Sunday, May 1, 2016

Beyond The Gates

I am by no means a "gun nut".  However, I learned how to use weapons of all kinds at a fairly young age.  I was shooting high-powered rifles and handguns by the time I was ten years old.   In regard to this post, my 30 years of experience in this area should hopefully suffice.

I have been carrying out some very intense research lately, some of which has consumed me.  I had come so far that I experienced the darkest and most powerful demonic attack of my life not long ago. As I write this post I hear a helicopter flying directly over my house, the third time today. One has to wonder. Recent events have lead me to understand that there are failsafes that are ubiquitously programmed into physical reality. They are designed to keep us from uncovering the terrible reality of things.

The conclusions and implications have become so strange that I am at a true loss on how to present them.  I will begin by saying that one discovery that I had made was that numerous mega churches operating in the US are fronts for something so dark that it defies the imagination.  Within these churches are the true believers, those who knowingly serve the dark, serpentine jews and do so by way of sinister and satanic mockery that is truly disturbing.  To most people these churches appear to be normal every day churches, some attending members may even see them as such.  However, the ecclesiastical polity of these churches is something else entirely.  I am not talking about the corner church in Podunk, America.  I am talking about the churches patronized by the rich and powerful in America.  These churches count  politicians, generals, corporate heads, and bankers as their members.  All of them "friends of Israel" and dispensationalists who believe that the Jews, the serpentine archons whom they serve, will one day rule the earth when their messiah arrives.  This is key to the story.

The world is indeed not what it appears to be.  I have not found this information anywhere else on the internet, and this is a good sign. I decided to close out my previous posts and start over from scratch with a new season on Luminosity.  I believe that time is short, with a global catastrophe due to hit within the next 3 years. Very likely in the form of a green comet, a thunderbolt from the God man of the Aryan people, Kristos.  More on this later.

I am going to begin all of this with Kyle Odom.  Please read the link and then read Kyle's manifesto here.  Basically, Kyle Odom believed that the world was being controlled by aliens who wiped out Mars and are now here for us.  According to Kyle they had been here for a long time.  He describes these aliens as hypersexual, violent, and hidden inside of various human beings from the upper echelons of society to the lowest. He is ultimately describing discarnate beings, demons.  Furthermore, they lived underground on Earth and in the moon.  This is very important.  In previous posts on Luminosity I have explained that the moon is a transmitter that affects and manipulates the dreaming  mind.

It was Kyle's belief that Pastor Tim Remington (descended from Remington Arms family) was stalking him and attempting to turn him into a sex slave.  This revelation unfolded shortly after he began meditating and encountered a being of very strong intensity who showed him unconditional love.  Often times people who are able to shift out of this world are violently attacked inwardly.  Very strong forces do not wish for them to exit the system, especially if they are considered fuel for the machine.  This is why many of us who have attained some degree of Aryan gnosis have suffered through very serious ordeals throughout life.

Kyle Odom's Drawing Of What He Saw In Pastor Tim Remington
Many are quick to dismiss Kyle Odom as a schizophrenic.  I am not, however.  I think that Kyle found a piece of the puzzle he was't supposed to have.  After he experienced his encounter with an angelic being, he claims to have began to understand highly complex concepts related to genetics and other things with very little effort.  This seems to be a normal intellectual manifestation of one who has encountered something beyond this world (see Philip K Dick).  In truth, he likely came into communion with an extension of the Logos.  Or, more importantly he encountered his "She", or counterpart.  This caused him to begin seeing through the false narrative of this world.  In particular, he was seeing through the false narrative of modern science, genetics, etc.

I can only surmise that after this encounter, which left Kyle in a limited communion with the Logos, he was seen as a threat to the control system.  We cannot know why because we do not have the entire story nor do we know what Kyle knew or was being given from outside the gates by beings inhabiting a higher order of being.  All I know for certain is that Kyle confused things.   This much is clear from his manifesto.  There were parts he was receiving from "above" that he did not understand.  In these instances he was resigned to the use of pop-culture narratives dealing with ancient aliens and similar nonsense.  It is very likely that the signal was being scrambled by whatever was stalking him. He didn't know any better.

