception (physical reality itself) is beginning to break down and this is causing people to get very strange vibes that something is terribly wrong with this world.  As dire as things are getting, humanity has lost the ability to express profound things.  There has been too much conditioning, or anchoring.  Things don't quite seem so real anymore and evil is being unmasked and revealed in a way it hasn't before.  There is no mass awakening taking place.  People are simply feeling odd effects of a metaphysical breakdown.  When the breakdown enters into its full phase, people will not know what hit them.

The People Behind The Golden Light

The morning redness, which I wrote about here, communicated something very important. Mainly that nostalgic states of consciousness are a divine influx entering the physical domain. While I had spent years conflicted over matters of what constituted good and evil in what I was doing, recently things have become much more clear. The ordinary life is only beautiful and interesting when the light from reality is being kindled within it. Everything that arises in its absence is ugly and enslaving. People are largely miserable today because they aren't tapped into the Pleroma.. They are living in the deception and mistaking it for reality. Humanity is being enslaved by a control mechanism that is sapping their vital energy.  

In the physical domain we are all just nameless people. Those that don't know us cannot always empathize with our suffering because they are not joined to us in any meaningful way. That's not to say strangers cannot have sympathy.  It is only when we are in the presence of those we love, and those who know us, that our suffering evokes genuine sympathy. Thus, the family (this includes our friends) is a symbol of the Pleroma, a reflection of a divine relationship in the human domain.  The Pleroma is the ultimate source of meaning in life.

The control mechanism doesn't care for the family or for meaningful relationships because the machine profits by suffering. Many people cannot even hold on to relationships but stick to a revolving door policy of friends and mates. Over time there is always a breakdown. Children unfortunately have to suffer and lose their innocence by merely being the children of broken people. The currents of deception thrive on this chaos because it feeds the machine. A great deal of this stems from selfish attitudes and ambitions that ignore human respect and dignity. The great deception rules with an iron fist inside every facet of human life.

Any system of thought that attempts to define life in meaningless ways is deceptive. With that being said, science and the scientific interpretation of the physical domain is a part of the deception. Much more on this later. I need to now touch upon a specific series of events that are pertinent to my next few posts.

The intensity of the nightly communications had reached their peak in the early morning hours of early March when the moon was shining through the south window of my bedroom.  Make no mistake, the moon is speaking.  This will become evident in my upcoming posts. 

When I relax at night, with my mind still very much awake, I find that I am communicating with a golden light that I can see in my minds eye.  They want me awake, at least partially, so that the information I am receiving can make it into my conscious mind and not be forgotten or transformed into a dream.  I can only see a golden light, and not the people that are speaking behind it.  

The light is warm, beneficent, and kind.  Its wisdom is well beyond anything on earth.  The communication is partially intuitive and partially put into spoken language that I don't hear with my ears, but with the intellectual faculty of my mind. They know that the message will be slightly corrupted this way, but there is no other way. It seems to be understood that the message will be heard by those it must reach, and rejected by those that do not want it, or are unable to disengage from the control mechanisms of ordinary life. The heart of what they are saying is not entirely new, but their disclosure about the physical domain is almost upsetting. I am shocked to my core and answer back that none of it is believable. 

They explain wonderful things, both intuitive and in the form of ideas that excite me for days on end. They are spontaneous and innocent like little children.  Their is no concept of authority or enslavement among them.  They understand my troubles and have compassion.  They have allowed me to see their world breaking into this one on numerous occasions dating back to when I was very young.  I understand all too well now that the physical domain is a control system.  I was too proud to admit this early on even though I was largely aware of my own feelings of things being somewhat fake.

One part of the communication I received from the initial visionary event of seeing a strange man in Antarctica was an ascii cipher, which you will find below. While it doesn't seem like anything, so much so that I was hesitant of even posting it, it would be accurate to call it the world cipher. It represents the structure of the physical world.  I will do my very best to express this, though I am very much aware that most people will believe I am a fool for believing it once they see what this is actually leading up to.

That they have used ascii for a long time is no mystery.  I wrote about this on Luminosity back in 2010 when writing about what many in the abductee community call "downloads". I have "received" symbols and other communications via synchronicity as well.  

In these communications, they explain that it is an impossibility to draw a circle in the Pleroma....unless you first draw a square and place the circle within it.  In other words, the Pleroma cannot be bound. It can only be bound in representation.

