Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Deconstructing Synthetic Realities

One of the ongoing themes of this blog has been that the world is not what it appears to be.  I don't mean that only on the "metaphysical" level, but on the mundane level of modern culture.  The world in its present form, its narrative and mechanisms, are contrived, decaying and without validity.  Essentially, people are living in a carefully crafted delusion that is fueled by fear, media, pop culture, politics, controlled opposition and a mob mentality.  Ultimately, this synthetic reality we call "humanity" is headed for the greatest disaster in all of history.

When I talk about the regular, mundane world I don't just mean the outward things that keep people occupied like sports, television, work, internet and etc.  I also mean their spirituality, religion, conspiracy theories, and the controlled opposition that exists on the internet fringe, seminars and in the thousands of books in circulation today.  This too is part and parcel of synthetic reality.  I tend to scoff when I hear people like David Icke or Alex Jones explain how "the people have the NWO on the run".  That's not at all true.  The majority of people on this planet have never heard of Alex Jones or David Icke, let alone the NWO.  Yet many of these personalities envision themselves as ambassadors of some higher reality.  The only thing that is going to destroy the pseudo-reality we live in is the conclusion of a cosmic process that began long before our own physical existences began.

Let's take the ancient alien show on the history channel as the quintessential example of the creation of synthetic realities and beliefs.  Chris White did a fantastic job on his Ancient Aliens debunked film (below).  Mr. White proves how the ancient alien theory is based almost entirely on lies promoted by characters like Erich Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin among others.  It is made for people who are willing to believe just about anything that is presented to them.

Behold!  The New God.
Ancient Aliens has picked up a great deal of momentum because  most "amurricans" don't bother to check the facts or confirm the statements being made by many of the guests on the show.  Believe it or not, the majority still believe that the TV doesn't lie.  For most, it takes far too much work and time to investigate the facts. Simply put, people thoroughly enjoy the fantasy, and are all too willing to accept the things that sound good or heighten the fantasy.

The reality engineers who are steering the thoughts and perceptions of the world today love empty human vessels who can be distracted by spiritual and social bells and whistles.  They love those that can be molded into docile thought slaves.  The very pinnacle of these destructive currents of thinking is that there are "many truths" rather than the "one truth".  They have conquered the human spirit through this venomous idea.

Make no mistake, once people are made to believe the big lies that have been foisted on them, convincing them of little lies becomes easy.  This is how propaganda works.  Real breakthroughs actually demand personal effort.  Truth will never get a lot of play because it is intrinsically painful to the present human condition. It will never be something that the masses decide to stand behind.

I cannot count how many emails and comments I have received from people over the last four years who got upset at me for writing posts like these.  It upsets their nebulous perceptions of truth and offends the clever delusions they have made for themselves.  They want to believe in external archons and demons, and are often unwilling to accept that these unresolved and evil forces are not exterior at all, but literally within and working through them.

The human soul has grown weak and self-absorbed rather than selflessly introspected.  I often wonder what the emasculated males are going to feel like when the synthetic realities can no longer be propped up, when civilizations begin to collide and the fury of generations is unleashed into a global bloodbath as economies falter and their are no longer enough natural resources to go around.  This will come, and nothing will be able to stop it.  That which is made of untruth cannot abide forever.  Our global civilization is coming to an end and the signs of its dissolution are everywhere.

The great truth of alchemy from the beginning was that a great fire would eventually consume the world in order to carry out the final work of perfection and separation.  We are gold in the furnace. What was true in man, the microcosmos, was also true in the greater cosmos.  As above, so below. The result of this separation would be a resurrected, eternal being, "The Little God or Microtheos", who would be the final result of a cosmic process that began in primordial times.  We are living in the period of Fixation where the elements of strife are being "worked out" of some human beings and concentrated in others.

Jacob Boehme wrote of this, but very few could understand him because they were not introspected enough. The elements of strife were yet strong in most people in that time.  The ambitious western man was arrogant and greedy.  The inward forces within them hadn't yet been resolved through the fires of experience. Selfless introspection was the path to divine wisdom--not the intellectual pursuit of facts.