The stalking instances he describes, while being weird, have a certain eerie quality to them.  In desperation he eventually decided to go after the person he believed was behind the harrassment.  Kyle grabbed a .45 pistol and fired eight rounds of hollow point ammunition into Pastor Tim Remington in the parking lot of "The Altar" church in Couer d' Alene, Idaho.  Let me just add that on "The Altar" website, they claim to be "Dispensationalists" which is a common thread in this puzzle.  In essence, they are the willing servants of the archonic jews they serve, who they believe are the "chosen people", the apple of Yaldabaoth's eye.

In his final Facebook message Kyle wrote that he had shot pastor Tim Remington 12 times and that "no way a human could have survived that."  Kyle was a former Marine.  He was right, no human could have survived that.  Hollow point rounds will severely mushroom inside the human body causing extreme amounts of damage.  A .45 round has lower velocity than a 9MM round, but more mass.  So essentially it stays inside of the body where it does its destruction to internal organs.  Pastor Remington and the media are essentially saying that one bullet, or a fragment of a bullet even entered into his head yet stopped in the soft tissue.  I'm not buying the story.

I own a .45 pistol and have fired countless rounds of hollow point and Hornady critical defense rounds through it.  I have fired into balistic gels and many other kinds of targets.  There is no way that it is possible to survive this kind of wound to the body, let alone 7 direct hits.  I don't buy Mr. Remington's "it was a miracle" story.  There is much more going on here.

I firmly believe that Kyle knew that the Tim Remington was going to survive the attack.  The clue can be found in his words on Facebook, "no way a human could have survived that".  Yet Tim Remington survives. "Miraculously!"  This was the message Kyle Odom was attempting to get out to the world, yet very few seemed to pick up on it.  Everyone jumped to the immediate conclusion that he was insane and how tragic it was that a promising and intelligent, young man could lose his mind like that.  It was a text book case of schizophrenia they say.  That makes the monsters go away.

The reality is that there is something strange about Pastor Tim Remington. Admittedly, I think that Ted Cruz like many other republicans is a fucking vulture.  Tim Remington and Cruz are chums.  You can learn a lot about a man by the company he keeps.  The conservative republicans in the united states are notorious pedophiles and overall degenerates.

In the video above, if it has been given to you to see, Tim Remington is being disingenuous.  He has no real emotions, he is faking it through every word.  In later interviews, he is clearly more "out of it" and has honed his acting skills in order to appear more genuinely wounded.  Now let me be blunt.  Spare me the "everybody handles trauma and tragedy different" bullshit.  Those who can see know that there is no emotion in this mans face or in his words.  There is clearly something wrong with this story.  After only a couple weeks Pastor Remington appears like he just woke up from an afternoon nap despite 8 bullets from a large caliber weapon entering into his torso in numerous places.

Kyle was unfortunately traumatized and trapped in a narrative after having some kind of inward event where he likely traveled beyond the gates. His narrative came from pop culture.  He saw them as aliens rather than archonic beings running a farming operation.  He was a man without understanding and had no exposure to these matters whatsoever.  When strange things began to happen he had no frame of reference nor could he defend himself.  He lost it.  Kyle Odom's arrest near the White House was proof he was involved in things he did not understand. He thought the President could somehow help him despite his knowing that the President was compromised.  Thus, his insanity was really just a byproduct of the traumatic events that had already been unfolding in his life.  His insanity was not the cause of his strange actions.

Finally, the manifesto reveals that "Israeli" leadership is somehow involved in this extra-terrestrial invasion. In fact, his paper says there are too many "Israelis" to name.  Now isn't that funny?  Once again the gatekeeper jews, who are the parasitic controllers of this enslaved reality are named.  I find it somewhat humorous that this communique from above can no longer be stopped.  It is showing up everywhere these days.  If anything, this reveals the present state of the machine and its coming exposure and destruction.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Beginning Of The End Game

The rulers of the earth are extraordinarily clever. They conquered the world by way of electrons.  It would be impossible for the masses to see beyond this world they so heartily believe in.  Every revolution, every new idea and spirit of the age, is but a spinning of the spider's web.  We live in a created, controlled and contained reality.  These are the 3 C's of the great conspiracy.  We are wound tight in this web, and sucked dry of our power while our enemies entertain us with our own destruction.

All revolutions are controlled and contained by the internet.  Life has moved deeper into the virtual and illusory where courage and bravery are not required. Wars between individuals and groups are fought on blogs and websites.  Insults are hurled without the honor or courage of staring a man in the face.  We are told that duels are out-dated and barbaric while we kill thousands with smart weapons at the push of a button.