This they explain is the cause of the physical world.  The fall of the human is very real.  We fell from heaven to earth and have been here for a very long time.  Our real bodies are encased in flesh. Physical bodies are themselves merely representations of a much more spontaneous, deathless body. We have lost our spontaneity and childhood innocence.  The people behind the golden light are trying to free us from a deception so ubiquitous that many would perhaps die of shock if they understood the full scope of what is going on.  They have empathy because they know us, but we have mostly forgotten them.

For a very long time they have moved people (via nostalgia) to reveal the structure of the physical domain. The machines of Yaldabaoth have spent generations, and the last 20 years in particular, stealing the vital energy from people. Many are no longer able to disengage from themselves or from the illusion of ordinary life. They are anchored to the deception and willingly accept the meaningless scientific explanation of "the experts" and cast aspersions on those who are willing to soil their names and reputations for the sake of truth.

With that being said, I will next get to the basic facts of what I am dragging my feet on.  Whether you accept any of what comes next is a decision you must make on your own.  I am nothing more than an agent of its dispersal.  What comes next doesn't necessarily belong to me or anyone else for that matter.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Returning To Antarctica

I have a lot of ground to cover. My upcoming posts will just be individual posts, this will not be a multi-part series. While the following articles may come off a bit disjointed, it may be so only in appearance. I am trying to get to the point, however, there are many facets I need to cover making this presentation somewhat complex. While I will try to avoid jumping around, there may be no real way around it. What I am going to say has no frame of reference, and is so unbelievable that there is no good way to present it. So here we go.

Recently I was going through some old files related to Luminosity and my now defunct blog, Transmissions From The Imaginal. I came across an article I wrote called Aliens In Antarctica.  In this article, I stated that I was planning on doing a very brief documentary on what I believed was a mass abduction event in 1984 that took place in the neighborhood I lived.  All in all, I had several hours of footage and a long interview with a childhood friend who was a witness to the events of that day. Toward the end of the project, I had two other witnesses that were willing to discuss the event, but were unable to remember the exact details. The consensus of everyone was that in 1984, when we were all between 8-10 years old, a huge commotion occurred on our street that nobody could remember with any degree of certainty. Every memory was odd, out of place, and had a sinister and circus-like veneer.

To refresh longtime readers, and to summarize for newer readers, I have an unshakable memory dating back to 1984.  I was sitting on my porch on the south side of Milwaukee when a large object crossed in front of the sun.   This object was so large that a dark shadow was cast over the entire neighborhood. For many years I reduced this to simply being an eclipse.  However, there were no solar eclipses visible to Milwaukee that year.  When this event began there was an immediate silence and stillness that overtook the landscape. While I cannot remember any definitive shape of this object, my mind pushes me to call it an enormous airship that would evoke terror in anyone based on size alone.  This is again one of those things that cause a culture shock.  When such events happen we have no frame of reference.  Our systems are shocked to their core.

I have two memories associated with what happened next. In one, there is a goofy and almost comical water balloon fight taking place on my street. Everyone is happy and jovial. This is the circus-esque memory, which I believe is false. I am always reminded of old 1980s bubble gum commercials when the memory comes to me. I feel this is some kind of screen memory. In another memory, which runs parallel to the water balloon fight, everyone is panicking and running through the streets in terror looking for their loved ones. This is the memory I believe is real. I have other associated memories, snippets of that day, which are inexplicable.

Within a matter of a few weeks, my efforts to put this documentary together had fallen apart when my friend began to feel intimidated by late night rings at her doorbell as well as strange phone calls. She had her family to think about, and this was something I understood. I backed off and terminated the project. This was a major disappointment for me. At the time I really felt as if I was on to something.

In the Aliens in Antarctica article I further wrote about a visionary event where I was standing in Antarctica.  The climate was unimaginably fierce, and I was face to face with a being who was wearing some type of protective clothing and communicating with me.  This person, whomever it was, did not seem human to me, but communicated a very powerful other-worldly presence.  This Antarctica experience happened shortly after falling asleep and was one of those "more than a dream" visionary events.  Looking back into my notes, the dialogue was very crisp.  Probably more clear than I communicated in that article.

The next day after posting the article, I wrote an update post explaining that when I checked my statcounter account I received a hit from Antarctica, which frankly blew my mind!  The first thought that came to me was that I was unaware that there was Internet in Antarctica. I was baffled at the thought that someone there, possibly doing research, would even read an insignificant blog like mine. Thinking that the evidence would be there in the morning, I simply went to sleep. To my horror, the very next morning the hit from Antarctica was gone out of my statcounter hits.  This is something that never happened before.  I have recorded all sorts of strange hits over the years.  My belief immediately was that something strange was going on in Antarctica and that the government of the U.S. must have some type of filter that scans for keywords like "aliens" and "Antarctica" used together.  Why the hit came directly from Antarctica was truly beyond me.  