It was through selfless introspection that people became humble and kind.  It was through this same introspection that all truth, which is to say, the one truth would be given to man by God.  Far too many folks are at odds in their outer life to be conformed to that which is Holy. As in all times, mankind has grown intoxicated in their own delusions.  As those delusions are revealed, the madness in the heart of man will drive him to extreme acts of perversion which will temporarily give him respite from "the one truth".

We must learn to look at things as they are.  We live in an era where even the news if fake.  We are being manipulated by those who wish to keep the world immersed in darkness.  We are being inwardly and outwardly compromised by a constant barrage of fear porn, which anchors the mind to a world that is physically and metaphysically falling apart.  The media creates many of these stories to simply keep their subjects afraid.  Fear is control.  If they can make you fear death, they have already conquered your soul.  If they can subtly point out your hidden filth, it will make you hold on to this world before the light of the next world exposes you for what you are.

As outrageous as it may sound, the only real solution to this is detoxification.  The technological edifice of modern society has penetrated us to the bone.  While it is nearly impossible to be free of technology while in the flesh, one should do whatever they can to spend time in nature and away from the noise and bombardment of modern conveniences.  One should learn to focus on one book and one task at a time without obsessing about what must come next. One must stop believing they were chosen to save the world when they can barely save themselves. People must learn to live simply as they can, and to form lasting and meaningful relationships with others--not ephemeral relationships on the internet.  To summarize all of this, it is important to know who and what you are, from where you came, and where you are headed once your mortal coil is forever broken.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Little Girl Lost

Richard Moult
The family and friends of Kayelyn Louder have chosen 11-22 to conduct a search for the missing woman.  As I have written in a previous post found here, 11-22 is not a date that bodes well.  It must be kept in mind that strange disappearances of this sort tend to revolve around anomalous dates, particularly those mentioned in the post I have just linked.  

It is my sincere hope that Kayelyn Louder is found alive and well.  As a father of numerous children, I could not begin to understand what her family is going through at this time.  With that being said, keep her in your thoughts.  


MURRAY — The search continues for missing Kayelyn Louder as loved ones prepare another outing to look for her before the snow begins to fly.
Louder's cousin, Amy Fugal, said the search will be on Saturday, November 22.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sirius, Steven Greer, And Opening Doorways That Cannot Be Closed

Let me begin this post by saying that I am not a fan of Steven Greer, but I do not harbor any animosity toward him.  While he is likely profiting off of inexplicable phenomena, I  believe that he believes he is doing a good work.  Furthermore, I don't necessarily believe that he is intentionally trying to harm others.  The purpose of this post is to go into the CSETI protocols and explain how they can create a cosmic doorway for intelligences that are not wholesome and even have the potential to cause serious harm.

Several months ago, quite by mistake, I came across the CSETI android app, which I downloaded on my phone.  I decided to spend $6 for the app almost for novelty sake.  For about two weeks I played around with the app in my spare time even listening to the meditation tracks.  I cringed a bit in a couple spots, but managed to work through it.  For the record, I do not recommend anyone practice meditation--mainly because the new age has corrupted the practice so thoroughly.  Unfortunately, there are far too many armchair initiates that believe they are giving sound advice when in fact they are damaging people inwardly.  Make no mistake, these types of practices may seem harmless on the surface, but they can lead to serious problems especially if ones inner life is unkempt.  I cannot stress enough that if one is experiencing sleep paralysis they are already under very serious attack.

Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS)

I live on an ample piece of property that is fairly isolated.  Most of it is wooded, but there is about an acre that is open to the sky.  I convinced three others to use the protocols with me even though they felt it somewhat hokey.  I picked a specific time that I felt would be a "thin spot".  We began by playing the tones in the app.  We did this for exactly 10 minutes.  We played them through speakers and I also ran them through an RF transmitter on a number of frequencies.  