Everything is anonymous.   Everything is without honor.  Even the divine form of man, which is his dignity is dying away leaving behind the pot-bellied, beer-swilling honkey.  Even when he believes he is fighting back, he is really just dying away.

The Modern Male- bitch tits, come stains, and sports

The enemy dictates our hope.  They tell us when things are shifting in our favor or when we should be frightened.  We are all patched into their machine in some greater or lesser way.  They create the information, the wars, the catastrophes, the victories and losses.  They program the spree killers or simply write and present narratives of events that never happened.  Their system and its narrative is just an extension of cinema and entertainment. We are being fed our entrails and enjoy the shock of it.  It makes us feel something.

Many years ago I was in Tennessee visiting a well-known white-nationalist.  I had been working with him on an article he wanted to publish in some nationalist rag in the late 1990s.  He had various symbols plastered all over his house, and presented himself as a wise man concerned about his people.  He had a dirty secret which I accidentally discovered while I was there.  He was a connoisseur of inter-racial pornography and other ghastly things not worth mentioning. Even worse, I had discovered others had been immersed in this darkness as well.  There was an entire network of these "defenders of western civilization" and all of them were degenerates.  Like most, his real secret was that he enjoyed the ride down to hell.  Make no mistake, there are very few good, dutiful, and honest men left.  The rest are content to create an illusion of themselves on line.  Most people, even those professing to be your brothers, are robots simply meandering through the system, receiving downloads from it that will determine their thoughts and actions.

Through the dark mirrors of your eyes, you are being deceived and overcome.  The unseen particles that enter your mind through your eyes (computers, smartphones, television) are subtly controlling the way you think.  You are being contained, controlled and unable to exit their system.  They created you the moment you entered into their schooling institutions (or became a child to diseased parents) which snuffed out what you naturally were.

Have no illusions, we are in the midst of a sub-atomic war that uses invisible weapons.  The impetus of all of it, is joy in ones own destruction.  This joy in our destruction allows us to function in the system.  The real self must die in order to live in the system. There can be no divine or unique personality here.  Nothing that is real can remain under the control and dictates of an unreal system.  To kill what is real in us allows us to be comfortable, and to accept our complete loss of dignity and humanity.  The reward is that through the internet, we can have wonderment and comfort in observing this destruction while pissing away every last drop of our dignity and honor.  On the internet we can find people just like us.  We can form sub-cultures that make us feel that we are a part of something.  It is all vanity and idleness.

Those running the system, the archonic jews, farm us at two levels.  First, they farm it financially.  Through various false narratives they create in the media, they can steer people en masse to spend their money, go to war, and to hate whomever they want us to hate.  These narratives allow them to grow richer.  The jews and their proxies run the publishing houses, various high traffic websites that deal in religion, spirituality, UFOS, and etc.  In essence, their control over every aspect of the system is complete.  You buy their spiritual wares, their opinions, their religions, their faux-personality templates, their health products, and their cosmologies.  All of it is poison.

Secondly, and more importantly they farm the Aryan soul, which emanates a golden energy that keeps the entire system running.  It feeds the system at the highest level, and keeps the machine from cannibalizing itself.  As fewer Aryans are coming to earth, we find the system is growing confused, and in some instances attacking itself.  We see this particularly on the left where various sjws have begun to practically protest themselves.   Most people being born today are robots.  These robots represent every grotesque and degenerate possibility the system can manifest in the absence of this golden energy. There is a higher energy that belongs to the Aryan that this system cannot harvest.  This I will reserve for later posts.

A cosmic debt has been created that cannot be paid back.  The archonic jew has created a world financial system that physically reflects the reality of spiritual enslavement.  The outer reflects the inner.

Our backbones may tingle when we connect the dots of one person and organization to another, but the connections are meaningless.  They are purely for entertainment purposes only.  What will you do when you learn that young people are being murdered and sexually exploited as a part of their technology of control?  What will you do when you learn how their psychic containers and storage devices work, or where they are located?  What will you do when you find out how the real demonic technologies function?  What will you do once you know their plans, which they are freely giving away on the internet for those who know how to look?  You will seek escape by seeking out more entertainment, more spine-tingling connections and cosmologies to keep you from the real world.