The being I confronted in this event communicated something both mind blowing and nonsensical. It was something I didn't hint around to because I felt that perhaps it was a corruption of the communication by a lowering of the event from something hyper real to nothing but a dream state. At the time I wasn't decoupled enough from the deception to understand what I was being told.  Things are vastly different now. I felt that even commenting on it at the time would have taken away from that post and just add more confusion.  This corruption of these types of experiences can happen on occasion. Even then I was used to this possibility.  What I was told, however, was not a corruption, but something I foolishly sat on for over two years.  Bear with me.  This is all leading up to something very important.

For the last few weeks I have had ongoing events that essentially began on a Saturday night in late February.  I was taking our dog out to pee before going to bed when I noticed rustling across the street.  In the trees I saw something that was mindbogglingly odd.  I saw what I thought was a man and a young girl standing high on branches in the trees across the street.  I could only see shadows and could not make out any details of who or what they were.  One looked like a grown man, fully human based on shadows, and the other a young girl approximately six years of age.  For that brief moment, they were both looking directly at me.  I heard a loud snap like branches breaking on a quiet night, and then they were immediately gone.  I don't think the entire event lasted longer than 7 seconds, but I know what I saw. I went to bed that night expecting something very strange to happen.  This after all seems to be the pattern.  These are the initial intrusions into ordinary reality that open doorways to things most people fear and do not understand.  Fear and misunderstanding stem only from our participation in the deception of ordinary life.  

It would turn out that it wasn't just one night of strangeness, but weeks were to follow. The nature of this strangeness was not in theatrical events, but rather intense communications taking place during the night, which are continuing even now.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

322, Moving Stars, And Nostalgic Consciousness

It seems that every year around this time (322) I am approached by some strange presentation that pushes my understanding of things in a new direction.  The last two weeks have been full of strange communications that have become the norm for me over the last five years.  I was recently going through some of my old files.  Some of these have become very pertinent to my personal research.  Many of these deal with early Luminosity posts and how some of the experiences can now be put into a much more complete picture.

I am not a big fan of forums, but I will add that these types of sightings are now one of the main focuses of mine for far greater reasons than being "unusual" phenomenon.  These types of star movement sightings are of the utmost importance.  Over the last couple years I have witnessed them myself and up until now have been clueless about what I was seeing. These star movements are not UFOs or anything of that nature.  This is far bigger than that.  Make no mistake, nothing is as it seems. Nothing.

Apparently, I am not the only one whose mind seems to be being pushed in this terribly odd direction.  While all of this may sound highly abstract, it will hopefully become more clear in upcoming posts.  It will have to suffice at the moment to just say that the physical/organic man is the ultimate telos of the physical world, and at the center of it in more ways than one.  I cannot say at the moment whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.  It seems to be more complex than that.

Before I begin to unravel some of this, I want to use this brief post to lay a foundation. The theme of my blogs from the beginning have been that the world is not what it appears to be.  There are too many strange things that we have just swept under the carpet for ages.  To be sure, I have only begun to realize that much of this goes further down the rabbit hole than I could have imagined.  The currents of the age are changing, and in the last five years alone the religion of science, and the pseudo-world it has created are slowly dying away.  A massive shock to human perception is coming, and when it arrives, consensus reality and science will never recover.  That is a good thing once it is understood that we are held in a prison whose walls are nothing more than ideas and presuppositions.

All of this seems to have been inaugurated shortly before I wrote my Lost In Wonder post.  While driving one morning around dawn, a strange feeling began to come over me.  This coincided with the red hue that was being cast on the scenery around me.  I had the most peculiar feeling that I was no longer on earth, but lodged inside of a lucid dream. One thing I have always attempted to explain is that dreams are the doorway to the Nostalgic homeland or "Pleroma", a word I find myself using often these days.   As the red morning hue began to fade, I found that this nostalgic state also began to fade.  Before the nostalgic state left me completely, I received a brief but very potent communique.  I have been dragging my feet over this matter for a while.  In my own defense, there were things I needed to research first.

The upcoming posts, which will detail this communique, will be of a more personal nature. In the past, I have tried to avoid this.  There really is no way to avoid it this time around, however.  Without putting a human face to it, what I have to say seems to lose its value.

Stay tuned.