After that we began getting into a relaxed state per the protocols.  A statement of intent was then made.  The requisites were completed.  We walked into the experience expecting absolutely nothing.  After about 13 minutes of quiet sitting we began to see a single pinpoint of light coming in fast from the south.  As we watched the light, we remained silent waiting for someone to say something about what was being witnessed.  Because there is no ambient light where I live, the night sky is pretty amazing.  The light appeared to move between orange, blue, and white.  On the outside edge of the light the colors appeared to shift as well.  All in all, the light was very brilliant.  My wife aimed a laser pointer at it and made a somewhat silly comment, which I can't quite remember but comes from a song I believe.  Perceiving that this was only an airplane in the sky, she made the comment to dispel the awkward feelings about what we were doing.  As the light went over our heads (not sure how high the light was),  we noticed it appeared to slow down  and circle around us.  Everyone present was convinced by the movements alone that it was not an airplane.

One of the people sitting with us began feeling uneasy. I was able to intuit that she felt that she would be "abducted" once it swung around back toward us.  I reassured her that there was nothing to worry about and that worrying simply made matters worse.  In order to quiet the area I asked  her to take her flashlight and walk back to the house.  All the time I was being careful to pay attention to what was taking place around me.  I noticed that quintessential "dreamy" feeling that tends to accompany these events.  Without going very far into the remainder of the evening, I will add that what we saw was a somewhat brief but impressive light show that was clearly intelligent.  A limited form of contact had taken place.   I believe that Greer's protocols actually work.  I do not believe this is simply a matter of "focused intention" behind this success.  The mechanism is far more complex than that.

While Greer believes these are extraterrestrial civilizations communicating with humanity, I am not of the same opinion.


A few days after our night watch we had two strange occurrences that must be mentioned.  The first happened in the early evening hours.  This would have been late August.  I was dragging fallen branches and placing them on our fire pit to burn later that evening.  In the distance I heard a helicopter approaching.  As it got closer, I noticed it was unusually low to the ground.  I stopped dead in my tracks as it flew just over the trees.  It was the typical black helicopter of 1999 fame that conspiracy buffs drooled over.  Again that dreamy feeling came over me.

Thinking that this was just a brief encounter of the typically strange sort I went back to work.  Then it circled around again flying right over me travelling in the opposite direction.  This time a very menacing feeling came with it.  While it flew over quite quickly,  I saw what appeared to be a man dressed in black standing on the landing skid looking down on me.  The feeling was exceptionally eerie.  It brought me back to the late 1990s when experiences like this had become common for me.

I walked toward the house and at this time noticed that my wife and kids were all standing out on the patio having heard the ruckus.  I went to my wife and told her, "You remember that story I told you about the hot air balloon that flew over me when I was having a cookout a long time ago.  Well someone was standing on that god damn landing skid looking down at me!"  The story I told her about the hot air balloon was something I wrote about back in 2010 when this blog began.  I had family over for a cookout when seemingly out of nowhere a hot air balloon was directly above my head only a stone throw away.

It all gets better, of course.  Fast forward to the last week of August 2014.  I am sitting in my living room when all of a sudden I hear what sounds like a huge commotion outside.

The picture above was taken from my phone while standing on my patio.  It felt just as it did that day in the late 1990s.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not get a good shot of the pilot.   I went back in the house moments later to put my shoes on.  My intention was to run to the front of the house to see who was in the basket and where this thing was headed.  By the time I got to the front of the house I couldn't see anything.  I walked a quarter mile down the street only to have several of my neighbors ask me if I had seen the hot air balloon and where it went.  It was gone.  Interestingly, the patch of land that it is over is the exact spot where we had been sitting just days earlier communicating with this single orb during the night sky.

Now just a word of caution.  In my previous posts I have been detailing how people access these doorways for magical purposes and how they can be used for ones benefit (sinister or otherwise) in numerous ways.  What I haven't fully commented on is that it isn't only man that has access to these doorways.  These doorways work both ways and that is what makes them so unbelievably dangerous.

Sadly, many people believe that if a thing is "spiritual" it must also be "beneficial".  That is not always the case.  The reality is that there are unresolved forces that influence the physical world and people that are very much "spiritual".  It must be kept firmly in mind that some of the worst events in human history were committed by way of "spiritual agitation" taking place within people.

These forces are  often intelligent and in many cases DO NOT have man's best interest in mind.  If someone is promoting these strange phenomena as a matter of evolution or spiritual progress, don't believe it.  This is where intuition plays such an important role.  The feelings these experiences bring on are often very telling of the nature of the agency involved.

The human mind is connected not just to the temporal spatial domain, but also to other realities that are inhabited by beings that use people for all sorts of diverse reasons.  We unfortunately live in a time when once the doorways are opened they cannot be closed.  These intelligent forces serve a purpose in the overall scheme of things.  I must be clear that often times we are dealing with harsh qualities inherent in the psycho-spiritual makeup of people.  This must always be taken into consideration.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Research Notes #2- Numeric Doorways

Numbers play an important role in that they are arbitrary increments measuring time and space.  In a word, they are symbols of the highest order.  Certain number sequences represent a specific type of doorway between the physical domain and "elsewhere".  There are 7 rules that should be remembered as things go forward.

1. Feminine numbers are even.  They can be split evenly.

2. Masculine numbers are odd.  There is always a remainder.

3.  0 and 1 aren't true numbers.  0 is nothingness (apophatic) and 1 is the base of all numbers.

4. 2 +2 and 2 X 2 have the same sum because the number 2 is made up of 2 equal monads or 1s.  2 represents perfect equilibrium between monads.  Thus, 2 is not a number "of its own".

5.  Manifestation of the subtle and gross begins after the number 3--after the primordial ternary.

6.  Every number before the number 3 is acausal.

7.  Every number after the number 3 is causal.

Numeric Doorways

*The key is to understand that the physical domain is a symbolic representation of the world(s) above it.  Thus, manifested symbols (even arbitrary ones) in the physical represent something occurring "above".

Numbers are never doorways in and of themselves--they simply denote a doorway written in the code of consensus reality.  Thus, when odd orderly sequences manifest, a doorway of some type has been opened.  These openings occur naturally and coincide with certain astrological movements.

Symbolic numeric codes can be constructed for "magical purposes".  Symbols (like numbers) work sympathetically to make changes in reality by revealing brief holes in reality.  Randomness or chaos is shattered by order.  11:11 or 12:12 is more orderly than the random 5:27.


By carrying out rites or "acts" at places denoted by certain numbers (man made coordinates, {lat. or long} addresses, times, etc) the results or "sums" of rites can be forced directly through numeric doorways where they can then act upon physical events by entering into higher orders of being to later descend and manifest into consensus reality.

Measurements Of Time:

Successful employment of imitative magic depends on place and timing.

Times that are sequential or palindrome-esque are doorway times. 4:24, 6:16, 11:11, 2:22.  However, using certain numeric codes that are not orderly, but represent sympathetic codes, can be just as effective as sequential numbers or palindromes.

The entire purpose of numbers is that they denote the presence of "thinning" of the sheets of consensus reality.  Consensus reality appears to be "randomness" and "disorder".  Appearances are deceptive.


The acausal numbers 0 1 2 3 are power numbers.  Under most circumstances at least one of them must be present-particularly for imitative or sympathetic rites that require "power".

Can you Define:  1 4 3 2

Believed Definition By Some Initiates:  I having surpassed the Gods do hereby create harmony.

Actual Definition:  I having no blessing have become separated.


These types of rites are not employed by the author.  He is merely using these notes to express how and why strange events are being made to happen at certain times and in certain places.

It must also be mentioned that higher orders of being will communicate through these numeric doorways as well.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Dark Seed, Coding and Decoding, And Magical Murder Rites

Please listen to the interview above with Steve Hodel, the son of George Hodel who murdered the Black Dahlia.  Fast forward to the 1:23:00 mark.   Elizabeth Short (Black Dahlia) fell in with the QhL without realizing it.  She essentially became a sex toy they passed around.  When they grew tired of her, she was turned into a two-piece sadistic work of surrealist art that only the dark seed could produce.  Man Ray was a member of the QhL like many other avante garde personalities of the time. In their work one can always subtly detect sexual perversion, which stems from an envious hatred of beauty and the human form.  This hatred brought about numerous fratricidal wars an skirmishes in the west that lead to the deaths of hundreds of millions. To this day we are still reeling from these deicides.

The very end of the interview is important.  It relates to street names, last names of murder victims, and etc.  These events are not simply done to mock or leave menacing clues as so many tend to believe.  There is much more to it. These are magical rites that employ the law of contagion to attain particular aims.  Again, sympathetic magic is the most tried and true form of magic (if not the only form) there is.

Through these murderous rites, links are created between people and ruling (albeit unseen) presences as well as links between people and places.   These links fortify and create coding (or decoding) of reality by appeasing the parasitic machine that is presently upholding the cataract referred to as consensus reality.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mindstreams and "Occult Disappearances"

Let's be clear about the matter of disappearances.  Some have a human hand and other don't. Not every disappearance is linked to a sacrifice by the hands of human agents. The inexplicable disappearances are in a class all their own.  What is happening to these people?  We believe there is a psychic technology at work.  A technology that is not necessarily in the hands of human beings, but of something else entirely.

When you cross reference the synchronous dates listed on our research notes with websites like this one, you will immediately notice how the dates consistently present themselves.  There are astrological correspondences at work. This would be an immense study in its own right.  The astro correspondences ultimately represent a forgotten art that is well beyond the scope of "charts" and mundane astrology.  The author admits it is far beyond even his own knowing.  However, what is clearly understood is that the microcosmic mind of man has its macrocosmic corollary in outer space.  In clearer words, space is mind, mind is in mind.

Kayelyn Louder's Facebook page said she was into Carl Jung and serial killers. Was her mindstream ripe for hijackers?  Like John Wheeler her disappearance represents the perplexing type of disappearance.  While John Wheeler's body was eventually found, Ms. Louder is still missing.  In both cases, their journey into confusion included the minute detail that they weren't wearing shoes at some point in the event.  This is a recurring detail in many of the more perplexing disappearances.  Why do their shoes go missing and turn up in fields or on roadsides?

Kayelyn Louder

In the case of Ms. Louder there is a video of her having an animated conversation with someone that isn't visible on the day she disappeared.  During the last few moments of the video, she is seen running away.  Some say she is simply talking to her dog, but that doesn't necessarily appear to be the case.  It is important to note that her family has stated on numerous occasions that this was not typical behavior for Kayelyn. More importantly, she worked in the mental health field and had no history of mental illness.

It is worth mentioning that Elisa Lam is seen in the video below to be "animatedly" interacting with something that is unseen in a very playful and somewhat disturbing manner when one considers her ultimate fate.  Some have contended that the video has been tampered with, but this is difficult to say for certain.  As many others have pointed out, the case of Elisa Lam seems to have been foreshadowed by the Japanese movie Dark Water (2002).  Cinema has for a long time functioned as a nexus of sympathetic magic.  There is no conspiracy at work here, only the viral manipulation of the "reality codes" via certain highly dynamic and intrinsic metaphysical mechanisms.

The long running theme of this blog has been that the world is not what it appears to be.  What follows must be presented only as a hypothesis.  We do not know what will become of Kayelyn Louder or the many others that go missing every year, we can only hope for the best.


Beyond the spectrum of the physical senses there are beings that do not possess bodies, but are symbiotic with empty space {mind}.  They can "manifest" themselves inside of human minds only after entering into a mindstream through a "backdoor".  Gaining entry is not difficult for them.  Even those who have written books claiming to protect people from "psychic attack" are in fact compromised.

As they enter into a person's mindstream, a shift in the perception of reality begins to occur.  In the case of Kayelyn Louder and Cullen Finnerty, they felt that they were being stalked even though those around them could not see anything.  Keep in mind that Cullen Finnerty's disappearance also coincides with the dates previously mentioned. For Ms. Louder, the calls to 911 were very telling.   She believed that 2 people had entered into her condo and further believed a brutal fight had occurred nearby.  Cullen Finnerty also believed he was being stalked by 2 people.

It appeared that Kayelyn's "sub-conscious" life was bubbling into her waking life which was highly disorienting.  She felt that by fleeing her present position that she would get away from the people who were stalking her.  This was a clever ploy initiated solely to get her away from any possible help she would receive from friends and relatives who love her.  When these "hijackers" take over the mind, they are able to steer the vehicle wherever they wish.

The pathways into the mind are numerous.  They can be brain disease, mental illness, anger, hostility, or sexual fetishes.  We believe that most people alive today are "hijacked" to a greater or lesser degree.   Furthermore, the "let yourself go" or "surrender yourself to the god within" types are ripe for the taking.  It would be interesting to find out of Ms. Louder was involved in any type of meditative practices or suffered sleep paralysis previous to her disappearance.  If she was being stalked by a sexually sadistic hijacker, this would have made its job much easier.

To be certain, these mechanisms are not well understood.  The psychic self-protection books marketed today are toilet paper at best and nexuses at worst.

The people who go missing under these bizarre circumstances are generally being lured into natural environments where they will physically die of exposure or some nondescript trauma.  This was true of Cullen Finnerty.  While he suffered physical ailments, his death is listed as "pneumonia" because he had aspirated his vomit.  Cullen was found in a forested area.  Sadly, if Kayelyn Louder's body is found it will likely be in a nature area, near a meadow or a stream.  This allows the hijacker to have its way with her. These "beings" despise the human form and humanity in general.  Because mindstreams are linked, deaths tend to occur a fair distance away from other peoples mindstreams.  This is because mindstreams interact at a distance.  People sometimes feel invisibly inclined to walk into places where other mindstreams are broadcasting--especially if the broadcast feels odd.  By "mindstream" we mean the thoughts and awareness of a person.  Mindstreams are not subject to time and space and can travel far beyond the bounds of the human body.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Excerpts On Montauk Tower

The excerpt below is from an article that can be found here.  While I don't believe anything Preston Nichols [who is mentioned in the article] has presented, I do believe that he is tapped into something strange--perhaps the mindstream of something much bigger than he is.  The article refers to the feeling of disorientation suffered in the building on the 6th floor.  It talks about secret rooms and other strange artifacts worthy of mention.

I mention Montauk Tower because it is a part of my personal "spiritual" topography.  Before I ever knew of its physical existence, I had recurring dreams of it when I was much younger. I will add that after seeing this building in person I had also received numerous strange phone calls that went on for months.

I have highlighted the pertinent parts of the article for your consideration.



I also did some investigation into the "Montauk Tower" building in the village of Montauk, said by Nichols and other investigators to be used in Montauk Project activities and to be connected via underground tunnels to other clandestine facilities in the area. I went to the location with my wife (and child) and instantly found some peculiarities. We went into the lobby of the building, which has ostensibly been converted to condominium apartments, and copied down some of the names off the intercom.

I was struck by the fact that there were no mailboxes anywhere in, on or around the building for "residents" to receive their mail, which is certainly quite strange. We tried buzzing a few of the bells to gain entry, but there was no response. While snooping about the building, we also noticed that there was a separate entrance apparently leading to the basement of building, which was thoroughly locked. For a building which supposedly had at least 40 units in it, there were very few cars in the parking lot, as has been the case every time I've ever looked in the lot while in the area.
Upon leaving the building we encountered a Suffolk County Water Authority meter reader, who asked us if we lived there. We replied negatively, saying we were calling on a friend who wasn't home. The fellow told us that the building presented a constant problem as the water meter was not accessible to him; he had never been able to read the meter, and was never able to raise anyone inside the building to let him in!

This from an employee of the county government! Astonished, my wife subsequently contacted the Suffolk County Water Authority, asking them what they were doing about this very bizarre situation. As my mother is a resident of the area who pays water bills, I was rather disturbed and puzzled on this issue alone; no matter who (or what) was occupying the Montauk Tower, they didn't have to pay for their water!

The response from county personnel was a masterpiece of fuzzy meaningless mush that said nothing at all. They tried repeatedly to deflect our questioning about the ownership of the building, etc., saying that was confidential information. They stated that they do receive payment for water usage at the location, but would not indicate from whom, nor how any such bill can be paid if the amount owed cannot be determined. I believe that county personnel deliberately obfuscated the truth about this matter.

My wife and I looked up the names we got off the intercom at the Montauk Tower, but could only find several of them listed. Also, most of these had no address listed, only P.O. boxes. We called the numbers we found and got an answer at just one. The woman who answered said that she was the manager of the building, and mentioned that her husband ran a restaurant in Montauk village. We said that I had just moved back to the area with my family and were looking for a residence to buy. We inquired whether any of the units were for sale, as we liked the downtown location. The woman gave us the name of one of the residents who was selling their condo on the third floor, as they had moved to another dwelling.

Later, checking the local real estate listings, we did find a two other condos listed for sale, one by the owner, the other by a real estate agency in Montauk. As it turned out the privately advertised condo was being handled by the same agency as the other listed unit, so we had an agent at that office show us the two units. One was on the first floor and one was on the sixth floor. There is a so called penthouse unit above the sixth floor which we were repeatedly told had recently been purchased by an elderly woman. (This was where Preston Nichols was taken to meet with numerous Air Force officials in August 1995. No elderly woman was part of that event.)

The first floor apartment was basically a long, rather narrow unit with only one large window facing south. There were no other windows, and the overall effect was quite claustrophobia-inducing. Why this agent would state that it was just right for us, with a two year old child, is beyond me.
She then took us up to the sixth floor unit and here's where things really got odd. Both my wife and I (and maybe our little boy too!) were thoroughly disoriented upon exiting the elevator on the sixth floor. The entire layout was completely different than the first floor; the walls and hallways were at very odd angles to the elevator entrance; everything seemed out of kilter. The apartment, though not as confining as the other, was laid out in a very strange way. One of the "bedrooms" was little more than a closet and part of it was cut off by an angled, sloping wall which severely restricted the space. The real estate agent told us it was because of some stairway which led to the penthouse, although there was no indication of any such stairway outside the apartment.

The agent kept telling us how good either unit would be for us, an obvious absurdity. When leaving this apartment we were again very puzzled by the layout of the sixth floor and couldn't really figure out what was where in relation to the main (external) structure of the building. It definitely seemed as though there was a substantial amount of space unaccounted for on this floor. We made a point to ask the real estate agent what was in the basement of building and whether it was accessible to the occupants. We received no clear reply.

We then contacted the party who was selling the third floor apartment and made an appointment to see it. Although the layout of the third floor was different than that of the other two floors we had seen it was not bizarre or disorienting. The fellow was quite friendly and seemed, as did the real estate agent, quite sure that the place was just right for us and that we would really like to live there. We asked him about the basement, about what was down there and so forth and once again received no clear answer.

Several days later, while videotaping the outside of the tower building, my wife and I both saw a face appear in a window adjacent to the sixth floor hallway in front of the elevator, which should have been the small bedroom we had just recently seen, yet there was no such window in the bedroom! We could easily figure this out by counting the number of windows visible from the outside and comparing it to the windows in the apartment! There is no doubt of this fact, and this proves that there is "hidden space" in this building.

There is another thing worth mentioning about this building. A year later in April 1996 I decided to rustle through the building's garbage dumpster to see what might turn up. There was virtually no typical household refuse. The dumpster was mostly filled with cardboard boxes and other shipping and packing materials, and the remnants of a number of takeout meals. Of particular interest was a good sized shipping carton addressed to a Ceil Roth, which is the name of the Air Force colonel who met with Preston Nichols in the penthouse unit during August 1995. This box was sent from an underwater construction corporation based in San Diego California.

A final note -- the roof of this building is literally a good-sized antenna farm, bristling with an astonishing number of antennae of all shapes and sizes, and I'm not talking about TV antennae or ordinary satellite dishes.

It's also worthy of mention that upon my return to my California residence after the 1995 trip, and continuing to this day, I began receiving numerous bizarre phone calls, sometimes several a day, in which there is nothing but "dead air" on the other end. This went on even after we had our number changed to an unlisted number.